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  1. How Often....

    I have a 6 year old arab mare and recently we've moved barns and have been settling back into the training. I'm training her to jump, and I was wondering, how often do most people jump during a week??
  2. How To Make Banners

    How do you make a banner?? I really think they are cool
  3. I Need Help With Jumping

    I do jumping too. My trainer left for a while and i was left alone to keep my horse jumping. I did a bunch of course work and cavelletti. i also had one of my "horsey" friends come out and help me with training. Upload pics/ vid and i'd love to help :-)
  4. Do You Color Corodinade Your Horse's Colors?

    my horse has purple and lime green stuff: sheets, saddlepads, halters, girth socks, etc. I also have some zebra stuff and navy blue and maroon stuff :-) purple can look good on a chestnut! i own a 6 yr old chesnut arab...and i personally think it looks awesome :tongue9: