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  1. New Houston Update 8-7-12 (#23)

    Agree with everyone else-- he's super adorable, and you both seem quite content with each other :)
  2. This Place Is Dead

    I love it!! I've personally never been very comfortable with the extremes of either the Western or Hunter/Jumper culture...I mean, the shows back east are like a completely different world to me (though not necessarily in a bad way). Colorado seems to just provide this happy medium between the two. Though for the kids that go to Copper Penny rather than the A-rated Festival, this is the biggest show for them. You'll see quite a few people trailer in from the region, and it's just a blast for all those riders to experience that multi-day competition atmosphere. Just a lot of fun all around. Hahahaha, YES. Seriously, no one else does that??
  3. This Place Is Dead

    That's actually very interesting to hear from someone who's experienced the larger competitive regions of the country (that's an assumption on my part, I'm just judging by your previous posts). For a fairly small community, it certainly holds its own...though I believe the ammie division suffered quite a bit from the economic downturn; people just stopped going to shows (or they could only afford to support their kids in the juniors), got a bit depressing.
  4. This Place Is Dead

    ^^^ Sounds like one **** of a road trip, but Estes is awesome! Aside from all the thunderstorms/rain...
  5. Flying Cob Photos :)

    How cutely she tucks her forelegs!!! Looks like a blast! :)
  6. Help Me Not Fail At Clipping!

    Great job!!!! This is completely, randomly off-topic, but I think your boy has the most beautiful face I've ever seen...just a nicely shaped head, so much personality, he's truly very handsome!!! ....I'm done creepin' now
  7. Got Kicked In The Face Earlier :(

    Ohhh dear!!!! That does not look fun! Hopefully you'll be feeling better soon!!
  8. Yay!!!! I'm so happy for Sarah!! Awesome rider, always love seeing her rep us Colorado jumpers so well :)
  9. A Blurb Of Sadness...

    If only all horses could have such an amazing owner as you I'm so sorry you have to go through this
  10. Video!

    Can I live at your barn??? Please?! I'd be more than happy sitting in one of those puddles if I have to Far be it for me to comment on anyone, but you look relaxed and easygoing! Maybe I should take a break from the maniacal jumper ring and lower my blood pressure in the hunters (haha, if only it was so easy)...
  11. Too Hot To Actually Ride

    Awesome pictures!!! I'm a longtime lurker, and I know you've heard this a ton...but you've got such beautiful and happy horses! More pictures please!
  12. My New Hopefull

    Hey Shelb! Thank you again for your insight on my issue!! (for some reason, I've been having difficulty posting a PM reply) Your new guy looks quite large!! Is he going to be a resale project or one of your personal ponies?
  13. I Need Some Help!

    Hi everyone, Most of you probably don't know me; I posted an intro topic many months ago, but I've been a lurker for much longer...so, hello there! I have a possible summer job opportunity at a small ranch in Texas, and while the odds are low that anyone will recognize it, I figured I'd give it a shot and see if any of you guys know anything about the owners or the ranch...I don't live in Texas and only have a few connections there, so I don't really have much idea on how legit this place is. Anyway, please PM me and I can give you the name/website-- thanks for helping me out!!