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    Horses !
  1. Had To Euthanize Parents Puppy Today

    that is so sad
  2. Ooowwww Wowowowow!

    thats gotta hurt,hope you heal in no time!
  3. Taters

    that is funny lol..thanks
  4. Do You Think Of Step Children As Your Children?

    I have in the past classed them as my own and equal to mine..
  5. There Is Absolutely Nothing Worse...

    that does suck you need to find a better hiding spot,or find something to snack on that no one in the house likes lol
  6. Getting Rid Of Unwanted Horses

    yes it is lol.........
  7. Nbha

    thats funny lol..
  8. Curious Dog Carries Snake To Owners

    I seen this and just had to share it :) I cannot beliave this dog is still alive....what a dog !
  9. Slinky And I Did It Again. :-)

    looking forward to the video !
  10. Nbha

    Hi vsnider,thanks for your reply! 13 years is a long time so you surely know the ins and outs of the NBHA then ! we have only been running NBHA for 2 years here and i love it so much,great people and everyone is so friendly i just think its the best ! Id like to hear some more info regarding your eyes opended and the attitudes !
  11. My Face Book Friends

    with facebook never use the applications on there just block them all :) it gets very annoying the stuff that is sent all the time.thats not good your pc didnt pick it up what program where you using?Its sad you wont be on there
  12. Men & Horses

    I would be very intrested if their is anyone out there that has been through the same stuff as me in the past. A Jealous partner regarding our horses! They winge saying all your time is with the horses ect ect,winge when you buy food for them,winge when you get shoes put on them,just bloody winge about everything..what is their problem?Its not like i go out on the town,or gamble or buy clothes all my spare money goes on the horses..I choose to live like this and wouldnt have it any other way.I really dont know what men or should i same (some) lol what there problem is..
  13. Freestyle Reining

    zebra one very cute !
  14. Post Pics Of Your Truck/trailer!

    you all have beautiful set up,s you really do ! I will get some pics of mine on here too so you can see :)
  15. Opinions On This Saddle?

    llooks like a good old saddle ! as long as it does the job and fits your horse :)