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    I love horse back riding. I have never shown but I do love trail riding and would like to get into doing barrels.
  1. Black Magic Update

    well, it has been about four months now since she threw me and she is doing great. I ride her six times a week now and we are having no issues. She has really turned into a sweet girl. She hasn't tried bucking me since she threw me but I still dont trust other people on her. I'm probably never going to sell her. She is even better than my gelding now. He sees a lead rope and tries to get away from having to work. She comes right over and wants to work. lol. Thanks to everyone who has offered help and encouragment.
  2. Black Magic Update

    Not on Magic I havent. But I also own an older gelding and I've ridden him plenty. We canter through the field and some days when hes real frisky I open him right up into a full gallop. He's an ex-race horse and still has a lot of spunk. He is a sweety though and his only downside is, if he doesnt want to ride he will walk as close as he can to every mail box we go by trying to nock you in the shin. But other than that hes perfect. My leg managed to heal fairly quickly. I only have a minor limp but the rod will stay in for good.
  3. Black Magic Update

    On march 26 she got spooked by a bear and threw me at a full gallop. I ended up breaking my leg. But things are great now. Though I will admit she was a bit rank before she got spooked. But a lot of working with her seems to have helped.
  4. Black Magic Update

    So things have been going great. I am up and walking around and even back to work now. My limp is practically non-exisitence and I've been riding every chance I get. Magic is doing better. We have worked a lot on the ground and she really seems to have taken to me. She loves it when I brush her and seems to have a puppy dog personality. I rode her for the first time in two months on tuesday and everything went great. We had a lung line tied to her at first but she didn't try anything so I rode her by myself for a little bit around the arena. She did great. Not one buck, no bitting, she didn't even put her ears back. I think things are really starting to look up for her. [Jump]
  5. Black Magic Update

    we were actually riding in a field behind the hosue. So the ambulance drove right up to me.
  6. Black Magic Update

    It seems that everyone is saying that I should even be able to walk right now. Is it really that hard to believe? Heck I dont even take my pain meds anymore. You would not believe how boring it is sitting around the house. I'm not allowed back at work yet, and none of my dogs want to play. Every time I try playing with them they just lightly poke my leg and then walk away. I want to work with magic and I am being careful about it. I always have a crop with me and my boyfriend is always right there next to me every step i take(which is rather annoying after a while). Magic for a while did seem to wonder about the crutches. She would come up to them and sniff them over. When I went to using just one I think it threw her off for a bit. I was like a three legged horse. I'll be back later. Going shopping. House is out of yummies again.
  7. Black Magic Update

    yea thanks stars. I seem to have no "self preservation". But it doesn't hurt and I can walk on it. So what if i have a limp. It will go away with time. Its simply becuase my knee is stiff.
  8. Black Magic Update

    I'm being careful around her. I'm not climbing on her. But I am brushing her out and lunging her. I think you are thinking its worse than it is. Really, i'm doing fine. I go back to see the doctor on the 4th. I'll even double check with him to make sure what I'm doing is ok.
  9. Black Magic Update

    I dont really know what else to say. Other than the fact that I had emergency surgury at 6pm march 26 and that the next day a physical therepist had me walking on crutches. I was told to only put as much weight on it as was comfortable. here is the xray with the date on it. when i get my camra back later I can put up the pics of me working with magic from the other day.
  10. Black Magic Update

    I just turned 20 in march and thats what my mother said. I understand the worry. I have been careful. Even when working with magic I am never alone. My mum is a nurse and even she said that what I'm doing is fine. Though personaly she would like me to get rid of magic. I still want to work with her. She has turned into such as sweetie that I'm glad that I didn't just say i was done with her.
  11. Black Magic Update

    Yup the doc said It wouldn't be fully healed for three months. It will be a month on friday. I'm able to go back to work sooner though, as soon as i can move around ok and can stand on it for at least 5hrs at a time.
  12. Black Magic Update

    my doc said that as long as I'm ok with it and the swelling doesn't get bad I can do as much as i feel comfortable with. My knee is still a bit stiff and the tendens in it are still tender but I can move around without crutches. I've never been one to want sit around and wait for something to be fully healed. I still have a good limp so I normally use just one crutch(like a cane) to move around. Its just because my knee is still stiff and doesn't want to work right. I remember when I was twelve I broke my wrist and we waited two days to go to the doctor. We were out camping so my mom threw an ace bandage on it and called it good. I still went swimming and played frisbee(thankfully I can catch one handed). I would have waited that long anyways before they could cast it.
  13. Black Magic Update

    about a month this friday.
  14. Black Magic Update

    I am actually able to hobble around without crutches now. Not for very long becuase I still have a fairly large limp. When the bone broke it ripped into the muscle. I wont be fully healed for about another 2 months. Here is a pic of my xray. and here is the rod they put in
  15. Black Magic Update

    Before she wouldn't lunge. She would start to and then try and leave. She would tug at the lunge line and even go as far as rear on it. She is doing better and I got excited when she didn't buck when tacked while lunging. She is doing so much better. We are going to keep up with this for a while longer. She seems to hate days that I cant get down to see her. My cousin says that around the time that I normaly show up she will watch the drive way waiting for me. It's kinda sad so I try and get down every day that I can.