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    BLM horse & burros, barefoot hoof care, reading, writing, my kids, helping animals in need
  1. Going To School For Barefoot Trimming

    mentor! that is one of the BEST ways to do it, or go to clinics. where are you located?
  2. Hoof Supplements?

    pictures please! at his age, i don't think any real correction can be made. I have a slight pigeon toe donkey who i got at 2 years old and by a year we corrected alot (my mentorand trimmer did wonderful job on him)
  3. Feed...... A Major Issue. Help!

    I talk to a friend who has a degree in feed and i feed my 15hh mare 20 lbs a hay a day(10 in the am and 10 in the pm) she gets mash in bad weather (high winds, rain or snow as extra fuel) sorry i am really no help other then try using really hot water with the feed and wait 5 mins it should soak etc by then. i really wish i could help more.
  4. Trim On A 4 Yo Filly Today, Hinds Done Post #16

    you know i was starting to think it was all in my head until i read your post! i use a angle grinder and only wear a glove on the hand holding the hoof and my other hand is bare. i been told by others i need to wear my gloves it all in your head. i feel better now :-) thank you!
  5. Trim On A 4 Yo Filly Today, Hinds Done Post #16

    Most of mine don't have mats, so i carry around old semi mud flaps in my pick up bed and lay them down,LOL that is all i deal with is "problem" horses, many just need a small break etc. some have fear but in time it all sorts out :-)
  6. Hello From N. Calif

    Thanks Zakima i was born and raised here and 3 years ago i spent 6 months in Montana and fell in love with every thing. i enjoyed it so much and would love to move back there when i can
  7. Calling All Donkey People!

    My donkeys live with my mare and are a band :-) if you have to get a older one, pen him next to the goats/sheep for a while and "teach him" they are his. with any new animal i get i intro to my donks and mare, my donks are 7 and 5 now and i can place them in pasture with the goats. my mare is 9 and will pasture with the goats. this is my friend's rescue site: donks are like prinagles, you can't just have one! [Jump] p.s. your donkeys can teach your horses how to attack things, BTW. My mare and the donks team up and kill Coytoes here (6 so far) killed a falcon(we think it got a cjicken baby and some one flatten it) neighbors dogs now stay away, racoons avoid the area, lol i think you get the point :-)
  8. Calling All Donkey People!

    it all depends on the donkey, my Colby will attack anything not belonging to us. donkey boys like to play rough and jennys are more relaxed, but sometimes they aren't always. i suggest a standard size donkey. minis are easy to hurt :-) it not good to have a donkey on green green grass because they can founder. weight is a issue because they get fat padding. the list can go on and on! i own 2 and rescue so i get to see alot :-) if you want to talk to a exp person I an give you a e-mail and you can learn every thing from her, she runs a rescue and been dealing with donks 20+ years :-)
  9. Hello From N. Calif

    Thanks Honeymoon i been hurt already,lol ripped my shoulder good because a client wasn't honest. i don't care if a critter is naughty, just tell me. that way i know, and can be ready nt the "oh buddy is so nice" and wham i am jerked off my feet, because the stinker decided he didn't want to stand any more and took off! LOL yeah i am still puzzled over people who don't have the $$ but "collect" critters, not a good ending i know!
  10. So How Do You Know?

    Educate your self, on things you feel you don't know enough of. I get alot of people asking me things and i offer them to come to my home and watch me with my critters and how i trim. i been in your shoes, what made me learn to trim was when some young farrier beat my mare with a rasp. given she was green and i explain everything to him over the phone and couldn't express more "PLEASE GO SLOW!" instead he was on fire and she spoked when his tools clinked and she jumped away (maybe a foot) and he started to hit her...ending momment i threw him off my place.
  11. Update: When Is It Time To Seize A Horse

    I really can't stand people like that, it makes me sick! no animal deserves to die like that. I am a firm believer of letting a critter past with some honor. be it a needle or a shot. poor thing [Me Cry]
  12. Hello From N. Calif

    actually not bad at all, i've only had 1 vet call and every thing else is mellow yellow. i have good clients that listen and ask lots of questions. i have ran into those people who mess around at the cost of the horse who don't want to spend the money (their not hard up) and if it is a repeat thing i leave. i know i can't save/help them all but i will be darned dealing with a cheap person who wants to barter because they won't let their money go for a vet, wraps etc.
  13. Hello From N. Calif

    I travel. So far these are the places I go to: Camptonville, Grass Valley, Colfax, Piolet Hill & Loomis and soon near Auburn. I offer trims and BLM gentling, training for difficult horses to help them stand for trims. I trim goats and sheep and. Soon will trim a pot belly pig (I am so using my ear protection for when I go shooting) People laugh when I mention the sheep & goats because I had sooo many ask, so I throw it in! LOL I also offer services for clients who may be traveling, that I can check on their horses etc, spend time grooming. I also offer to come out if a vet is needed if they feel they can't handle the horse. (Sorry for so windy reply)
  14. Hello From N. Calif

    Not anymore, that was from the storm in dec that came roaring in and it snowed in Sac! i want to that, packing and camping with my crew! heck my Colby would chase the bear...LMAO and so would my mare!
  15. Hello From N. Calif

    Not really, their smart smart! so you gotta be up to par with them. they sense things and use that to their full benfit! LOL I love them, it a blast working with them!