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  1. Spooky Horse

    Thanks for the reply. I hever really thought that this could be medical. I am having his teeth floated on Friday so I will have the vet check his sight and hearing before we start. I took him out on trail for the first time since the fall last week. I just rode behind my husband's horse like I used to. I didn't ask much of him and he was pretty well behaved. I think he is so lazy that he he is hoping if he spooks I will stop trying to work him. I also took him off of the small amount of alfalfa he was getting. I moved him so he only has one direct neighbor so if he felt threatened over food that would be lessened. In a lask ditch effort I am having an animal communicator read him. I wonder if he is upset that the new ranch is busier than the old one. Falling off and spooking or not, this silly horses isn't getting out of work that easy!
  2. Spooky Horse

    Hello- I am new to the forum, but have heard how helpful it can be I have a 14 year old QH gelding. I have suffered from some confidence issues in the past and am a newer rider. I have been riding for about a year now and take fairly regular lessons. I feel like I have over come most of it. It seems the more confident I become, the spookier my horse is getting. I moved him to a new facility on Jan. 1st. This facility is only .5 miles from where we were boarding. It is so close, that on moving day we just rode over. He has stayed with my husband's horse, so he isn't lonely. We are still riding on the same trails he has been riding since August. My routine has stayed the same and the ground work has become more advanced. I see and ride my horse about 4 times a week. The spooks are getting worse on trail and at the ranch. I actually came off the other day for the first time. He spooked at the end of the ride, then slipped in a gully with his back rear hoof. He is not confident on loose ground. He then spun and reared, which landed me on my tush! Max is a great trail horse with lots of miles. I feel like we have made great strides in our relationship, but this spooking has got to end. He was less spooky when I rode him scared the day after I got him. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!