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    I own a 2009 APHA chestnut overo filly who is my pride and joy :) She's a huge girl (14 hands, 700 pounds at a year and a month old!) and has never ending amounts of kisses for those who will kiss her back :) This year we'll be lightly showing on the APHA and Pinto circuit in longe line, showmanship, halter and in hand trail. <br /><br />I also own a breeding stock paint named Dante who I've had since I was 8 and he was a long yearling. He is my old 4-H/High School Equestrian Team with. He does all pleasure events (showmanship, english, western, trail, halter, etc) and also team penning and cow sorting. He's a great all-around kinda guy.<br /><br />I am a full-time college student getting my degree in animal science working towards the goal of becoming a Large Animal Veterinarian :)
  1. Meet Gus Everyone!

    Sounds like since you're not in too much of a rush to show him (at least that's what it's seemed like) maybe it'd be better safe then sorry? I personally would rather turn out for six months just to be on the safe side then push a re-injury. That's just me though :) Whatever path you decide on you should have a great time with him, what a looker! :)
  2. Barn Flood 2010

    Aw man that's horrible So sorry you're all having to go through that. Hope that there's a good flood insurance plan and everything gets rebuilt well.
  3. I Need A Hug Real Bad

    So sorry for your the loss of your beautiful horse
  4. I Have Kittens!

    Awww cute! My cat has that toy too and will play with it for hours!
  5. A Box In The Mail

    You're looking great with the tough times you're going through. Best Wishes :)
  6. I Found Another Surprise In My Chicken Pen~!

    Ew ew ew! Here in Oregon (at least in the valley where i'm at) we don't have snakes that big! I was just complaining to my friend the other day about seeing a red racer back on my walk that was about a foot and a half long.... You're makin' me feel like a baby manes being the brave snake annihilator you are Lol ;)
  7. Hi Everyone! I have been a "lurker" for nine years! and have finally started making regular attendance as a post contributer :) This is my first post on "chit-chat" so be nice! ;) My family has always had dogs while I have been growing up; however it's been many years since we've had a true puppy. Tomorrow I am picking up my first puppy that will be all my own and am excited but so nervous at the sametime! I am ready to commit lots of time to the puppy and REALLY want to make sure that I am training the puppy correctly for it to be an enjoyable adult dog. Nothing drives me more crazy then dogs that jump, pee on the carpet and jump on people. Anywho, because I work 9am-2pm Monday-Friday I really am wanting to "crate train" the puppy. I also appreciate a dog that can go in a crate at night to settle down for the evening. I plan on taking the puppy on lots of walks and also taking him to the barn with me so that he gets plenty of playtime outside the crate. Can anyone recomend crate training advice to me? It seems like there are so many different ways of going about crate training and would appreciate any successful (or unsuccessful!) ways that you went about the crate training with your dog. Thanks so much everyone! [smiley Wavey]
  8. Many Faces Of Baby Aj

    Awww he is just precious!
  9. Friends Of Jack Baumgartner...

    Lots of prayers for Jack and your family going through these challenging times.
  10. Savage And His Kitty

    Lol silly kitteh!
  11. Update On My Son

    Oh ouch! Hope he heals up real quickly!
  12. Hay For Sale $160,000 Per Bale!

    Wow I am pretty impressed at that idea...however now I bet they're really regretting that decision. Forget the quietex! We all just need to start feedin' that kinda hay! ;) Lol
  13. Hugs Please/sad News

    So very sorry for your family's loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you while you're struggling through this tough time.
  14. Man, I Really Need To Get Butthead A Friend

    Silly silly goatie :)
  15. How To Tame A Fence-eating Tree Monster

    Way to buck up and do it yourself! Now that you've (unfotunatly) proven that your husband was right and that yoyu could do it yourself, you now have the right to make him feel guilty for making you do it! I see many, many foot rubs in your future [ROTFL]