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  1. Do You Lock Up Your Saddle?

    I've been having a recent issue with an individual at my barn helping themselves to my tack without permission. The things I use on a daily basis I keep out hanging on my tack room wall, but now I am locking them all in my trunk, in addition to getting name plates and tags made for all of my strap goods. This person has also been helping themselves to my saddle. With all my things crammed into my trunk, my saddle wont fit in there to get locked up too. I keep in on a saddle rack in a public tack room. I wish there was a way to bike lock it or something to the saddle rack, but other than the D rings there is nowhere to run a chain or lock through. I am considering keeping my saddle in my car, but then it wont be at the barn for when my trainer schools my horse for me when I'm away. Any ideas?
  2. Beach Themed Show Names?

    I like Island Thyme. Or just using names of famous/well known beaches or beach towns. Like Maya Bay, Curaco, Aiya Napa. Or maybe something cute like Surf's Up
  3. Sexy Rexy Is Cleared For Work!

    I always check out your posts because I love your horses! You look great too. How long have you been blonde? Still have the Layla mare?
  4. Bits...

    About a month ago switched to a Myler dee with a copper roller. Its the one where it's bent a bit so it doesn't do the nutcracker thing. Mare loves it. Before the Myler I was alternating her between a short shanked plastic pelham and a slowtwist dee. Mare is softer in the new bit, and I don't feel like I need as much "whoa" power anymore, so we are both happy.
  5. What Size Stirrup Irons?

    I used HS bendy irons for years thinking they were doing me a favor. When I noticed my leg position starting to get wonky I blamed it on riding only green horses. When I rode in a saddle with fillis irons I had a "taa-da!" moment when my leg felt so much more correct, and even more important I wasn't fighting as hard to try to accomplish the more correct position. As far as size goes, I'm not sure what mine are. My feet are small, but I have been dragged before from childrens stirrups that were too small for me. I bought the biggest ones in the store after that incident, because being dragged was the most terrifying thing I have ever gone though. They aren't massive, but I'm sure they are a size or two bigger than what most small women riders would use. If I could afford them I would love the Royal Riders.
  6. Pictures From My Clinic This Weekend

    I like Monster Mash. I was actually considering it for my own horse a couple years ago.
  7. Can We Please Take A Moment To Discuss This?

    "Girls Gotta Ride" LMAO
  8. Pictures From My Clinic This Weekend

    Cute! I've never seen pics of him going, just pics of him standing around. He's adorable!
  9. When Do You Clip?

    A few at my barn started getting fuzzy at the end of August and have already been done, one is ready for a second clip already. Mine still has her summer coat, but she didn't need to get clipped until quite late last year. I am loving the Chaser clip, I think thats what I will be doing to my 24/7 outdoor horse, except I will leave her head uclipped. I have always found that if I clip early in the year, the first clip grows back really fast. It's no big deal if you have your own clippers, but if you are paying someone to do it for you it can get too expensive. My horse is such a pain in the butt to clip that I just wait till the last possible second to do it lol.
  10. Can I Get Some Help- Pahleeze?

    1) At least 2000. Most likely more. Impossible to calculate. 2) S 3) 5000+ 4) 40fun/60goal (but its all fun!) 5) What level rider would you consider yourself to be? Inter-Advance 6) For those who jump what level (height)? Right now, under 2?9?. When I was showing I was schooling 4?6?+ and showing 4? 7) What style? Nothing in the particular at the moment. When I was showing I did jumpers 8) For those who jump, very briefly, what are your short and long term goals for yourself, if any? Short term: consistency over 3? courses. Long term: get back into showing successfully in 4?+ jumpers (when I can afford to!) 9) Please count, to the best of your ability, the number of hours you have spent JUMPING on horseback in your riding career. 700+ 10) Please indicate how much jumping you do on your own (without someone more advanced than yourself watching) and how much you do under instruction/supervision of someone more advanced. I never jump outside of lessons. If you do some of both please indicate how much of each type... 50/50, 70/30lesson, 10alone/90, etc. Usually 1 lesson per every 12 rides 11) What age did you begin riding? 4 12) Age now. 23 13) Number of horses you've owned/leased? 3 14) Birthday. (MM/DD) 02/10 15) Do you participate in horse shows? Y/N just small schooling shows now, in the past I did ?A? shows
  11. Some Jumping Pics

    I don't jump often anymore, but I played with my green-ish mare over some fences yesterday. I tend to be a chronic jump-ahead-er/ducker/tipper, I tried to work on it yeserday and my mare was a saint as I tried to wait for her. As you can see the results aren't pretty, but better than having my whole body climbing up her neck... Hollow here, probably because of something I'm doing. And some awkward distances... Anyway, I think my mare is super cute, even though we are both far from perfect. Critiques and advice are welcome, I need help not interfering with my horses jump.
  12. How Much Versatility Is Fair?

    My last horse was my jumper, after deciding eventing wasn't here style I mainly focused on jumpers with her. At least once a week when I kept her at home she would sport a western saddle and trek through the mountains. I did a couple of competitive trail rides on her that were so much fun. And a little-known fact about her is that she was broke to drive. She was one that did fabulously on the "A" circut, and had some fun jobs on the side. My arab pony before her was a western pleasure champion in his younger days before I owned him. I did almost every discipline imaginable on him at the low levels (except hunters - too arab-y). He didnt excel at one specific thing, but he adapted so well and had fun with every job he was given. Cross training is great for the rider too! You get to have fun, try new things, meet new people, and learn things you never thought you would.
  13. Breeches For Short People?

