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  1. Gelding's Mane Wont Grow, Sores On Shoulders

    Dang... Alright well thank you all so much for all your help! I will be sure to get back on here in a few months or so and tell you how things pan out.
  2. Gelding's Mane Wont Grow, Sores On Shoulders

    Alright, we are still trading back and forth in warm and cold weather, Cherokee still has his winter coat and is just starting to shed so I suspect him to show symptoms in a few weeks. If it is Sweet Itch, what can cure it? Will Vetercine?
  3. Gelding's Mane Wont Grow, Sores On Shoulders

    Trinity- So I just simply double dose him with the paste as soon as I see the spots start to form? I feel like that's just too easy almost seeing to all the trama and pain my horse and I have been through trying to figure out what it was lol. I've been going crazy trying to narrow down the symptoms and figure out what was causing all of this. And I completely understand how you feel about not trusting vets, thats one reason I hadn't taken a skin scraping just yet with my horse. I am not a fan of our local vet because he killed two of our young dogs due to wrong diagnosis, and he had killed a number of cattle in my area. If it came down to me taking a scraping I was going to take it three hours back to school with me and beg them to give me a discount on the price lol. Thank you so much for your help by the way! Cherokee and I are very grateful.
  4. Gelding's Mane Wont Grow, Sores On Shoulders

    See none of the other horses have it and his spots look nothing like that. I wish I had pics on this phone that I could show you but I dont. He gets it worse on the front of his shoulders than anywhere else and they dont look like any type of worms I have ever seen. (I am an equine science student in college) I have asked my professor once last year and he fears it may be as simple as a skin condition that was passed down to him from either his sire or dam. If that is the case he said there may be no cure.
  5. Gelding's Mane Wont Grow, Sores On Shoulders

    Well will it spread to other horses? He is in a pasture with about 7 other horses and they don't have any symptoms at all, just him.
  6. I have a dark brown Quarter Horse gelding who is 11 years old. He is of perfect weight, actually probably a little fat, but for the last three years he had developed a problem. His mane refuses to grow past an inch, and what does grow that long breaks off and doesn't grow evenly at all and this is a year-round issue. His tail is long and thick, his coat is perfectly fine. He gets in a nice and healthy winter coat with no problem. In the spring and summer he also gets these puss-filled sores on his shoulders and neck, and nowhere else. It appears they itch him really bad because he rubs on every tree and on my arms every chance he gets. This problem only happens in the warm months, once it starts to get cold he grows in his winter coat and the sores leave, but his mane still won't grow. At first I thought it was rain rot, washed him for weeks and never changed. Then I thought it was red mange, rubbed him with meds and even tried the old farmer trick of rubbing motor oil, no change. I think its his allergies so I got him a shot and gave it to him this year, still no change. I've even gone so far as to change his feed and he hates it, with still no change... Below are three pics of his mane I took yesterday. http://i46.tinypic.c...com/htfdd2.jpg http://i47.tinypic.com/yys00.jpg http://i48.tinypic.c...com/rhog1l.jpg Please help!
  7. Back Again...

    Madcow? Really can it be? is it possible that the day I look into coming back I find my Madcow! YAY!! OH HAPPY DAY lol
  8. But see see I brought you cookies! CHRISTMAS COOKIES!!! Oh but The Hills one looks so amazing I love it!
  9. oh my gosh they look amazingly FANTASTIC!!! But I have one thing I need to thange. I need Rune's pic to be like a character pic, you know like the ones we use to do on RPG. Like this layout. And I was thinking a more dark, ancient celtic castle style, like ruins of ancient cities. I am so sorry to be so picky, I am truly sorry
  10. Becoming Dangerous

