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  1. Changing Colors? But Only In Winter...

    haha i know last year she wasn't as roan, my friends horse used to do the same thing but at age 5 he did a 180 and is now a flea-bitten grey paint he is soo cool looking ... i wonder if she will do it to... but thank you
  2. Changing Colors? But Only In Winter...

    Idk because all year round she has a buckskin undertone under her belly around her teats and around her eyes.... my friends horse was born a dark bay like her and is now a Flea Bitten Grey Paint he is pretty cool looking
  3. Changing Colors? But Only In Winter...

    her dad is a Black an White her mom is a Dark Bay i think or Bay
  4. Changing Colors? But Only In Winter...

    hello all... So my 3 year old is a Dark Bay Overo Paint in the spring and summer but as soon as fall and winter come a round she roans out to a silvery gold buckskin, but not completely roaned like a roan just on her way. Summer 2010 Winter2010 I was wondering if any of you knew or know any horses that do this or why they do it. i appreciate all help and answers
  5. haha you have to comment on my page... silly goose xD

  6. samm....sammm is that you samm...??????????????????

  7. Zenyatta In The Bc

    oh **** yeah, she take him to town even her jockey said it was his fault that she lost he let her out tooo late....
  8. Questions For Those That Have Boarders

    well at my house we charge $10+ for special feeds and when it comes to shaving their horse gets 2-3 bags a stall-we have outside stalls- anymore than that they pay for extra bedding --hope it helps--
  9. For All The Arab Folks.... Especially In The East!

    i know what you mean for the last two years of gymkhana im the only one riding an arab, then all of the sudden everybody has an arab cross, not the same but still.... i really hate when people diss on arabs just because they aren't quarter horses or paint horses they cannot run patterns.... in my opinion arbas make better cow horses then most of the quarter and paint horses in my area of town which is sad... =/ in a way... my arab is one of the only horse that actually walks in to the arena to run barrels or poles and then to actually walk back out on the buckle and he doesnt run with a tie down either..... do you think you'll take ur arb next time?
  10. Good Bit To School In

    a copper snaffle, or any type of snaffle
  11. Arabian Type

    im pretty sure its the polish arab, the Egyptian is more refined and dainty
  12. Heading Out!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!
  13. Whats Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

    candy corn..... and milky ways.....
  14. Name The Horse!

    Sunshine... can't think of anything really cute right now but i will post later if i do..... she's a Cutie
  15. Flicka 2 - Anyone Seen It?

    i was all excited to watch it at first but its kind of just thrown together :/ i was kinda upset because i wanted to be as good as Flicka but it just awful and kinda ghetto in a way because one minute its an arab-and you can very easily tell its an arab- the a big QH, all in all not very well put together.....