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  1. Ok is there a win win to my situation? I was hired at a stable for exchange for 1 riding lessons a week. The lady pays 10$ an hour and needs my 3 x a week for 4-5 hours a day. Is it wrong to ask for pay and buy a lesson from her? Her lessons cost 45$ per. I will be going back to school in Feb and I start working in Janurary. So basically she pays me 75$ instead of 120$ to help students and around the place plus tacking up and down, grooming and warming up/down, as well as clean stalls 1-2x a week to give her regular stable hand a break. She also has 13 horses.
  2. Horse Window Shopping

    Ok so If finally happened my father told me to window shop for my graduation gift (which is in a few years but still) i currently dont have any horses at all and havent ridden in almost 8 months which is slowly killing me just a little..anyways I can window shop for a horse so maybe that will help. Ok so Im looking for aseasoned eventing horse, Idont want a baby still in their green stage.. in training is ok but If one has been shown that would be great. I wont be keeping it at home since we are moving to the city but cus of my degree my life wont be stupid after college. Ilove taller horses but not extremely tall I think the cut off can be 16.3h. My father said the cut off price is 10-15 grand but If Ican save a buck it would be better then I can look all over the USA and have it shipped to the LA, Cali area. So i say anything under 10 grand will make my dad proud lol Please help because Ive never looked for an eventer as i mainly rode western and had QH's for the most part. But I felt more confident and safer riding english...does that make sense? My folks think Im crazy when I say that lol. Anyways Please help and give me pointers, what do i look for? Dont look for? What matters? What doesnt? Comformation? Intellagence? Im at a loss here but I igured you guys would know. Thank you
  3. Horse Window Shopping

    I have always loved eventing ever since I was little..I started jumping as a teen and I would jump on any horse trained Or not..I also trained horses for the thrill of it...yes i learned how, worked under a trainer before doing it on my own.. I dont feel safe in a western saddle it was more of a crutch and I always rode with high stirrups which got points taking off when I showed western. I love riding english cus its like riding close to the horse. I dont mind falling and I love the freedom that english gives. Yep I will research completely and start to go to a eventing stable for lessons and training. I have 3-4 years before im out of college so yeah I have plenty of time. Just figured id get all I need to know and learn.
  4. Hi, I just got this new mare and I dont know any history on her pedigree. Heres her pedigree And a pic
  5. Feeding Free Choice Hay

    Hi I have a question about feeding free choice hay. I have 3 horses, 2 are underweight by about 150# or maybe a little less anyways I want to feed free choice grass/ alfalfa mix hay. I have 100-120lb square bales that I can throw out but so far 3 horses are eating a bale a day, is that too fast? Usually when I fed out of a the bale 4 flakes a day they would finish a bale in 2-2.5 days. Should I feed free choice or would they get sick? We don't have grass at all that's why I am considering free choice. Also how many bale would they go through in a month? Thank you
  6. Ok my mare goes through this thing in high heat were she stops eating and won't drink water as often as she needs to. I am in the process of putting weight on her but every time she gains a little weight she almost loses it all when she goes through these spells. I don't know what to do. I keep a 50 gallon barrel of water with her and food. Can anyone tell me what to do to stop this? I love this horse but I'm at my witts end with her.
  7. Horse Not Acting Right In High Temps

    I feed alfalfa she won't eat it. Won't eat the grain either. I'm in so cal. So it has been anywhere from 90-108 at the most. My other 2 are perfectly fine it's just her. They all get free choice salt. Tried apple juice and Gatorade nothing gets her drinking water. She just stands in her paddock an looks sick. Her temp is normal at 100. Her heart rate is normal. And she is not dehydrated I've pulled her skin and checked her gums. I've had the vet check her she checked out normal. I'm putting the hose in her mouth to get her to drink Ever few hours but it's still happening.
  8. Why Are People Not A Fan Of Synthetic Western Saddles?

    I have a abetta western saddle. I love it, I can ride in it all day and not worry about my horse or my knees hurting. I use it for training and trails. If I have a show I admit I have used it, cleaned it and away I went.
  9. I've Got A Question

    Ok the place I live at is not commercial and I have 6 stalls that are empty and I only have 3 horses. How do I advertise that I have stalls available without it looking commercial?
  10. I've Got A Question

    Ok thank you soo much.
  11. Prices On Long Distance Hauling?

    When my family and I moved 3 of ours from WA to CA it cost 2100 but it was suppose to be 3600. The only reason it wasn't was because they honored the quote they gave us 2 month before we moved.
  12. Prolonged Injury...

