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  1. What Is Your Show Schedule?

    You sure have your season planned out! I like Spring Run, midsouth, and Flying cross :) -And yes the horse park thing is messing a lot of people up, but I am pretty sure it is going to be back up and running for Team Challenge. -And good luck with your paint mare and young horse!
  2. What Is Your Show Schedule?

    Wow! I wish I could be thinking about prelim, but I was going to go training at Jumpstart last year, but Tuxedo got hurt so those plans were gone... and Fluff has never done a show sooo ya haha! I'll PM you where I am :) FluffnTux
  3. What Is Your Show Schedule?

    I have never been to Otter Creek, but I have heard really good things about it! I would like to go someday! FluffnTux
  4. What Is Your Show Schedule?

    Awesome! Maybe I'll see you then! What level are you doing? FluffnTux
  5. What Is Your Show Schedule?

    Aiken that sounds sooo nice right now! (We have 6 inches of snow ...grrr). I was sooooo hoping that our barn would pick a show down in the carolinas... but of course they didn't, oh well, haha I have been to lamplight 4 times, but not for Maui Jim (AEC and Wayne) I love love love the facility! If we don't go to Maui I think its South Farm :) Anyone else?!
  6. Update With Pictures

    Sorry if someone already said this, but bobbing the head is the horse not being deep and connected enough. My filly sometimes does this at the walk (shes 4 and 1/2). Just make sure you not being to soft-hearted just because she is a baby (I can be guilty of this... lol) When she bobs, I use my inside leg more and push the energy to the outside rein (with making sure you have a stable connection on the outside rein.) And then add more energy with the outside leg. That is just my 2 cents
  7. What Is Your Show Schedule?

    What shows is everyone planning to kick off the year with? Any special or exciting shows you are looking forward too? I'm planning on starting off in March with my young with a combined test and a dressage show, and then her first horse trial will be River Glen (hopefully). She has never been to a show so I am very excited!! I think Greater Dayton is next on the list, but who knows! I'll hopefully start my other event horse back in june and do IEA and Spring Run, and Maui Jim. I want to move up to training with him either at Spring Run or Maui Jim, but again who knows what will happen by then! So.. Anyone else?? [Jump]
  8. Aec's 2010 Anyone!?

    I have went for the past 2 years at lamplight BN and novice :) I won't be able to go this year if I qualify or not because I have a surgery in july that will put me out of the season for the rest of the year. I am still going to try and take my 5 yr old to as many shows and get my other horse back in gear - want to do training this year, we were last year, but got hurt at AEC and had 5 months off. I hope you have fun though! Its a really cool experience!!
  9. Excited!

    Awesome! I try to go to rolex for at least a day every year since its only an hour away from me :) I need to get me some tickets for WEG though, just need some money for it!!
  10. Your Favorite Rider

    Phillip Dutton is definitely one of them :) I recently discovered another rider last fall named Nate Chambers, competes at Advanced, worked for Dutton for a while. He rides a horse named Rolling Stones. Very good rider as well as nice to look at :) Dutton crew stabled in my barn at 2009 AEC, VERY cool to watch how they did things at a show as well as be really close to the really nice riders!! I lovelovelove Jennifer Brannigan. Amazing rider, and is truly a person to look up to especially after how well she dealt with Cooper's passing away. I got to watch her ride at AEC 2009 and she was well, amazing. I also love Jennifer Wooten, I love they way she teaches too! (I did a 2 day clinic with her) I also love her mare The Good Witch :) She shows what little irish horses can do!! wow this list is getting long.... anyway! I also really like Leslie Law. Really really nice guy, nice teacher and an awesome rider. (Took clinic with him) I like Ralph Hill (came to my old barn A LOT for clinics before his fall), Bruce Davidson, William Fox-Pitt, Boyd Martin, Buck Davidson...Karen... :) There is a girl at my barn who has evented advanced and is currently hoping to move up to advanced in summer -(Maui Jim hopefully). Shes amazing, amazing instructor, rider, person to help you. I also love her horse!! (Only Kings). :) Wow sorry for the long list!! FluffnTux
  11. Stephen Bradley Clinic?

    Are you talking about the one in the midsouth region? If so I would love to go :) On facebook it said they still haven't found a location yet?!