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  1. Chiggers In 2 Round Bales Is There Something I Can Do

    Tractor supply has the food grade DE. A smaller jar a medium bag and a larger bag. Found in the animal health area.
  2. I Want An Update On Everyone's Riding Lives!

    Well lets see here. It's been awhile. Jasper is good. Pretty much completely retired now. Fat and sassy. Taylor is also retired. And going back to the vet soon to see if we can make him comfy or not..just to be a pasture pet. My Dads yella horse is doing good. I was pretty much forced to sell my pretty filly Savvy.. Umm we put Old Lady Whisper down a few weeks ago. She was having a hard time breathing we had her scoped. She's always roared but could always breath. Till it got hot. She had so much scar tissue that she was breathing threw a straw pretty much. And at her age surgery just wasn't the best thing..but she can breath free and easy now. The same week the above happend my dad got a horse from a guy he works with and he came two days after the trip to the vet. I wasn't interested in the horse at all till a few days after he got here. Then I rode him and claimed him. Meet Jake. Not sure if appy or POA but he's about 14.1 ish stocky great mind well trained and just overall trustworthy. Better pictures will follow soon once I get them on the computer. Hope to be taking him to a few lessons next month. I was for some reason never scared on him. Or nervous. And it's been great :) I'm so happy with him. So my riding is just picking back up after some time off.
  3. A Little Help In A Touchy Situation.

    I'm greatly enjoying my popcorn over here.
  4. Maybe New Horse?

    What he said.
  5. What Can I Wear For A Schooling Show?

    I love my ariats to! But they are also all I can afford..
  6. What Can I Wear For A Schooling Show?

    All those fancy horses and all that money and you show in Ariat boots?... Figured a class act like you would have some customs...
  7. Working Student

    Maybe you should... Your parents know you online? You don't seem old enough to be online without permission from your parents.
  8. Moving To Dallas Tx!

    Yay!!! I'm down by Houston. But I get up in that area sometimes. Shoot me a PM if you want and I can get you in contact with a few friends of mine in that area that are English horse people. Also of your on FB join the Texas Sport Horse Network. Lots of great people on there that ate willing to help. Maybe we can do a board buddy meet one day or something!!
  9. This Place Is Dead

    Chris I am so excited for you!! Have a safe trip!!! I'm doing good. Savvy went to the trainer last month and has another month to go. Hopefully she doesn't test me to much lol. But she's a 3yr old with 60 days on her what am I talking about lol. She was 15.3 1/2 when I dropped her off. Girl is going to be huge! Taylor is...pretty much retired. I was going to hack him around the pasture to check the fence a few days ago and he tried to buck me off 3 times in 5 minutes..SO I guess his riding career is pretty much over unless we get the surgery done on his back...and that's just not a option at the moment. So he's getting fat in the pasture. Jasper is doing really good teaching a friend of mine to ride. And he is doing awesome. I never thought he would take to a beginner like he has. He's such a cool old horse. Old lady whisper is doing good. Fat and happy. My dad got a big Palomino gelding I call Yella (he calls him trigger) that is coming around pretty good he is fun to ride and overall safe. But will test you. He's fun tho. And I ended up getting a little project paint mare from a friend that got stuck with her when she was misrepresented to them. She's cute and coming along. Her name is Lucy I'm bound and determined to make a barrel horse out of her because they gave up on her being one. That's a long story but yea lol Work has been crazy. And so has life. But that's how it goes I guess How all y'all doing?
  10. Filly In First Heat & Teat Bump?

    My 3yr old WB filly just came into I'm pretty sure her first heat. She's acting almost colicy but not. Great gut sounds. But is having spurts of just standing there for a bit during the day not being her normal playful self. She didnt care at all while I was checking her out and norm she's trying to bite me on the but or nudge me or something just being a pest. And she wasn't. She walked and jogged out for me but mainly just wanted to put her head up against me and for me to pet her. I guess it was comforting to her. But my main question is while I was checking her out I was feeling her teats and found this. It had a little more of a bump but it was dry like and fell off when I touched it leaving this. It's hard and fella like a ball. I will try and get some better pics butbinwas having a hard time holding her year so you could see it (its on the back side of it) and getting my phone up under her and able to see it lol. She stood perfect witch is also kind of unlike her. She is a Grey so this has me kinda worried. Any thoughts? She's out of a QH mare by a Perch x TB stallion. A pic of all of her Just wanted some thoughts on it before I over reacted or something. She's my pride n joy and is due to go to training in a week. But I want her healthy before she goes.
  11. Popping In To Say Hi!

    Been super busy with work and the horses. Hopefully fixin to change jobs. Everyone is doing great. Just wanted to make a little post on what a little feed and TLC will do for a horse! We bought a horse from a lady that I ended up selling pretty quick. But when we picked up said horse she asked if we wanted this older mare for a extra $200. She said she was a kids horse so I thought why not and put her on the trailer. She's early 20s about 14.3 hands. When we got her she was shaggy and you could see and feel all her ribs and her back and hips were all sunk in. You could see her back bone and she had that "shelf" look on the top of her ribs. I wasn't super impressed with her but thought if anything my cousin could ride her. This is a few months after getting her. Just before she got her teeth done. I just rode her around a bit to make sure she was safe for my little cousin And I didn't do much with her after that. Cousin rode her a few times but nothing major. She's just been out keeping Taylor company. I pulled her up a few days ago and saddled her up and took her out for a spin since she looked nice and fat and I can't see or feel ribs anymore. Let me tell you she is a spit fire when you get her working and FUN. But it was weird how I didn't relize just HOW good she looked. So without anymore chatter from me here is the Fat and Happy Whisper! What do y'all think on a breed on her? At first I thought Arab x QH. But when I saw these pics I thought maybe some Morgan?
  12. This Place Is Dead

    Welcome to Texas!!!! If you ever feel froggy and want to ride I'm not far from Austin and always have plenty of ponys around :)