    If my horse was kicked like yours was she would be put up for almost a year until she can run all over and not show any signs of lameness. Then I'd work her very lightly in the round pen or on the lunge line and see what happens from there. If I see any lameness the horse get more rest. Have the vet come and X-ray again then go from there but I personally would put him up for a lot longer then 10 weeks.
  13. Nsh In Jumping

    Ok I am seriously considering training my mare to jump. I got her toward the end of last summer and got her started undersaddle in like 2 weeks I believe. She came to me straight out of the pasture. She is green still undersaddle but is going extremely well and seems to enjoy it more then my other horses. She always trys her hardest to please even when her mind isnt completely focused. Anyways the other day I free lunged her over a couple jumps. First starting at about 1'3" then I gradually increased the height to 3'. She cleared it like it was nothing, she isn't the cleanest when it comes to her front legs snapping up but that will come with time I'm thinking. I was wondering if there are any NSH in the jumping world or is it going to be the odd ball thing since shes not a TB or one of the other "normal" jumping breeds? Or should I not even worry about it and step outside the box with her. She is going through a growth spurt right now. She is about 15.1-2 at the hip and the string test from the middle of her knee to her cornet measures 16". Is the string test reliable? She will be 4 in may so is it possible she will reach 16h? Heres a picture of her before the winter hit and one that my sister took before we had our snow storm please excuse the winter fuzzy wuzzies
  14. Nsh In Jumping

    She definitely snaps her legs up like Serah Rose's mare. Sometimes a little tighter but not all the time.
  15. How Would You Clip Him.

    Daniel is pretty. But is it me or is your saddle a little too far back on both the English and western? The colts adorable too :) Sorry I don't know about the clipping.
  16. Weather Change

    Ok my big boy Jack is a 17h Tb that is pretty good in the summer when it comes to riding. Winter however is the worst, he's a pain. He gets tb layup even when he is not in the stall. I had the vet come out and all he said was he needs exercise in the winter to help keep the layups away even on pasture 24/7 with no enclosed stall time. Well I refuse to ride him in the winter unless I get brave, he bucks and kicks while undersaddle something terrible (vet check came out fine he's not in pain anywhere), I will lunge him (bucks and kicks as well) but it doesn't help the layups. I can sit bucking horses pretty well since I've started almost 10 babies, including him. However I have twisted both my knees out of place and he isn't a honest bucker so when he bucks sometimes the force of the buck will actually dislocate my knees while in the saddle. This is only in the winter though, in the summer he's a angel, no fighting with him at all. He does everything I ask. Ok on to the question. I am moving with my family to so Cali on Friday. Since the weather is pretty much the same everyday, when the winter hits will his attitude change you think? or will I just have to wait and see? Oh and as of right now I live near Canada so our winter are crazy cold. Like this jan. we had a snow storm that left us without power for almost 4 days.
  17. Weather Change

    I feed alfalfa year round. I've always fed alfalfa. I've had him since he was 2 he's now almost 11. He's always had this problem even as a yearling. So sounds like the warm weather will be good for him.
  18. Nsh In Jumping

    Wow that's a pretty girl.
  19. Weather Change

    OK to add to my first post. When I refer to layups I'm talking about the fluid build up in the back legs that is common in thoroughbred. When I was studying for my vet assistant degree it was referred to as layups. If the term has changed can you please tell me? And thanks we can't wait! :)
  20. Nsh In Jumping

    Oh I will not jump anytime soon. I still have to get her undersaddle good. I just wanted to see if she could and had any potential, which I believe she does. But as for the next few years she'll just be learning undersaddle including being shown. I wouldn't think of jumping her with a rider until she's first solid undersaddle, and when she's done growing.
  21. Nsh In Jumping

    Thank you, yes I am proud of her. Even more so since when I got her she was completely free and registered I guess that doesnt happen too often for most folks. Her mind is perfect and shes the best partner that I've had since 2009 when my mare died.
  22. Fashion Help

    Ditto Magic26. And have fun meeting his family :)
  23. Stallion Owners I Have A Question

    I dont mind you asking he died on dec. 5th, 2011 due to sand colic complications. Yep your guys sounds like mine. If he was going to be my personal riding horse (which he was until he turned 5 or so) then I would have kept him as a stud, but he was going to be my moms trail horse mainly because he was a large pony and my mom is short (5'2) I am tall (5'6) lol so pony sized didnt work for me. Heres a pic of me and him before the summer ended. (I was also about 20lbs heavier in this picture haha) For me my secret is pretty much keeping it real for him, not letting him know he was different from my other horses, if he didnt know I didnt have anything to worry about. He had his moments but with the right correction he was fine. I corrected then went about my business like nothing happened. It got easier as time went by. All I had to do was holler his name and he corrected his self and came to me lol. He was a good boy.
  24. Stallion Owners I Have A Question

    Well when my stallion was still alive I treated him like every other horse no matter what. He got the same treatment, he ran with my gelding and when my mare wasn't in heat he ran with her (yeah I know that was risky but I only did it if I was in the pasture cleaning up crap, when I got done she was gone again). It made him very easy to handle and got to the point where he didn't care if the mare was in season or not, he wanted nothing to do with them. I went to shows walked him nexted to mares showed him in mixed classes everyone thought he was a gelding. Would I have kept him a stud? Nope I was going to cut him in the spring of his 3rd year. Well now I don't have to worry about it.