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  1. The Hunter Transplant....

    Definitely! Thanks, love your song name as well..one of my favorites! :)
  2. The Hunter Transplant....

    What a great opportunity to board at such a nice facility. Don't feel left out...take advantage of being around upper level horses and riders and learning from them! Your gelding is adorable. Your stirrups look great to me, I don't see any signs of struggling to reach them...you seem right at home in the dressage saddle! Best of luck with your upcoming shows...keep us updated!
  3. First Lesson In Over 1.5 Years!

    I love Layla pictures :) Sounds like the lesson was well worth the money. You guys look great..very soft and relaxed and in tune with one another.
  4. Combined Test Videos

    Jenna...that Nessie mare is to die for. She is just too adorable for words...she seems so happy to be doing her job, and you gave her SUCH a great ride on stadium. I keep wanting to watch the video over and over again.
  5. How Important Is Your Dressage Score In Bn Or N?

    Just give it a go. If she absolutely hates the dressage and it's not worth the torture to event her, you could do jumpers or something with her. :) Good luck.
  6. Opinion?

    I will take a look! :)
  7. Agreed with KTM. P.S. I want to poke him, he's too cute for words.
  8. Barn Management...

    April, I just got my undergrad in Equine Administration, which is essentially a business degree with an equine focus. The University of Louisville is the only school that has this type of program, but it is incredible. I have worked hands on for the last four years and am now prepared to explore other career opportunities in the equine business realm...whether that entails insurance, farm management, website design, appraisal, or whatever. I wouldn't recommend the vet tech route. Long hours, low pay and I have a feeling you'll always be wanting MORE from your career. If you've got the degree, explore things that will let you feel fulfilled and happy when you come home from work each day. Feel free to shoot me a PM if you'd like. I've done a lot of career exploration in the equine industry and would be happy to help you explore your options a bit more :)
  9. Who Is The Ultimate Horseman?

    100% Michael Matz. He has an incredible ability to get inside horse's heads, to pay attention to detail, and to get the most out of his horses. He was an incredible Olympian and that has carried over to his career as a racehorse trainer. He is incredible to be around and has gained my utmost respect. He also treats the people around him with respect and genuine appreciation for the jobs they do, and his horses and staff are always turned out beautifully. He has respect for his horses and his business, and it shows in everything he does.
  10. Time To Call Spca?

    The SPCA is so weird about horse cases. There was a case of three severely starved horses and random dead animals all over the property a couple of months ago, PLUS the owners had been reported TWICE before, and I had to go through **** and highwater to even get the SPCA out to look at the horses. So I agree with Kelly in that they probably won't even take the time to come to the property unless horses are visibly starved or if, say, all the horses were without water at once, or something like that. Just keep an eye on the situation. Is the colic-prone mare a boarder horse? Any way you could warn the owner about the lack of water buckets?
  11. Critique?

    If I had to take a guess, this horse is probably a bigger, more forward horse than you're used to. That might explain your tense upper body and hands. Becc is right, you seem to be using your hands and rigid frame to slow him down, which in effect makes him tense and stiff. I have no doubt you have spent years on the basics and that you don't show these faults on a horse that you are comfortable on...just remember, on a big, forward horse, you don't want to ride them from your hands. Sit up, open your shoulders, wrap your leg down and around, and BREATHE.
  12. Bending

    Bending is as much about your outside rein as your inside rein. I'm definitely not good about explaining, though, so I shall leave that to someone else!
  13. Jasper!

    Lucky you, riding in sunshine and warm weather...with green everywhere..I am so jealous. Jasper makes me smile..he seems like such a happy, willing guy.
  14. Best Tack Colors

    Brown is actually coming BACK in the dressage ring.
  15. Best Tack Colors

    Black is fine for dressage, but you won't see it in the hunter ring. Brown is traditional for hunters...so if you're going to be showing in both, it might be good to have brown tack as well. All of these sports look favorably upon correct, conservative dress for both horse and rider. Try to avoid loud colors..at the most, maybe some color in the jumper ring in the form of a polo shirt or your horse's boots.