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    I love horses, singing, volleyball, dancing, and barrel racing!
  1. So Stupid

    That's not dumb! She did sound like she had alot of personality! RIP!!!! [Huggy]
  2. I Need Some Help

    I need some help. I am scared to run on a horse. Right now I ride a ten year old AQHA mare until my little two and half year old flly is broke. My aunt is my trainer. I can get to a fast gallop but am afraid to go the little bit faster. I am going to start barrel racing and Id like to make a good time! :-) So if you have any tips on how to get over my fear or a little friendly advice like something I could think about while I'm running. PLEASE tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Pics

    Aha! Look a flying pig! (takes black horse) I didn't say anything....LOL That horse sure is beautiful.... I know how you feel on keeping a horse clean.... iv got a paint ans shes always getting dirty
  4. Cash Is Like A New Horse *video*

    he looks good. his head and neck were kinda stiff-like i noticed but she looks wonderful!
  5. Does This Mare Look Preg To You?

    she does look like it... a lot... just the way her belly is shaped....but it could just be hay belly....but idk......
  6. Poor Hammer....

    ouch!!! poor guy...I wouldn't have watched either....I don't mind blood...but that would drive me nuts...I hope that never happens to my horse! It sends chills up my spine just thinking about it!!!!!!(and reading it!!)
  7. Need Some Advice

    I have been riding for three years and I will start barrel racing. But I am afraid to "run" on a horse. I want to so bad but I can't bring myself to do it. I just need some advice on to how get over my fear. I will run before the summers over...but I just need some what to think about insted of the running..or something like that, I'm open to anything! Just ppplease help me!!!!!! P.S. My main fear is falling off!!!!!!
  8. Rode the stallion - pic

    He is a really nice looking stallion! You two kind of look like you'v been together for a while! Ya'll look awesome!
  9. I Need Some Encouragement

    I have been riding for about 3 years now and I haven't really "ran" on a horse yet... I just really need some advice on how to get over my fear! I know I could run..easily but what stops me is my fear of falling off! I'v fell off before but...... I don't know! Please help me!!!!
  10. Tattoo Suggestions?

    Sorry to hear that...but you could put a hoof print and a dog print right next to eachother and in a heart. make it pretty small. maybe on your lower back or foot. you could do the horses hoof side of the heart the color you had on them most (halter, bridle, etc) and the other side of the heart the dogs color.....or you could do like a sort of tie-dye of the color together, with the hoof print and paw print.