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  1. Brindle Horse

    He stands (or used to) not far from me in MI. I was curious a few years ago and wanted to see him, but never got around to doing it.
  2. Went To A Horse Auction

    Last auction I went to, I brought home a 5 1/2 month old stud colt. Yup, bred really nice too. It's a shame what horses are going for really. There does need to be an outlet.
  3. Have You Ever Had A Bad Horse Accident?

    Plenty, and my doctor thinks I'm crazy. I'm 23 and still start colts. Its the ones that are "broke" that I'm apprehensive of. A well broke beginner safe mare placed me in the hospital with a concussion, 7" hematoma on my back, dislocated radial head and a plate and 7 screws in my ulna. Needless to say, that mare was not what they advertised her to be. I had only gotten one foot in the stirrup.
  4. New Mare And Filly

    I saw that AD, thanks! Eh, I'm hunting the long hard route tracking previous owners to get a good clear accurate history on her hopefully. She is part of the base of my program, so I want all the info I can. Especially since I bought a colt :/ I'm crazy! So I have the two foals and this mare and my retired mare that are papers in hand mine. The other two at the house are my sister and mothers.
  5. New Mare And Filly

    I had told her that AQHA said nothing. I need to find her NRHA earnings.
  6. New Mare And Filly

    Could anyone tell me on AQHA if by looking up her sire Wymans Olena what his foals earnings are. I have someone wanting to know if you can find Rena's earnings that way that are non AQHA earnigns.
  7. Alternative Diet For Dog With Stomach Issues?

    Big ditto! I work at a clinic and that would have been first after bloodwork. Initial rads with a barium series following.
  8. New Man! Found A Name New Pictures

  9. Western Saddle Pad Reccomendations

    5 Star, Impact Gel, Classic Equine are nice pads.
  10. New Mare And Filly

    The Smart Chic Olena is only a three year old. He will be showing at Congress and will cover a limited number of proven mares next year. The owner asked me to consider Rena to see what he throws. He is a sorrel with the rabicano gene. Very athletic and talanted. You don't hear a peep out of him. The other is palomino. Smaller stallion that so far has produced correct foals usually taking the dams color. Nice heads on them but he only has 10 foals all from this year. He is a working cow horse that also duals as a ranch horse. He hasn't been shown other than the local circuit due to owner constraints. He would when crossed with larger mares like Rena, refine them.
  11. New Mare And Filly

    I just have one small problem... I am breeding her early next year. It will either be to a 3/4 brother to High Brow Cat that a friend owns or a son of Smart Chic Olena that another friend owns. Both very nice stallions that bring a lot to the table...
  12. New Mare And Filly

    She is really great. Couldn't be happier with my purchase.
  13. New Mare And Filly

    Having gotten into working cow horse and such, Rena will teach me a lot about the reining aspect. Lena, the filly is an exceptional mover and is really growing into a nice filly. She is three months old now.
  14. New Mare And Filly

    I purchased a mare and filly about a month ago. Love them both to pieces. The filly will be a reiner or cutter or working cow horse, depending on how she wants to go. Rena the mare, I was told has extensive reining training (she rides wonderfully even for having several years off). I'm curious if she has any show record and what her earnings are. Her registered name is MC Palonlena Girl. Her filly is Hollywood Spun White who is by Hollywood Headliner.
  15. Rip

    Charmayne James' great gelding Scamper passed away. He made a huge impact not only in the barrel racing industry but the horse industry in general. RIP Scamper, your legs will carry you through belly deep grass from now on.