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  1. Under $3

    Wish I knew you were in Mexico, I was there about an hour ago.
  2. H E L P Hc Help

    Soak it with Showsheen, let it dry before removing the burrs. Just use your fingers no comb or brush.
  3. Have You Ever Heard Such A Stir Over Comedy

    Saturday Night Live does it ALL the time and people think it's funny.
  4. okay I think I got it to work this time
  5. The Random Thoughts Thread

    That's about 2 hours from me. Make sure to go to Lolli Bros. sale in Macon, this weekend is the Exotic Sale. You wouldn't believe the stuff they sell.
  6. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Where in MO did you move to ? We can maybe have a meet up.
  7. Hiv/aids Cure Potential

    I don't post on here very often, but I do lurk, and have followed the story about your little brother. I would just like to say CONGATS to him and keep up the determination.
  8. For Those Opposed To The Death Penalty..

    Not meaning to be rude or uncaring but if they feel they must do this why not go to a nursing home instead of a elementary school.
  9. Just 1 Thing.....

    Walking into the house when I get home from work and having the kids holler DADDY'S HOME.
  10. Therapy Question

    Even if he goes for therapy, it will always be in him. Even today when I am around my mom sometimes I just have to "grow a pair" and put her in her place. I love my mom but she just has to be told sometimes that I am not the little boy I used to be. It hurts me that I have to do it but I feel better after I do.
  11. Therapy Question

    I can only speak from my experiance, but he needs to live is life for himself. If it pisses his mother off she will just have to get over it. It took my mom about 3 years before she would really speak to me again. I did not like doing it but I relized I am my own person and what happened to me as a child was not my doings. When I was a smll child I swore to myself and God that my children would never live through what I did, and would never feel the way I did.
  12. Hc Mommies And Mommies To Be.. V7

    Congrates to you Ropin, I have a granddaughter with the same name only it it spelled Rilley Annabella.She is 5yrs old. I hope yours isn't as onery as mine!!
  13. Downgrading Horse Grain

    I will second the Strategy Healthy Edge. My horses are on a round bale of plain ol' grass hay, I feed the Heathy edge @ 2.5 pounds day and they look fantastic. All with dapples like no get out. None of them are "hot" acting but when I take my barrel mare to a show she has all the power and energy I ask from her. I pay 17.50 per bag. But it is worth every penny. If I was to feed a lower price feed to get the same results I would have to feed 3 times as much and probably still would not get as good as results.
  14. How Many "missourians" Are Out There?

    With the weather being what it is, I need to get off my butt and do some riding but it always seems there are other things to do. How is the new house coming along?
  15. How Many "missourians" Are Out There?

    Look what I found. Is anyone still here?