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  1. Polo Wraps, Sports Boots Or Nothing?

    Thanks everyone!! We ride through pretty thick stuff, steep hills, rocky terrain and creeks/rivers. So it sounds like the consensus is naked is better! So glad I didn't order the boots I think a lot of you have a point that they could end up causing more trouble than good. Seems like too many times we do something to try to prevent trouble and then it ends up causing a whole other trouble! Thanks Again and Happy Trails!
  2. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    PasoGirl: I couldn't have done it without you! I know for sure I won't regret it! She is such a sweet thing and I think exactly what I needed right now!
  3. Preferable Saddles For Gaited Horses

    I have a problem with my Aussie saddle tipping forward just a bit on my smaller horses. I fold a western saddle blanket liner in half and then lay it long ways across their withers. Then add my regular pad and saddle and it works perfectly. I have been riding my new Peruvian with an Aussie saddle. I have found that Peruvian horses are built A framed so their spin sticks up higher than like the spine on my QH which is buried in muscle. The people who had her before me were riding her with a western saddle and it made a sore on her back. I am hoping the height of the Aussie will be better for her. She definitely seems to gait better in it than in the western. I agree with everyone... It is going to be different for every horse and rider. I may get down the rd and realize this aussie isn't working and may have to go another route. I really love the look of the english/endurance ortho flex saddles but they are pricey!
  4. New Horse Finally

    Congrats on the new horse! Sounds like were in the same boat. Working with new horses but not much time! Fingers crossed for both us.. lets just keep picture=ing happy trails on our wonderful horses!
  5. I usually don't have anything on my QH's legs when we go riding but I recently got a Peruvian mare who has the most dainty cannon bones I have ever seen! While I know they are hardy horses I am thinking about buying some sports boots for her. My boss then mentioned that polo wraps might work. What's your experience? Opinion? Polo Wraps, Sport Boots or Nothing? Thanks!
  6. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    We are working on the mounting deal. Lots of lunging and then standing still by the mounting block with my sister standing on it. She stood good and still and didn't bolt the last time we tried.... still a lot of work to go though. The rain and Humidity here in Ga has been awful!! Not a lot of work getting done with the horses right now!
  7. Bolting After The Mount?

    You guys are just full of great info!! It's been super HOT/Muggy here in NE Ga and we have had RAIN like no bodies business!! It has been crazy! So I haven't gotten to work with her as much as I would like but let me tell you what we did. I lounged her until she was sweaty,(didn't take then would stop her by the mounting block and let her rest. Then once that was fine, my sister stood beside the block and I did the same thing, Then she stood on the block... that took quite a bit longer but finally she would stand still but as soon as my sister moved towards her she would walk forward. (would like to point out she stands fine for my sister to mount her from the ground though she still wants to walk off once mounted. She hates the mounting block though and is not wanting to stand to even mount and then the bolting thing once you get on.) So anyway we started working on my sister just reaching out and petting her and once that was good I went up and held her for my sister to get on and she stood completely still and didn't bolt. I realize that's not really a victory but we were all exhausted and pouring sweat with the humidity and I was determined for one of us to get on her back at least. Next time we will start from the beginning again and see how it goes. My goal is for her to be able to get on and get off without her moving or acting scared of us. A lot of work I know:) Thanks again for all the info! I am going to use this whole page as a reference as we go through the process!
  8. Pudgy Puruvian

    That was a lot of info!! Thank you soo much!! When I say no grass I mean We have weeds and trees. We are hoping to address that this winter but for now she has no grass. She has lost a good bit of weight since we have had her even though I'v only gotten to ride her a few times. She does get a handful of sweet feed in the evening but I am heading to the feed store today and will look and see what they have as far as a low starch ration balancer. Is that like Enrich 32? We feed that at the farm where I work. It's like a lb a day for the fat horses so they don't get fatter. She had not had any previous founder or anything and is very sound. Do I need to have her on anything to help her build muscle? The vet mentioned she had very poor muscle tone and that would really help her gait and matabolic disorder to build muscle. While I know the best thing for that is exercise. At this time I can't provide a whole lot of that. Or when we do start riding a lot in the Fall... anything that would help her build muscle? Thanks you guys!
  9. Finally On The Hunt!

