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  1. Lip Tattoo (Need Help)

    That's too cool..he is SUPER bred! Not surprised he had something to say about his younger days.
  2. Belgium Wb Mare Looking For A Good Home

    She looks great, lol, especially as a unicorn! My stepdaughter would so do that to her! She looks unamused with y'all about it lol 2nd pic nearly looks like ones I took of her before she left FL..she is an easy keeper! And my stepdaughter rode her western all the time..said she could sit her canter better! She, Taryn, will be happy about this update! :)
  3. I finally got my questions answered about Pascha, what u did was greedy and cruel. Thank God for small favors, I can finally feel happy for Pascha again. What goes around really does come around..my good intent somehow made a full circle to what I envisioned for my sweet mare!

  4. Belgium Wb Mare Looking For A Good Home

    Yay!!! I finally know what happened to Pascha after all of this time. I have had a very heavy heart for a long long time over this. I even thought the worst, that she was dead. I have tears of joy over this. God sure works in mysterious ways! Thank God Pascha landed into the right home for her and so glad she isn't miserable in Wyoming..unfortunately for me she wasn't too happy in FL. I sure do miss her!!! And I'm so glad to be missing her while she's alive and well in WY! Yippee!! :) Bet I can fill in some blanks, Surprisewind! Might be able to help u with the right front issue as I am sure Sharon stopped everything I had been doing for Pascha. I sent her with a boat load of things..maybe u got her winter blanket at least, but I doubt it. Sharon only paid to ship Pascha to herself, the mare was free to the right permanent home. The shipping was 900 dollars I believe. At the time I could have sold her for decent money myself, but instead I was seeking out the right situation for her..not money gain. I wanted Pascha to be happy..she more than deserved it..and dang right she was a princess, lol! She came off the plane from Belgium that way and believe me, she really thinks she is! I, of course, took her just how she saw herself too! She really is too cool of a mare! So happy for her right now!! :)
  5. 2 Year Old Project Gelding

    A lot of times its the opposite side bothering them when they refuse to pick up a hind leg, they don't want to carry their weight on the other leg/ hip/ foot. He's cute, how's it going with him?
  6. Urgent - Horse Not Sweating

    I've used AC One, but I was advised to triple the dose that is recommended. That's when I could tell it was helping..it does take time before u notice right away. Also the mineral block, electrolytes, salt, beer, ACV with the mother in it I give in addition daily to the AC One. Whenever the horse in question has "had a bad day", I jug them with an OTC paste jug. Maybe for two days if they seem really bad. It's something to juggle and monitor, the rest u r doing..getting him in..behind fans..bathing as needed..shade..etc. Can't stress enough that the AC One takes time to work, but it does. I've not had it work at the recommended dose tho. If ur able to prevent any further overheats before they occur, the AC One will do its job quicker. There's not much a vet can do unless it's an emergency melt down and the horse needs IV fluids and electrolytes. Sounds like u know the deal tho, not ur first rodeo as they say. Good luck! Non-sweating really sucks!
  7. Feeding Suggestions

    I also like higher fat feeds. Tiz Whiz has a 10/ 10/ 10 feed I love with COB, beet pulp, and flaxseed. I also am having good luck with EQ8 by Buckeye Nutrition. I feed tb race racehorses. We are always looking for a feed to help keep good weight on them without getting to hyper and high strung. I don't love a lot of straight alfalfa because it screws up calcium and phosphorus levels. It will put weight on quick tho and I don't mind it for aged horses. Some of the other high fat feeds out there horses get finicky on, the two I mentioned above I've had great luck with. EQ8 has probiotics in there also. My horse has a softer eye and more content expression since the switch. He loves training too, doesn't fret. And we have no turn out situation at the track..so these things are important to me..keeping them happy and unworried as I can. Good luck!
  8. Sweet Itch/mtg -pics New Symptoms

    Ur horse is allergic to MTG AND has NTWs. Chocomare helped me a few years ago and it worked! Must double dose, must use Equimax tho. Also helps (in the mean time) to get the Rambo fly sheet (Rambo only, the others will be destroyed in a couple if weeks..I've tried them all), a fly mask with ears and goes down far on the nose. The leg wraps don't work tho, fall down. I also had my mare on flaxseeds and ACV with the mother in it. I put electric on the inside of her turnout and put her buckets on the ground so she couldn't rub on the fence or buckets. Be sure to do the ivermectin weekly until symptoms go away (took 5 doses of ivermectin weekly for my mare). Good luck, it sucks..but can get better! I've had to retreat her down the road..you will know when symptoms start returning. Oh, and no other horse on our farm had her troubles..I guess some have weaker immune systems than others.
  9. How Much Had You Payed For A Saddle?

    This is going to sound absurd and looking back I think I was crazy, but I bought one for 5k in '97. It's a Butet and I still ride in it today, I love love it. It fits every horse so far perfect (I did order a wide tree and a more forward flap). I hope I never have to replace it!
  10. New Horse Has Separation Issue....

    Sometimes it helps to throw a flake of hay to them just before u take the other horse away. He sounds like he can be fine by himself since he showed that before u put him near or with the mare. He just likes her and prefers not to be alone. If he's way frantic, it won't work..then I would just bring both in to stalls or see if he will get over it in time on his own once he realizes she comes back after a little while.
  11. Is My Horse To Small?

  12. 10 Yr Paint Gelding

    Looks like a sturdy little horse and pretty darn correct legged from what I can see. The stance is what I'm used to for JC registration pics, they want to see every leg in both side views. He has right hind back in one pic and left hind back in the other..so guessing he isn't favoring much of anything in a limb. He's a little long bodied, could be prone to a weak back..but not necessarily doomed with one. He has a kind expression and looks easy to work with. Only flaw I see is the lengthy back. Luckily his hocks are underneath him and naturally sturdy looking. The worst combo is long backed and hocks out in east Egypt! Bet he's pretty all cleaned up (and a lot of work to keep the white, white! Lol)
  13. Pedigree Critique On My Ottb Filly

    I love some of the breeding in there, I don't love Storm Cat too much tho. Has more inbreeding than I like (especially the Mr Prospector line) but sometimes that is ok. Fappiano is one of my favorites tho!
  14. I don't mind her, I don't love her hind end..looks a little out behind her all the time. The over in the knees a little doesn't bother me. Think she might have trouble using her lower back correctly and I bet she prefers to take off a little long to compensate. She has a hard time shifting her balance off of her front end, needs a lot of constructive flat work. She's very pretty and looks to have a good mind. Looks like she'll have cute knees over fences in time too.
  15. Can Horses That Are "over In The Knee" Jump?

    Heck yea, over at the knees is maybe unsightly but not a soundness issue. You should read Olympian Jimmy Woffords book, I think it's called training the 3 day eventing horse. Anyhow, he goes through all of the conformation flaws u can live with and the ones u cannot. He is good with over at the knees!