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  1. What Are Gag Bits ?

    thanks guys for the info, i really understand it now! :)
  2. Sport Boots? :(

    how do you know if your horses sport boots and bell boots fit right?
  3. What Are Gag Bits ?

    i see them in magazines all the time and i know that of course they are bits but, do they actually ''gag'' the horse ?? what is so special about them?
  4. ~~bit Question~~

    haha! thats great! im so glad we got over that bump in the road.
  5. ~~bit Question~~

    my horse, Bull lol, is doing better with the bit. i got a o ring snaffle and just took it slow and easy and hes already starting to just spit the bit out. just thought i'd let ya know !!
  6. ~~bit Question~~

    what kind of ring should it be? o-ring , d-ring or does it matter?
  7. ~~bit Question~~

    thanks for everything!
  8. ~~bit Question~~

    Thanks everyone for replyin [Not Worthy] .. and now that told me all that i totally understand that thats whats been happenin, that its been bangin him on the top of the mouth. i never tried to YANK it out though, i also wanted him to spit it out. i got his teeth checked a couple months ago but he was still doin it after that. i am definetely changing bits. what kind of bits do you guys use ?? i have a o-ring snaffle bit but he does the same thing, so im lookin for a straight bar, but hes a barrrel horse and im lookin maybe for somethin different that just a grazing bit. any suggestions??
  9. ~~bit Question~~

    Hi guys, haven't been on here in a while. I have a 10 yr. old paint horse gelding and im currently ridin him with a tom thumb snaffle bit with shanks with a copper mouth piece, ive heard that tom thumbs aren't very good bits and im lookin for a different one, but on tho the problem, whenever i am unsaddling him and i go to take the bit out of his mouth, it gets caught in his mouth and he throws his head up and i dont know what to do?? is it the kind of bit? has anyone else had this problem?? it really scares me and im scared im hurtin him so i would like to find out what the problem is...