    I have a question in reguards to this. My 9 year old gelding actually had kicked me, and made attempts to several times. I ted to have a temper and refuse to give in to anyone, and I applied this same methood to my gelding and it backfired greatly. He turned his quarters to me and I refused to mive and he did kick me! He didn't do it hard, but just hit me in the pelvis enought to knock the breath out of me and walked away. I did the same thing again and he kicked at me but I moved just in time. How do I get him to move out of my space and show dominnce toward him if he is acting like this? I am afraid if I try to puch him out of my space he will only kick me harder becasue I am trying. But believe me I do grab a small ridding crop and hit him once will all I have, but I don't feel it makes a difference. SO I guess my question is, how do I show dominance and push him out of my space without getting kicked in the process?
  11. Awful Skin Sores On Neck And Shoulders

    Yeah that sounds about right. Because he looks great right now, minus his mane. It is all broken and so short and gone completly at the bottom near his back. Thank you all sooo much I greatly appericate this and I will differentlly give it a try!
  12. Gelding Having Diffuculty Stopping

    The main problem is that Cherokee even refuses to stand still. If I just try to walk him he pulls so hard on the bit and wants to charge ahead and run, if I stop him he paws, snorts, tosses his head and tries to move foward if I give him ANY slack in the reign, I do mean any at all. Same problem if I even relax my hands for a split second while walking, he tries to get faster and faster no matter what pace he is at. If I do get him to a canter he tries to take off with me, or run back to the barn. If we are anywhere near the barn he won't stand still for anything. I could yell whoa all day long at the top of my lungs, tighten my legs as much as possible and nothing would happen. He refuses to even acknoledge leg cues completly, who am I kidding, he refuses hand cues and the reings completly. I can't get him to do anything unless I force him to with hard hard hands.
  13. Gelding Having Diffuculty Stopping

    Yes I am using a snaffel. I know this is going to sound bad, but I am a sophomore in college three hurs away and I do not have the money to afford a trainer, nor do we have one around here without a 30-min drive, so as much as I would love to have a trainer I do not have the means to afford one. You have to understand, I have been ridding my entire life, and I have worked with several horses, but I was never able to own one myself because I was always moving and living on an Air Force Base. It wasn't till 4 years ago that my dad retired and went reserve here in southern oklahoma, so I don't have to worry about moving anymore, but I do have to worry about going back to school after new years and I hate having to start over every single time I come home and want to ride and see my horse. Also, I am new tothe whole, actually owning a horse of my own, as of the last 4 years. I do not have my own land, my own trailer, or anything like that because I just simply don't have the money or ability. Honestly, I have a saddle, reins, blankets, pads, halter, lead roap, and simple supplies like meds, brushes ect. I borrow my family friend's trailer when I have to go anywhere, and Cherokee stays on his land with his horses, I use his roundpen ect. I know that is sad, and I know most people on here would put me down and say I have no business owning a horse, but it has been my life-long dream, and Cherokee was truly a blessing that I managed to buy him for my 18th birthday. If I were to sell him there would be no way in **** I could get another horse. That would be the end of the road for me till after I finish my Vet scooling in another 8 years. I am an equine science major doing Vet med and I have a lot of hore sense, I just lack the actual hands-on part for now till I start my job at our Equine Farm this coming semester at OSU. Cherokee is the only thing I have right now and I am trying to make the best of it if possible. ANd I hate it so much that my horse hates me so much and there is apperently nothing I can do about it...
  14. Background: http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/...igthumbnail.jpg Other Photo: http://www.albadeia.com/stallions/Rihanhd2.JPG Large Text: Centered in whatever matches. "Humid Hills" in matching text font Smaller Text: Dwelling of Celtic River In smaller font below it I would love if the other photo could go in the lower corner slightly fadded. And possibly place a light film of red dust across it to make it look mystic and natural across the background. Thank you so much!
  15. Need Help With Personal Photo

    aww indy I just love you! You are like the most amazingly wonderful person ever! I didn't want to bother you with it because I had already asked for another and I knew how busey you were. Thank you sooo soo much! You have no idea how greatful I am to you! I buy you cookies! lol