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  1. Some Fun Galloping Pics

    We don't show very often at all, but we barrel race and pole weave at our barn for fun. I cant afford shows =P
  2. What Constitutes "racial Profiling"?

    I didn't say you had to treat people differently based on their race, but you can't pretend they are all white.
  3. thanks for sharing [smiley Wavey] Because of your experience, I bought a helmet today. Can't wait for it to come.
  4. Need Some Names...

    I don't really know what kind of name you are looking for, but hopefully you like some of these Cricket i also like Radar Sheriff Jack Koda Peek (because of that white spot on his face peeking out)
  5. What Constitutes "racial Profiling"?

    we need to know the statistics, and that includes how many people of different ethnic backgrounds reside in the states. Color blindness is not a good thing. Race is there. It can't be ignored, because then culture gets ignored. If the census finds that there is an increasing amount of Hispanics in the states, perhaps they will use this information to ensure that there are fair numbers of Hispanic people being hired for jobs, etc. It is also important that we know this information for statistics such as schooling, and seeing what areas and who needs education most. That is just part of the reason they need this information, but I don't claim to be an expert. I'm just explaining that racial blindness is not a good thing. Hope that helps [smiley Wavey]
  6. Dog Keeps Getting Sick...

    It isn't good for a dog to switch foods too often, but I think you should give your dog Blue Buffalo. Bluebuff.com has a compare your brand option that shows the things that other dog foods leave out. It's always good to see real meat as the first ingredient in dog food.
  7. The Name Game!

    I think I would name him Cowboy or Cherokee Beautiful horse, I'm jealous!
  8. This Or That

    blackberry colt or filly?
  9. Ducking Before 1st Barrel

    how old was your horse? Smoky just turned 17 last weekend. I will definitely get his eyes checked
  10. Ducking Before 1st Barrel

    Smoky and I have been doing barrels for a few years, but we never go to shows or run often. I started practicing him on barrels today for the first time since winter started, just getting him through the pattern a few times again. He sometimes gets headstrong (even when not practicing barrels) and tries to run to to gate. I never let him get away with running to the gate, and I dismount in the middle of the arena. The problem is that when we go anything faster than a slow lope on the pattern, sometimes he tries to duck out before the first barrel. I think this might be him trying to get back to the gate because he wants to be put back in the pasture, but I don't want to continue riding if it's a pain issue. He had his teeth floated last weekend, and just got checked out by the vet. I haven't noticed any soreness. What do you think? I think he is barn sour and needs to be ridden away from the barn more often.
  11. How Many Colleges Did You Apply To?

  12. Some Riding Pics

    He can't stop yawning after a long ride ahaha My friend mollie, imitating smoky's yawn attack all done [smiley Wavey]
  13. Some Riding Pics

    Not sure if anybody is interested, but today was a good night for a trail ride and some weight loss.. Please don't yell at me for my riding, he was extremely energetic today and so a few of these pictures might show him being worked up a few more
  14. How About This Farrier Ad?

    Yea it says that those pictures are the result of poor hoof care, not photos of his work