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  1. Oops, Bought Wrong Supplements...

    alfalfa pellets/cubes or beet pulp would work
  2. Triple Crown Horse Feeds Are Coming To The Southeast

    OZ our TSC can special order it so you might get ahold of manager and ask :)
  3. Triple Crown Horse Feeds Are Coming To The Southeast

    if you have a Nutrena dealer near by you should be able to get some of the Triple Crown products :)
  4. Hey Lady:) XOXOXOXOXO I still here just been busy have a horse with abcess and dealing with that and my mud pit stinks BIG TIME

  5. Feeding Grain Question?

    I would go with Nutrena's Life Design Senior it is a much better feed then Safe Choice
  6. Rescue Horse Full Of Worms...

    Please contact your vet and see what works in your area... you shouldn't NEED to deworm for another 8 weeks
  7. Need Suggestions

    stick it out the horses body's will "reshape" is the only way I know to explain it ... are you feeding free choice hay? I had one mare blow up like a marshmellow then come down I have seen others drop and pick up do you have pictures of your horses before and after?
  8. When To Start Working A New Horse

    I would have ridden it the day after it unloaded and started working it the second day home We haul our horses toshows, trail rides and all kinds of place they don't get two or three days to settle.. so I ground work the day I unload them at home and start riding the next day
  9. Update On Storm

    it's easily digestible protein because as a horse ages it's system doesn't digest as efficiently as it use too. the only time you have to worry about protein is when you have a horse with kidney issues/failure. Proteins are the building blocks for healthy tissues/muscle growth so why would we want to restrict that?
  10. Feeding Qustion

    shouldn't hurt a thing
  11. Would You Feed?

    appy pm me your zip code and let me see what I can find.... I owuldn't feed anything with an ingredient listlike that they might be using alfalfa meal one time for the protien then soybean meal so basicaly you are changing feeds wiht every batch Not sure who said it but if you are only feeding 2lbs of a sweet feed you are not providing the needed nutrition to your horses .. that is where the ration balancers come in for those of us who have air ferns. But I have also found them good for harder keepers and adjusting the calories as needed :)
  12. Chris Cox purchased his horse, Perfect Performance Pat Parelli purchased his horse who he is calling Troubadour This one will be hard to beat but I think that every year and the next year seems to be better in some way
  13. Anyone Know About Calories In Feed?

    becareful using too much Essential K I am thinking that rep is nuts when you do the conversions that is way too much Vit A and Se to be safe... I would never feed over two lbs of it I use Manns Pros Max E Glo for Fat calories and hay pellets too ... for calorie info the fastest and easiest way is to contact the manufactor There is a thread on another forum listing them all let me see if that one is there
  14. Trail Problem

    I see ... I would do the same as Trinty then