    I went to three different tack stores today and came home empty handed. I've been riding in the same TS schoolies for at least 4 years now and they desperately need replacing. I got them for Christmas years ago, so I'm not sure where they came from. None of the stores I visited carried anything shorter than a regular. I'm not even sure if anyone makes a petite or short breech. I tried some regular TS that were very similar to my old ones, but the knee patch didnt even hit my knee they were so long. A few brands I tried were too long but could have worked without too much ankle bunching. The problem is I'm picky about quality and feel. I tried a brand called "Lets Ride" that could have worked, but they felt cheap and kind of itchy. I also only want side zip, and don't want to spend over $200, which also limits me. Any suggestions?
  14. Confessions Of A Boot Hoarder

    Black/black CO Gr8 Navy/navy CO Gr8 Brown/tan Co Gr8 Grey GPA Textium Velvet GPA Titium Velvet International CO skull cap eeeee!!! I want an all black Speed Air so badly. I don't have $600 hanging around and no one seems to want to buy it for me lol. I would also like one of the smooth GPAs (Extreme? I can't remember what its called) because they don't seem to common and I like to have things that are different. I would love to have a huge collection of boots, but all of my horses have been cobs, and not a lot of boot makers do a cob size.
  15. Who Can Give A Shot

    I'm an EMT so I do IV starts everyday at work on people. It wasn't hard to me to transfer the sill over to horse veins.
  16. My New Hopefull

    I remember you saying that you couldn't afford to get more professional work done on your black horse because you had others to feed. Why not put your time, money, and energy into one horse instead of spreading your resources thin over a herd?
  17. My New Hopefull

    Did you purchase this horse?
  18. Update: Two Shows, And Lots Of Photos!

    I looks like you are making progress with him. He looks pretty chilled out, are his hottness issues resolving? Love your jumps at home with the ponies painted on them!
  19. Wtb: Horse That Does W/t/c, 2'6", Trail Rides. Sane.

    Two years ago I sold my mare with plently of show miles, super easy at 2'6"-3' with lots of ability to go hihger. Well schooled, super quiet and sane, sound with injections and proper care. Tons of expierence on trails, the kind of horse you could take anywhere and have fun on. I wouldn't take less than $15K for her. Current horse is a project, I would love for her to be a 2'6"-ish packer when I'm done with her. She's sound, athletic, getting more sane as she gets older (lol). Super simple and easy to ride, and a pleasure to be around. Her size may affect her price as she's only 15H, but she with show miles she will be in the same price range as my other mare. If you are looking for an attractive, sound, sane, reliable, easy, seasoned 2'6" horse, I don't believe it exsists for under $10K
  20. Taylor Vids

    I'm not familiar with your situation but from what I read am I correct to assume you don't work with a trainer on a regular basis? Are you self taught? The horse is clearly out of shape and not even remotely muscled properly. I don't know what his issues are with lameness or injury as I don't usually read your posts. Do you ever get him out of the ring? If he is too weak to carry himself properly for 5mins at the trot in the ring, get him out of there. Hack him out on the trails, make use of slight inclines, trot out for 30-60 seconds at a time on both flat and small inclines. When walking, encourage him to walk forward and straight. At the same time, work in the half seat and two-point to strengthen yourself and stay off his back. Try to do this for a whole trail ride with hills and changing terrain in your two point and you will get so strong and improve your balance, which will only do wonders for your horse. You want to give up on him because you are not seeing results. From what I understand you have been trying to work on him for some time, but what about yourself? Are you a balanced, secure rider? Do you ride other horses? Are you fit? You say you aren't strong enough to ride him, so whats your excuse? Do you work out? One thing all great riders have in common is that they never blame the horse. You say it's the horse and not you? You have had 8 months on him and you aren't happy with the results? I'm sorry to say it is obviously you and not the horse. I know that it is impossible to get a feel of a person over text on the internet, but it sounds like you don't like to ride. If its not fun for you and you don't want to invest the time and money to get better, find another hobby.
  21. We're Almost Famous!

    You are quite the spokeswoman! Now I want to try it ;) I always read your updates on your big guy, nice to see Layla is looking great too!
  22. Schooling Show Pics

    I took my little mare to a schooling show this weekend to play in the 2'6". It was her second time off the property and she was fabulous. She was very bold, didn't bat an eye at anything, and I am completly impressed with how great she was. She's never really jumped a full course before and doesn't have much expirence jumping more than cross rails or gymnastics, so she was so super. Just a few pics to show how cute she is!
  23. My barn is currently on lock-down. Basically meaning no new horses can come in and any horse that leaves the property can't come back. BO is being super cautious right now since there isn't a lot of information available yet. I had a couple of shows planned that we won't be attending, but I'd rather be safe. A friend in Red Deer's horse caught it. He's currently in isolation quarentine and not doing well with a fever that won't come down Any one have any new info? Are your show plans changing because of this?
  24. Riding With One Over-Dominant Hand

    I've always been very right-sided for as long as I've been riding. I have managed to correct my more dominant right leg and hip, but my right hand is driving me crazy...and driving my horse crazy too I'm sure. It actually works out ok going to the left because my right hand works as a consistant supporting rein, and I can be quiet with my left inside rein. To the right though, ughhh. My left just doesn't have the same feel or cordination. It is way harder to keep a supportive outside left rein, and my right hand wants to take over and grab. Cantering to the right is the worst, my left hand fails me and just can't seem to work for me, and my right hand grabs, making my horse overflexed to the inside. I try so hard to have an even feel, but it's almost as if my left hand isnt connected to me. I work out daily. When I do weights I can definatly feel a difference between arms. I do the same weight on each arm, but my right is way stronger and more coordinated. I'm wondering if I work my left arm out a little more I can even up the differnece? Lol I might have to ask a personal trainer about that one... sS there anything I can do on my horse or at the gym to even up?
  25. Riding With One Over-Dominant Hand

    Thank you so much! Im going to ask my trainer if we can try the longe line excersize tonight.