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  1. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Been a long time since I updated, but Oakley is doing fine and we are expecting in late March. She will be 340 days on March 20th.
  2. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    The blood tests came back and Oakley has finally started to produce hormones on her own. yay! So now we will begin to wean her off the Regumate.
  3. New Beginnings! Hope For A 2014 Foal!

    Yay, congrats!
  4. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Ms- congrats on the new foal! Thanks for following along. :)
  5. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Quarter4- we just got Internet installed in our new house today, but the hard drive went out on my computer (using my kindle to do this post). As soon as that gets fixed, I'll get shots of her and post them! Sorry!
  6. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Sorry... had a little scare with some bloody crust on her vulva, but we decided to wait a few days for today's appointment because the vet said that since we already had her on Regumate, we wouldn't be able to do anything even if she was aborting. But, like I said ed had an appointment today so here's the update: Oakley is still pregnant! Good uterine tone, but is still having heat cycles. We drew blood to test again for hormones levels. We were hoping to be able to wean her off the regumate, but we will have to wait and see what happens.
  7. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    We go back for a recheck in about 3 weeks, when she'll be about 60 days. Vets say her placenta should kick in and start hormone production around that time and hopefully we can wean her off the regumate.
  8. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    I'll say it was a good thing we had her on the regumate. Tests came back, and her hormones have dropped even lower, so she probably would have lost the baby. Yay for my proactive vets!
  9. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Yes, I got the same advice on another board. I asked the vet again and the regumate was recommended based on poor uterine tone, not what I said earlier. I had mixed up different bits of information that I heard during the ultrasound. The hormone tests came back low, so it was a good thing we had her on it. Today we saw the heartbeat, it was amazing.
  10. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    We have a round black blob! (Which I am told is a foal-in-the-making.) And only one... no twins. Awesome! But... We also have a very active ovary with a large follicle that is going to need to be stopped before it causes her to slip her pregnancy. So, we do have to use the regumate and will be going back on the 15th to check for a fetal heartbeat. But, in the meantime... Yay!
  11. New Beginnings! Hope For A 2014 Foal!

    Nice horses, good luck!
  12. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Oakley is going in on Friday at 10 am to check and see if she's pregnant! I will take it that as a good omen because Friday is Ky Oaks day, and I was told that Oakley got her name because she herself was born on Ky Oaks day.
  13. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Yay, thanks. Nice to know you're following along! I'm so excited... This is going to be a long wait to see if she took!
  14. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    Thanks Quarters4me! My old QH gelding sure was missing her! Oakley has been inseminated and is home and comfy in the paddock with her two best buds. We will be taking her back for a pregnancy check in about two weeks. Unfortunately, that's right around Ky Derby time and everything around here gets crazy, so we will have to work around that. While she was there she got her vaccinations and was checked via fecal egg count for worms... which was negative. When I take her back, I will be taking samples from my other two horses to see if we have any high shedders. Oakley will also be getting her teeth checked at that time. Tonight and twice tomorrow I have to give her shots of oxitocin to clear some fluid out of her uterus. Then I will be simply crossing my fingers and hoping to see an embryo in a couple of weeks. Oh, and our lesson in the stocks did the trick, as she went right in for the vet today with no refusal or rearing OR sedation! As far as loading up to go home, she had one little balk in front of the trailer, but I gave her a little pop on the shoulder with the lead line and told her I was serious about her going in and she complied. lol
  15. Oakley's Breeding Thread (Aka Ai For A Noob)

    I went to visit Oakley yesterday. She was in raging heat, lol. Poor thing. She really has learned to dislike the stocks, so I gave her a nice lesson with them. Walking her through over and over, stopping her inside and scratching her favorite spots, and locking her in and feeding her grain. Hopefully she will be a little better for the vet today when they ask her to go in. The last two times they had to sedate her just to get her in them. The semen arrived at the vet about 5 minutes ago, so they will check it to make sure it's good and if so, they will be inseminating her. She should be able to come home today!