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  1. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    That is one funny page :) Thanks for the humour!!!! LMAO! Kixnbux
  2. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    Can someone not agree with someone else anymore? You guys are eaten up with the holier than thou crap, I just agreed with what he said, thats it!!!
  3. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I did not say I was proud that I had, I was simply responding to a post where I was told I had never met a high bred horse or something along that line. I met it, didn't care that much for it to be honest....
  4. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I didn't even come here to comment to any person at all, I simply wanted to say that I disagreed with rope halters being abuse, and then several of you all jumped right on my back. what do you expect? I fully intended to make one comment and then be history, probly forever. I hate forums and commenting on them simply because of this kind of crap, no one can let it drop. I was addressing HC as the 'newbies' and I realize many of you here have vastly more experience than me, and I don't wish to hash out stuff with you. I just felt strongly that rope halters have an important place in the training process. If I hadn't mentioned the tie ring your crap would never have started and I would be long gone, so I've learned one thing, this place is absolutely worthless as no one can accept it and let it pass. HC just popped in and said that Rope Halters are abusive, I say BS. Thats all I want to say period. So to clarify that, I have a lot of respect for everyone here as I realize you have a considerable bit more experience than me I am sure, I simply do not agree with HC on this topic. My apologies to anyone who I was seen to be belittling
  5. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    Good job with your rope halters ;) I apparently work the same way.... keep up the good work ! Kixnbux
  6. Interesting intro to you....

  7. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    Ok sorry then about my profile, I am from Enid Oklahoma, if you had looked at my website which is not fake by the way. You would have noticed that I am in the middle of Horse Country here. I attend many major events at Lazy E Arena, as well as Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. I simply had to open an account here so I could complain about the stupid "rope halters being abuse" however if you want to open the can of worms here, and I know you can be a_ _ _ _ _ as I have read many of the people's comments who post back to you. And for some reason a lot of them do not like you as you have 0 tact. I have also ridden an actual World Champion WP horse. I did not like his training, in fact I dislike the direction WP has taken over the last years. Hopefully judges will start noticing the crazy unnatural 4 beat canters that these horses are being asked to perform Kixnbux
  8. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    Very well put Merry, the collars and halters do not cause pain. I have done the same test as well, as we have Jack Russells that can be quite the handful :) I never did buy the chain collars, but have nothing against anyone who uses them. And your right on with the misuse of tools being the abusive part of them. Kixnbux
  9. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I have very little use for Clinton Anderson either, I have worked with him, and gone to many of his clinics. I will admit he does have effective techniques, however he uses so little psychology that I find it completely mechanical. No offence to any of his followers, as I am sure if you add some horse psychology to it it would be an awesome way to go. Kixnbux
  10. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I do not care what type of horsemanship you want to do, even your own completely new style is fine. As long as the welfare of the horse is top priority. I also understand that there are many out there better than me, thats why we can learn from each other. Otherwise we would be stuck in a vicious circle of never gaining new knowledge. I do not follow any 'guru' as you call them, I have attended many clinics by various ones and of the non natural persuasion as well. I even studied with a 'normal' trainer for about 2 years before starting my own training business. I have simply put together something from each one that I studied with into my own style of work. As has already been mentioned, there are a lot of so called Natural horse people out there, that simply think Natural means there is no discipline. That is simply not the case, however I still cannot agree with the other poster that hitting with a shovel is any kind of a solution. Kixnbux
