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  1. Hey guys, I'm picking up some side work training and breaking some horses....The problem is I've never actually charged for my services until now. So I thought I would ask y'all what the "going" rate is. I know it varies from region to region so to give you some info, I live in Western Ky, gas is currently $3.55, I would be going to their place to do the training, it is undecided at this point whether we are going to do hourly pay or a flat payment per horse (multiple horses involved). Thoughts on this because I have NO clue what to charge. Nim
  2. When To Start Riding A Young Horse?

    Been curious about this myself as I have an appendix Thoroughbred coming two in may, standing about 14.2 right now, I hope to show and compete with him (looking to pursue eventing with him) but am trying to determine when to start him under saddle.
  3. Back in the english saddle after a while away...feels great! *wince* ;P

  4. Back In The Saddle.

    I've been riding for over 10 years now, took one year of english back when I was 13 and have since ridden western, mainly because there wasn't an english trainer in my area. I'm 22 now, and thanks to a friend telling me about a trainer about 20 minutes down the road from me I'm getting back in the saddle again. Today I had my first lesson again, and boy howdy did I have a blast. I forgot how much I loved english riding. And the first thing I did when I got back home was hop online and order some breeches, half chaps, and new boots (needless to say my old tights and breeches didn't fit anymore) . when I had to stop taking english when I was younger I was just starting to focus on jumping, this has always been a dream and one I was afraid I'd never get to experience, to say that I am so excited I can barely sit still is an understatement! And the other great part is is that I have convinced my 13 year old younger sister to take lessons as well (I had been teaching her in western) :) Anyways, had to hop on here and let my buds know. It's great to be back in the saddle (or out of it, depending on how you want to look at it ;))
  5. Horse In Mourning

    Good news, just went down to the barn for evening chores and Bree was out grazing with Raj! So it's good for two things: she's out of the barn and moving, and she was with Raj. I'm a little more at ease but I know I still have a long road ahead of me.
  6. Horse In Mourning

    Alright guys, need advice. I have two horses, one a 17 y/o mare (bree), the other a 16 y/o gelding (raj), I got my boy a year ago. On wednesday I had to put down my old girl (shasta) who was thirty. Wednesday was a very long and very hard day. She and bree had been pasture mates since since before I got them, and that was 10 years ago. I knew to expect Bree to freak out and mourn for the loss of Shasta, I did not, however, expect to find bree having isolated herself from food, water, and raj, in a corner of my walk-in barn. I got Bree to eat some and drink some this morning/afternoon, but then she goes back and stands in the corner again. I know that bree will and needs to mourn for shasta, but is there anything I can do to keep her from starving and killing herself? She was very weak this morning when I got down to the barn, and was even uninterested at food at first. Quite honestly I thought it was her feet at first because she was moving VERY slowly and stumbling a lot. Due to my class/school schedule and the farrier's schedule conflicting and no openings matching up, they have grown out and with the running around she did on wednesday she tore them up some, but I was able to pick each up and pick them out without her showing any kind of pain. Raj is doing fine...quite honestly I think he's a little relieved she's no longer around to bully him. So to sum it up. Bree is standing in the corner, depriving herself of food, water, and company, and in 95-100 degree heat, that's no good. Technically bree is my younger sisters (I gave her to her last christmas) but due to age my sister is limited in internet activities so I'm taking the liberty of posting on here on her behalf. anyways, advice is appreciated.
  7. The Present For My Little Sister!

    It was really fantastic, and she can't stop talking about it and how happy she is. it was the best Christmas ever!
  8. Well today was the day!!! I went back and forth and finally decided on getting a big bow and bringing her up to the house. This Christmas was especially wonderful because it was a "white" Christmas (can't remember if we've ever had one here). I waited until after gifts were opened and after the Christmas meal. I brought Bree up to the house and hid behind it while my mom got my sister (abby) and others outside under the guise of "hey, there's a fox outside you need to see." I walked up behind them with Bree while they were "searching" for it and just said "hey, what are you guys looking at?" My sister came walking over and as she got closer I held out the lead line and said "Merry Christmas Abby." There were several tears as I was already on the verge of them (yes, I'm emotional like that) but then she started crying almost immediately and that just did me right in. Unfortunately my mom who had the camera was not at a good angle to get pictures of Abby's face but she did manage a couple good ones :) I have uploaded my pictures to facebook and here are the public links (just click on them) due to having messed up internet right now >:\ Ok so here is where I'm saying "Merry Christmas Abby" http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7600...mp;id=502701755 And here we are in fine form and she's holding her horse :) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7600...mp;id=502701755 check out that smile http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7600...mp;id=502701755 "Unwrapping" her present (taking the bow off) http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7600...mp;id=502701755 We'll never forget this Christmas... http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7600...mp;id=502701755 Three of a kind http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=7600...mp;id=502701755
  9. Yes! Weight Gaining Success!

