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    western pleasure, trail, reining, interested in cutting but no one has cattle, driving. doggie agility,flyball.
  1. Found this interesting

  2. Good Mornin'! Another Monday, foggy here but the sun is trying to come out. Coffee time

  3. Bursting At The Seams With Joy!

    Great news, sending prayers for a speedy and full recovery
  4. Hike From Saturday With Pics!

    Gorgeous pics, looks like a great place to hike
  5. Prayers For My Big Brother!

    Prayers being sent
  6. To Ride Or Not To Ride...that's The Question.

    Same here no insurance 'til July. But I can't not do anything so a little grooming, ground driving and long lining is my thing for now. And just doing something with them gets them back into work mode. Stay safe
  7. Been A While

    It's been quite a while since I've been on here. A lot has happened in the last year. Major changes. Got divorced, quit my job, moved from Ct. to Missouri. Totally starting over. Meet a great guy, bought a farm, have 6 QH's, 1 red heeler and found a new job. Life is really good again. Hope to be on here more now that life has slowed down a bit. Good to be back!
  8. Nothing Says Love More

    What a beautiful Saint!
  9. 4Th Of July

    Thanks Alaskandraft, been a busy year. Work, Work, and more work! lol! Got hours added at my job so I start my day earlier. Husband had two surgeries, one shoulder, and appendix out. Had 4 days off for the 4th, but it's to hot and muggy to do much with my horse. How's the weather in Alaska?
  10. Needing Some Name Help!