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  1. Critique An 11 Month Mft Colt

    Cute lil guy!! He reminds me of my lil guy. :) I don't know much about conformation but he is a real cutie!! :)
  2. Critique My Aphc Colt

    It sure is. I don't even get to see how he'll turn out.
  3. Critique My Aphc Colt

    Thank you. I really wanted to see how he turned out too.
  4. Critique My Aphc Colt

    Okay thanks guys. Thanks for everything! :) Kalvin is no longer with me anymore. He died recently of colic. He was my show guy, now i'm going to have to use his mamma.
  5. Double Reg, Question

    Oh i see!! That is sooo neat!! Wow! Thats crazy, i didn't know that. Thanks for sharing! I sure didn't know that!!
  6. Critique My Aphc Colt

    oh! haha I get what your getting at! Haha, my bad. Yes. I'll probably have his papers reprinted so that it is on it. Makes things easier to keep track of. :) Thank you! :)
  7. Critique My Aphc Colt

    Yes, that is what I have heard. I would still like to get him tested even though I don't plan to use him for breeding, wanna know what he is or not.
  8. Critique My Aphc Colt

    horsey_girl757: Thanks!! I know, he is really downhill at the moment. It use to be the other way around last fall. Haha,thank you! :) Apps4life: The dam is Its All in the Lyric and she is on the allbreedpedigree. She is a quarter horse mix. Yes, I know htat his sire is N/H, I haven't got the money to get him tested but next month he is getting gelded and I plan on getting him tested then. Thank you. :)
  9. Double Reg, Question

    And neitehr parents are paints?? Wow, that is interesting. I didn't think that was possible! Wow.
  10. Critique My Aphc Colt

    Thanks, I know his feet do need work. The farrier is coming out next week to trim him. He has a lot of heel in the back making him really up and his front feet are growing more toe then heel.
  11. Double Reg, Question

    Okay. Thanks! :)
  12. Double Reg, Question

    There is a 1/2 quarter registry?? What does it do?? I have never heard of it before. Can you give me more info on that?? I find that interesting.
  13. Double Reg, Question

    Thats really interesting. I didn't know much about double registering and I have learned a lot! Thanks guys! :)
  14. Double Reg, Question

    Oh okay. Thanks! I was curious if they did or not and can't find any info on it! Thanks again! :)
  15. Double Reg, Question

    Can you double register an appaloosa with the Quarter horse?? A friend of mine has a mare that is appaloosa. The mare is a mix, her dam is Quarter and the sire appaloosa. Her mare is registered under appaloosa. I was wondering if she can register the mare under quarter horse too??? The mare is pretty much soild but with a handfull of small white spots. Is it possible???