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  1. Which Jumping Saddle?

    I'm getting a new, well new used jumping saddle for Beuno. After researching/talking to ppl I decided I wanted a prestige and these are my two choices. It would be used for upper level jumpers and mid-level eventing, both are relatively the same price and look around the same amount of use. Just looking for any input on them and which one you think would be better for what I wanna do. Thanks! Prestige Arezzo D VS. Prestige Eventer This ones got the removable blocks .. Good or bad? PS. If anyone knows of any other similar prestige saddles for sale let me know!
  2. New From The North! :)

    Probably not one anyone would know of lol, I'm from northern alberta in a very small town.. It's our own barn called Katalac Sporthorses though. Which one are you from? I go south a lot so might know it;) and thanks everyone :)
  3. New From The North! :)

    Why hello my names Tara :) .. I'm from Alberta, Canada and am 16.. almost 17. I live on a Arabian/ArabXWB breeding farm, my moms the main trainer but has another demanding job so I've mostly taken over. We have 22 horses atm, but are trying to downsize. I myself have 4 horses of my own; Beuno, Shadadel, PianoMan and Serenity. My main focus is jumpers and I show a lot pretty much all year round. I do some dressage, hunters, arab shows and eventing as well. Well, now I shall tell you a bit about the equines that make up my life:) Beuno's my new and main horse I just bought this fall, shes a 17hh Holsteinner, 9 years old and has competed up to the 4' jumpers and training level eventing. Were still figuring each other out, I'm not used to a perfectly trained horse! But I love and learn a lot from her and will hopefully be competing her in the 1.10's + this year!:) Beuno + me - not best pic Shadadel's my favorite horse ..we've gone through so much together and have a 'bond' lol. He's a 15'3hh 6 year old Arab (doesnt look like a pb tho) and I just started him april 08. He's come a long way and was an amazing jumper. Unfortunately some issues made him lose his 'heart' for jumping:( which broke my own heart .. and so I'm giving him the winter off in hopes he'll find his spark for it again in the spring. We've done dressage, jumpers, hunter and eventing together-- xc is his favorite. Shadadel <3 Serenity is my turning 5 pony. She's also an Arab and is 14hh. 4 years ago I picked her to be 'my' horse and so did 100% of the training with her. Now although I love her not really what I want so I plan to sell her in a few years as a 'bomb proof' kids h/j pony. Shes adorable with a sweet and brave personality and would seriously make any kid happy. Little Serenity - summer 09 PianoMan is my old show horse .. I've shown and ridden him for 10 years. He's 15 yo, 14'2hh and again, an Arabian. We used to do western pleasure and trail which he was pro at but as I got older and switched my disciplines I turned the 'old pokey western horse' into a 2nd level dressage and low hunter horse. He'll still do that crazy slow jog and lope as soon as you put a western saddle on him but I prefer not too lol. I've done up to 3'3 on him but only when hes in top shape and never have competed him over 2'9". He's lazy as **** when it comes to jumping lol. I love PianoMan buuuut as I am now realizing I think our 10 year show season must come to an end .. Showing 3 horses is hectic enough, showing 4 would be crazy. PianoMan and me with one of the many ribbons he's won me :) So yeah sorry for the life story and all but once you got me talkin horses.. I dont stop. lol