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  1. Teaching The Piaffe

    Hey there! Was wondering what the common or most effective method is for teaching a horse to piaffe on the ground or under saddle. Thanks!
  2. My 1st Traumatic Brain Injury (tbi) Anniversary!

    Im a reining trainer who happened to pop over to this board on a whim.... Haven't worn a helmet since I quit riding English years ago. I'm buying a helmet tomorrow. Thanks for your post.
  3. What Is The Message Of "natural Horsemanship"?

    Manes.... I have come to terms with what I did as a novice horse trainer. I was in the drivers seat and ultimately it was my decision to disregard the horse. I guess you'd really have to step into my shoes to see how it was possible for someone like me to do what I did. I could try to defend my actions and explain my situation more if I wanted to but Its not necessary and I don't really want to make this thread any more about my autobiography than I already have. Bottom line, no program and trainer can MAKE you do things so I'll just leave it at this: I agree with you and it was my fault.
  4. What Is The Message Of "natural Horsemanship"?

    Agreed Cheri with everything you said....Unfortunately I learned that lesson the hard way. I was actually surprised at how thoughtful my reining mentors were when it came to their horses....Its easy to assume that a reining trainer would be all about the bottom line. But in all practicality you simply CANNOT run a horse into the ground if you want to win in the show pen or if you would like to keep your clients. And you are right about the showing and finishing horses part. Showing IMO is an entirely different discipline from training. I know some of the best 2 year old trainers in the country but you never see them in the Open Finals. They have not yet learned the subtle art of keeping your horse together long engough to show and show well. It really makes you sit back and reevaluate your program. For reiners we have TWO YEARS to get the horse there. There is no rush. The most important thing I ever learned is to never put a tight schedule on your program. As a trainer you will only set yourself up for failure if you say 'I only have this horse for 90 days so I have to get him doing this and this and this before he goes home' I promise my clients only one thing when they bring a horse to me for 90 days.....'Your horse will get 90 days of riding'. Do I have goals for the horse? Sure! But I am willing to be flexible with those goals and open with the client about the horse's progress and potential and thats all you can do. Horse training is such a mental game and if you shove lofty expectations on yourself and your horses you will only end up in trouble.
  5. What Is The Message Of "natural Horsemanship"?

    I put in two years of apprenticing for one of the natural horsemanship 'gurus' out there. And while I got a lot of knowledge under my belt....ironically my 'feel' went right out the window. This 'guru' is one of the ones that I believe is more about repitition and less about considering the horse. I definitely have some horses that I need to apologize to as a result(thought what trainer doesn't?). Now this isnt a jab at natural horsemanship altogether(I still use so-called natural methods as a trainer) its just a comment on my own personal experiences. It was actually the reining trainers I worked for who set me straight again. I dont know how many times I got chewed out for overworking a horse or for being unfair in my expectations. I remember I was riding a two year old one march(I started him in Janurary) and he was being really frisky. It was a Monday and he had had the weekend off plus I was riding outside in a brisk wind. My boss was watching me do frantic rollbacks with him in order to get him to do what I wanted. After awhile he said to me 'you're riding a horse on a monday like I ride mine on a thursday.....IN JULY!!!' It took me a long time to feel like I didnt have to shove everything on my horses all at once. When you have guys out there who try to create a foolproof training program in books or dvds or tv shows (stage 1 step A method 24 etc etc) I think you tend to end up with a training program designed actually NOT to create feel. During my education I was pressured into having my training horses perform at a certain level and if they werent doing it by the book I got in trouble. Therefore, I became so focused on the fact that Flicka the training horse had to be doing rollbacks by week 3 day 5 of the training program that I forgot to actually think about the fact that maybe Flicka is not ready, or she might be sore, or she might lack the physical talent to do it this early, or are rollbacks really that important for a horse meant to be someones trail companion and should I really be killing her for not doing them perfectly?
  6. Anyone Have Any Insight For Me?

    I do have to add that in this particular mare's case, she does throw some very nice competitive babies. One of my favorite horses of all time is a colt of her's. But I do agree with what you are saying...she is the exception not the rule.
  7. Anyone Have Any Insight For Me?

    I dont think it necessarily means he didnt like his job or you wouldve had those problems pop up at home while training him....I agree with smilie he got show smart or show sour...whichever you prefer to call it. This can be a BIG issue with reiners. We tend not to work on a full pattern at home and will often give horses some time to air up and think after performing some of the more stressful manuevers like stopping and spinning. But go to a show and they get the wheels run off of them for five minutes in the pen and all the manuevers happen within a span of five minutes so its easy to see why a horse might get real 'uppity' the next time out. Thats why its so important to go to schooling shows and actually school and do lots of paid warmups. If I have a horse I am gearing up for the NRHA futurity I will NEVER run him hard his first couple of shows. I just want to go in there and do a nice pretty clean run and let him go at his pace. If we win great if not no big deal because the goal is not to win the rinky dink futurity the goal is to get some miles on the horse before going to the BIG futurity. My ex boss had a fantastic little mare he wanted to take to the NRHA futurity, ran the soup out of her her first 3 or 4 shows and by the time she went to the big show she was fried. Couldnt do it anymore. He handed her off to another trainer who tried to fix her but she never really recovered. He took her to paid warmups and smaller shows to school and she seemed to do alright. Then he took her to the NRBC where she warmed up like a dream all the way up to the last minute before her class. He took her to the big pen and when she heard the crowd cheering for the previous rider, her head shot straight up and she started prancing like a paso fino. Needless to say, she did not show well and is now a broodmare. Horse training is such a mental game on your part and theirs and showing is like its own unique discipline. Once they get 'show smart' it can be really tough to break that cycle.
  8. How To Use A Running Martingale - Western Riding

    A running martingale, properly adjusted prevents a horse from lifting his head up high. If the horse puts his head in a more 'correct' position the martingale shouldnt pull on his face at all. That said Ive seen a lot of people tighten them waaaaay too much to force the horses head down. This is potentially dangerous as a horse that feels trapped can resort to irrational behavior like rearing and flipping over to escape the pressure. I have used a martingale in the past and in my experience it really doesn't replace consistent training and it is definately not a tool I would reccomend for a beginner.
  9. How To Use A Running Martingale - Western Riding

    It actually inhibits flexing. I have never found them to be an effective training tool but thats just me. If you want to teach your horse lateral work it just doesnt make sense to put one of these things on.
  10. A Broken Mare

    Not quite an adrelaline junkie (am TERRIFIED of heights) But I have realized as of late that life is short so Im havin a ball while Im at it. Just got back from a month long trek through South India where I rode a motorcycle through some of the craziest traffic on the planet. Experience of a lifetime tho. Am also learning to ride a dirtbike and hip hop dance(I am a 20 somethin whitegirl btw). Why? Cause I can damnit!
  11. A Broken Mare

    Yup Can't say no to those rainbow tacos!
  12. A Broken Mare

    Yeah I was just razzing History's very astute observation of the different between horses and bikes. All in good fun...
  13. A Broken Mare

    I just git on, spur, scream 'YA!' and see what happens! Oh and blah blah harmony blah blah blah respect and understanding blah blah magical and whatever ;)
  14. A Broken Mare

    LOL I ride bikes AND horses and am still standing(barely). My dad thinks Im crazy for getting on something that can explode at the site of a hot dog wrapper blowing by....
  15. Be Coming A Horse Trainer

    True dat bumper.....true dat!