    In the future I will be posting to this topic:)
  10. So I Got A Peruvian:)

    Sereno.... I had wondered if roaning was accepted in this breed. My mare has quite a bit of roaning on one of her hind quarters. Again she is not registered or anything but I believe her to be of pure peruvian blood line. The lady I got her from bought her from a breeder and owns her brother as well. He gated much better than she does but he was ridden much more and he had SO much Termino that he would knock your ankles with his legs if your legs where long enough!
  11. Finally On The Hunt!

    I can't make out what the announcer said but i am so in love with this breed of horse! I know my mare has a ways to go before she will gait as beautifully as these did so i know our rides will only get better and better!
  12. Finally On The Hunt!

    Also I would like to point out that I started this topic this time last year so there is a lot in the original post that no longer applies. I just bought this mare last week. Though I did post her videos here as it still applied to the original post and to those folks including new folks like yourself(sereno) who could offer advice:) But once I purchased the mare I went ahead and started the other thread. Another BIG thanks to everyone who has helped me over this long journey! I never would have had the confidence to go out on a limb and buy a gaited horse if not for you all!
  13. Finally On The Hunt!

    Sereno.... sorry I have offended you. I posted a new topic after I bought the mare so I haven't commented any here about having purchased her. I am in NO way an I was more discussing what i had discovered doing research as compared to what you were saying as well. Not disagreeing or agreeing. The part about Termino I should have quoted as I copied and pasted that from where I had read. Are you saying that part is NOT correct? I have a lady friend who is a Paso Fino girl and she is totally NOT a fan of this mare at all.... then I have another Lady friend who is also a Paso Fino girl and she loves this so everyone sees something different in her. The biggest thing for me is that I can ride her gait comfortably:) Again I am sorry that I offended you and I appreciate all of your info! I was more trying to have a discussion not being disagreeable... sometimes it is hard to tell in type verses a real conversation:)
  14. Finally On The Hunt!

    Sereno... from what I have read Peruvians gates have been bread to be different than Fino's. Where they breed the Paso Fino to have NO termino the Peruvian is bread to have lots of termino. A unique trait of the Peruvian Paso gait is termino — an outward swinging leg action, originating from the shoulder, in which the front lower legs roll to the outside during the stride forward, similar to a swimmer's arms.[4] Individual horses may have more or less termino. High lift or wide termino is not necessarily a sign of a well gaited horse; in fact it may be detrimental to a good gait So from the front our horses would look Totally different in their gates. This mare in the above videos is the mare that I bought. The vet and my friend who raises Paso Fino's agrees that her gates are a little off but she is also being ridden in a western saddle and is VERY out of shape! The vet has recommended lots of hill work to help build her muscles and burn some fat and that will help her preform her natural gate better. That being said the first time I rode her at home in my Aussie saddle and dog bone bit she rode 10 times smoother than she did in these videos. She also seems to go smoother when she is with other horses, though I do have to regulate her speed as she can get a bit bumpy. I think with exercise and practice her natural rhythm will come back to her beautifully. I want to get some good video on pavement so you guys can see how she is moving now. I have been working with her a lot just on little things like catching her and working with her feet but I have only had time to ride her once!
  15. Pudgy Puruvian

    I bought a Peruvian mare who wasn't being ridden and was out on 25acres at lush grass. She is fat as a cow! The vet who did the pre purchase vet check said that Peruvians are prone to metabolic disorder(i think) and that she should be off of grass completely. Which is good because we have no grass. I am wondering what would be the best thing to feed her? We feed 12% sweet feed to our easy keeper QHs. Most of the year we feed Bermuda hay but in the spring when its available we get rye grass/vetch hay which our horses just love! However I know its because it is a sweet hay that they like it so much so I am wondering if its ok for the Peruvian to eat it if she isn't getting grass. And what about grain suggestions? She might get ridden 2X a week.