  11. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I did not assume anything, I even was careful to mention that I was not pointing a finger at you. As I did notice that your picture looked fine. I was simply making the remark that the barrel racing community, or at least a large portion of it, are not looking out for the welfare of their horses. Seems to me that their most important thing is the short times... Look in any tack book at the incredible line of bits that no one with an ounce of common sense would ride in, all marketed as a better way to 'control' your horse, get tighter turns etc, when all that is needed is good correct training in a milder setup. I also realize there are idiots that proclaim natural is the only way, then they let their horses walk all over them. There are all kinds of people, thats what makes the world go around, and why there will always be useless items for sale. There is always someone who will buy it. I do not really care what style of training someone persues, as long as they have the horses' welfare as the top priority. Principle before purpose, never the other way around. When I can no longer focus on my horse as #1 and not the ribbon or trophy or payout. I am no longer interested in riding. I live for my horses, no my horses for me :) Enjoy your barrel racing, as you said I did try to look up your website, and noticed it was fake, also that you can't even find the info about your kennel either. I have nothing against you, I was simple making a statement. I am friends with several barrel racers, my brother is a farrier for quite a few of them, so I have met both types. There are some that honestly do put their horses welfare first, I'm glad to hear your one of them :) But I can not agree with the shovel, if we start by agreeing with that where do we stop? Beating them into submission is not an option. Use psychology and you can obtain your results with much less work on your part, and with your horses confidence in you still intact. Kixnbux
  12. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    Discipline is necessary, however abuse can never be tolerated by any true Horseman. I will be a student of the horse for the rest of my life, I would suggest this 'trainer' attend some clinics or at least try to learn from someone with a correct knowledge of how to train a horse. If it takes abuse to train horses I would have quit as soon as I started, however I have successfully tackled problems ranging from completely wild mustangs, to the backyard spoiled rotten horses and have never felt the need to become the slightest bit violent. Kixnbux When its no longer an art to train horses, I quit
  13. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    The tie ring is simply a tool, I have been training since before it as well, however I have never trained a horse by simply tying it and letting them work it out. I realize you can loop the roop around the rail or something similar to train as well, as that was my technique prior to the 'ring' but I simply enjoy its handiness. If you don't like it, don't use it.... My guess is that you would also ride in a tiedown, being a barrel racer, and of course the amazingly vicious bits that your kind uses as well, hence the name of your website. I don't even want to hear the bologna about them having their head up in your way etc. as that is also an excuse to not train your horse to correctly travel. Anyway I won't even get into my amazing list of complaints against a large portion of the barrel racing community. I am completely for rodeo, just against those who misuse their horses in an attempt to gain momentary fame. i am not saying that you do any of those things, however the 'brain dead' denial of the usefulness of new ideas and concepts would imply something along that line.... Simply put, like it or leave it, don't argue it Kixnbux Keepin' it Natural.... Forever!
  14. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    My horses are tought to stand tied hard and fast as you call it, however as this forum obviously is perused by the non Savvy part of the horse world as well. I must correct that I suppose, to say, the Blocker Tie Ring is an excellent training tool, and to those who assume that "tying hard and fast' is the only way. I am glad I am not your horse, as the most powerful lead rope in the world lies in the horses mind. If you must rely on tools to perform your job, what will you do in the absence of them :) so to summarize, Blocker Tie Ring does not mean loose horse, if it does to you, then you need to work with your horse more, as he/she obviously could never stand ground tied. I simple wished to put forward to HC that this was a terrible disgrace of an article as any true Horseman would have explained it simply as another tool, that as always, in the wrong hands can be rough. To address your last comment, that the horse does not have a relationship problem: If he would rather be with his friends than with you, I call that a relationship problem. You need to be his Alpha and Omega, he should think of you as the most important creature alive on the planet, and you also need to live up to his expectations as well. If you are truly his friend, and have not forced him so to be, he will willingly leave his pasture mates and come to you. Any questions to me can be asked through my website, I welcome them all. Thanks for taking your time to read this. Yours Naturally Kixnbux
  15. Rope Halters: Knot So Natural?

    I read this article and just have to comment here, Any tool in the wrong hands can be severe. I spend most of my time during lessons just trying to get people to understand that concept. Hands can be trained to be light, witness the ones that can ride with Spade Bits. Everything must be done with as light a touch as possible. I personally use solely rope halters, I ride in them, tie in them (with a Blocker Tie Ring), and do all groundwork with them. I never would leave any type of halter on a horse when not supervised. If you feel you have to keep a halter there because of catching reasons, first you need to understand, you don't have a catching problem, you have a relationship problem :) kixnbux (if anyone needs to verify my knowledge of the matter) Horsemanship must be done Naturally, otherwise its pointless to continue