    I posted about a week ago asking about supplementing more for the winter for my older mare who had lost quite a bit of weight and was still working on putting it back on. Well, the farrier was out last evening and he and his wife said that considering what she did look like since the last time he was out, the harsh weather we've been experiencing, and her age, that she looked pretty good! I'm so excited and happy to hear it form someone else who isn't with her 24/7. Anyways, just wanted to share it with the rest of you. I have upped the amount of alfalfa in her diet and added a soybean/corn oil supplement and I have high hopes for that. I shared in my other post that my main priority over the winter is to make sure that she doesn't lose any weight. I would LOVE for her to gain more but the biggest priority is for her to keep from losing any.
  10. Supplementing More For The Winter

    So what if I....Cut back on the oats, add oil and start her back on either farnam or another supplement? Peggy Sue, why do you suggest a different senior? just curious as to why. I'm feeding it cause my aunt dealt with a weight problem with her gelding who is a little younger than Shasta and don't have a problem switching I was just wondering why you suggested those other two over puriana?
  11. Hey guys, basically just wanting some opinions and suggestions. Here's my situation. I have a 26/27 year old quarter horse. She's never been big and bulky and quite honestly I'm not even sure she's full quarter horse (maybe part TB? or some times I think she's part mule ). due to various factors (personal major health problems and a really horrible summer in my area to name a couple) she started losing weight in the fall. I attacked her/it with purina senior feed and the farnam weight builder. The weight loss stopped and she started gaining weight in the first 2 weeks and I was really pleased....and then the cold weather set in. the weight gain has slowed down (I expected this) and I've upped her feed. A week and a half ago (I think) I added oats and alfalfa cubes to the routine, and she has access to hay all day long. I have not continued the farnam weight builder (for no specific reason) My main priority over the winter is to make sure she doesn't start losing weight again. If that only means she stays at the weight she's at then that is what that means and ok. She is "borderline" right now, she just needs to fill out (if that makes sense?). She's up to date on everything, and Her mood and demeanor has completely changed from week one...She acts like she's 3 years old and comes RUNNING to the barn when it's feeding time. I would love for her to keep gaining weight by leaps and bounds but I don't want to have my hopes crushed so I'm not hoping for much... I did notice today when I was taking her blanket off her that she didn't look as "hippy" as she had and that it looked like and felt like there was more padding in and around her ribs so maybe the oats and alfalfa have helped more then I thought(?). Anyways, I'm wanting to keep the weight loss AWAY (PERMANENTLY) and would really really love for the gain to continue. A friend suggested supplementing with oil as well and I know there are several options out there and I wanted to know yalls personal favorites, or if you have some secret weight gaining trick you want to share feel free. Also, do you think I should continue with the farnam? or is there a different supplement you suggest? thanks!
  12. Cold Temps And Riding Lessons

    I rode the other day with a friend and it was mid to low teens, sunny, and no wind and the horses were fine. We kept it to a walk (I jogged a little because my girl wanted to) due to snow on the ground. I have two quarter horses and just got an arabian over the summer and he makes the girls look like wimps. He's s sturdy little pony and the cold doesn't phase him AT ALL. We rode for over an hour I think. I teach my younger sister and its completely up to her right now during the winter as to when she wants a lesson...and she's been asking for one every couple of days. I spend a good hour or more on the lesson time and then crack the whip when it comes to tacking up/down cause that's when it gets cold for me for some reason. I also teach while atop my boy (the arabian) so I'm not on the ground and even with a saddle under me I still stay warmer on his back then I do on the ground.
  13. Christmas Present For My Little Sister

    Well, I think I've made the decision, I think I'm going to wrap up Bree's halter. I'm still rolling around the idea of bringing Bree up to the house with a big red bow (Everyone wants to see the look on her face so it's not really workable for the whole family to go down to the barn because then she'll know!) after we open presents and she's busy with everything she's got...either or. But!!! I'm soooooo excited. She has absolutely no clue....nevermind the fact that I've had to tell her a little white lie or two The other day she asked (again) when I thought she'd be able to get a horse and I told her (a little snippy) that she still had a lot of responsibility she needed to prove and that it would still be a while, but now was when she had to show mom and dad that she was responsible enough, not a month before she got a horse etc. I'm excited!!! Merry Christmas everyone!
  14. Christmas Present For My Little Sister

    Thanks everyone for your words and ideas! I'm sorry I haven't replied sooner, next week is finals and so I have been loaded down with classwork (go figure). It is great to read all these stories and suggestions. I have so many ideas rolling around in my head right now that I'm really not sure! LOL. thanks again everyone!
  15. Christmas Present For My Little Sister

    Wow! thanks for all the suggestions! Now I don't know what to do!! ;) I like the idea of the stall name plate, or a halter with the brass name plate, the only thing about the halter is that She's (her name is Abby, I realized I never actually named her in my original post! ) been dying to buy Bree a new halter, has one picked out and everything, and I keep telling her "no, the one she has now is fine...it's just old and dirty so deal with it!". I thought about buying the halter she wants to get her but I know how I felt when I bought the tack for MY first horse and how special that was...yes I still own the halter, it's in a bucket up in my room, worn through in a couple places! I also really really love the idea of putting a big bow on her with a sign...that would just be so fantastic!!! AHHH!!! At least I still have several weeks to decide! thanks everyone!