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  1. That Talk Thread

    Hey Sisely...remember me? I just moved to the antelope valley! I'd love to meet you and maybe hobnob along for a ride or two!
  2. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Way to cute JG! I love that little face. I do not envy you the next several years of general heeler puppy bad-ness
  3. Ranch Horse Versatility Competition

    I caught wind of ranch horse versatility at the beginning of the summer. It is right down my alley! I have gone to a few to watch and am planning on participating next year when the babies are a little older and easier to leave for extended amounts of time. I love that it is still competition but emphasis is on the things that I really can do, other than sparkly clothes and a flawless horse...he's a pretty good looking boy but has a perpetually rubbed off section of mane ;)
  4. Softening Fenders

    Take it to a saddle repair shop and get them to permanently twist the stirrups. I think Circle Y is the only maker that this comes standard on (I may be wrong), but an easy enough thing to get done for $50 or so. The broom thing works for a few rides, before needing another broom session, but it gets awfully old. I will never ever buy another saddle that doesn't already have pre-turned stirrups. I like being able to use my knees upon dismount ;) ETA: what saddle did you end up getting? Inquiring fellow saddle connoisseurs want to know :)
  5. I'm pretty jealous of that luscious tail Indy's got going on there.
  6. Spelling Erors

    I am quite sure I've shared this before, on another grammar/spelling complaint thread, but it is funny enough it can bear repeating :)
  7. Having Confidence Problems, Topic 2

    It's been cold here too. Battling frozen pipes and a poorly built So. California house. Knocking on wood, we've managed to not have any broken pipes or large problems. The horses have fuzzed right up and every time I go and let them out, they sure kick up their heels! I think someone has been feeding them treats though. They are getting pretty pushy. Had to have a few little "moments" with both of them and am making a sign to put up. Unfortunately, my two are not horses that can get treats and not let it go to their heads. Is everyone else staying warm?
  8. Dd Has Been Accepted To Unc Charlotte - Happy Dance

    Congratulations to your DD!
  9. American Idol?

    this made my night! Classic Oz.
  10. Az Peeps! (Anyone Left?)

    (Flagstaff is only 6 hours from me Red!)
  11. Prayers Please

    Bless his employers' hearts for taking such good care of you guys. Continued prayers and well wishes for a speedy recovery.
  12. Let's Play Picture Tag!

    Okay! Okay! Here is Legless again: Followed by a cemented mouse:
  13. Let's Play Picture Tag!

    You mean my Legless doesn't count??
  14. While I have not dealt with BPD specifically, I have had lots of interaction with family members that have similar disorders and sicknesses. My only advice is that it IS something that needs to be talked about between yourself and your aunt (if yor relationship with her is such). Talking about what is happening, that seems so inexplicable, to a close relation is key in being able to be at peace within yourself both about present and past. On the flip side, it is probably a sensitive subject for your mother. When (or if) you are ever in the position to be conversing with her, don't bring it up unless she does. They have an uncanny tendency to turn everything back on you and their sickness ie: "you're just saying this because you think I'm crazy," "you wouldn't even ask that if you didn't already know/think I am *bi-polar, BPD, etc*," "I'm not crazy, this is really me saying this..." etc, etc, etc. and no real meaningful conversation will ever occur because they are so on the defensive. It is hard to see family members trapped in their minds and to forgive actions. I would say be informed as much as possible about all the different facets of this illness. I don't know if this is relevant or helpful, but thought I'd throw it out there. Nonetheless, many :huggy: for you. These things are difficult and I am sorry for your experiences.
  15. Ok, Tell Me If I Am Being A Prude

    I think it is entirely unacceptable. Unfortunately society has a very skewed sense of the level of appropriateness. It used to be an art; hiding true meanings in cleverly crafted lyrics. (Sayge, I'm sure you can think of a few older songs :)) music is so blatant. Add me to the club.