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  1. Kill joy... Not likely you would have remembered at your age anyway...
  2. I mistyped lender ILO borrower in that sentence. The premise stands. The poor, as you say, the "folks who had little or no prospect of paying the money back", are not the ones who caused the crash. You should quit victim blaming. The data in the referenced study, which you apparently didn't read, indicates the middle and upper class, with good or better credit scores, caused the crash. By all banking standards, good or better credit indicates you have the credit worthiness to borrow and pay the loans back. Try going back and reading the actual study. It's linked above. If you need more help, let me know and I'll see what I can do to help you. Prior to the crash the subprime lenders did account for a majority of the foreclosures. Once the implosion started that changed. Too bad facts make your head explode. Aspirin may help with that, or an open mind. Just an FYI. If a new study is released, the best source to conduct current research wouldn't be wikipedia.
  3. As researchers are digging through mounds of data they are discovering the 2008 housing market crash wasn't caused by the poor, subprime lenders. After nearly a decade of blaming the poor, the actual data shows it was the wealthier and middle class with good credit scores who forced the collapse. Speculators and house flippers who got caught up in the rising markets borrowed too much and invested in too many houses. The subprime borrowers, who accounted for a majority of foreclosures actually became a much lower portion of foreclosures when it crashed. People with good credit bought investments property to rent and then flip after a while were the ones in mass who were foreclosed on. It's much easier to let a house go into foreclosure when it's just an investment and doesn't disrupt the primary residence. A long but interesting read on the new findings. https://qz.com/1064061/house-flippers-triggered-the-us-housing-market-crash-not-poor-subprime-borrowers-a-new-study-shows/ Do you believe the new analysis or have another point of view?
  4. Another day in paradise... Cool morning ride into work. Spooked a lone timber wolf off a road killed deer, then turned down the gravel road through the forest to ride some gravel, plus the scenery is just better. As I was descending a steep hill to the river bottom I hear a gunshot and see a goose falling over the river. Bomb down the hill and keep going as they kept shooting. Hope they limited out on geese today. Cruising through the housing area there are cottontail rabbits everywhere. Zipping down along the St. Louis River looking out at the Duluth skyline and the Bong Bridge I ride past a doe with two spotted fawns standing along the road. Fun way to get to work.
  5. 47! How do you even get out of bed in the morning?
  6. Nothing too exciting. I was riding to work cruising along a flat open road when a car (chrysler 300) came up behind me and hit me. His bumper hit my left calf and his mirror smacked me just below the elbow. I stayed upright and got off the road digging my phone out because I thought he was going to run. He didn't but I was already calling 911. Big abrasion/bruise on my lower calf and a bruise just below my elbow with a couple marks. Tore his mirror off the car. Didn't touch my bike at all so she is fine. Said he didn't see me because he had a big blind spot in this new to him car. Cop finally showed up and took a report. He wasn't buying the blind spot story. "Look at him, big bright yellow shirt, blinking light, flat road..". It was an open road with cloudy skies so no sun glare. Not sure if he got ticketed or not. I'll go get a copy of the incident report in a day or two. Rode the rest of the way into work just fine. Not sore or have any pain from it at all. A mere flesh wound... At least as of this morning. Rode home after work without any hesitation in traffic. Even did an extra 7 mile loop so I could ride the gravel forest road twice. Didn't ride this morning but only because the DOT covered the highway with a thick layer of pea gravel yesterday. No lines, squirrely road surface and lots of dust. Hopefully they clean it off today so I can ride tomorrow.
  7. Happy Tuesday! Or something like that. Another day in paradise. The weird summer continues. Would just like to get back to a normal routine and get some time free to get out and either do another bike trip or a kayak trip. Did manage to get smacked by a car on my bike yesterday. That was fun... Sun should be out today with upper 70's. Maybe I'll get some time to take the kayak out.
  8. You wash a cat? WTH? Why? Isn't that the reason they lick and I step on those nasty hairball pukes in the middle of the night? Hmmm. Anyway. My wife has indoor cats, they get dirty and the maid is going to hear about it!!!
  9. So if I were to visit a city that has a mandatory $15 minimum wage, which is considered a living wage, do I tip my server? My understanding is servers were tipped because their base pay was lower than minimum. If this is no longer the case why tip?
  10. Ooh ooh, I'll go next... Still a fat old man (dr confirmed the fat and old part just the other day). Sold off the Fjords and goats a few years ago. One dog, my English Setter, and the wife has two cats in the house. Apparently she wanted a cat that gimps around like me so she adopted a 3 legged cat. Tripod Bob Caat... Moved off the country place I loved and into a house on the St. Louis River. Kinda cool. Can leave my dock and sail across the great lakes and around the world if I wanted. Without the horses I've gotten into biking. Mostly to work but do some touring too. Down to 5 bikes but will sell 1 or 2 next spring. Get out and kayak when I can and still drag my fanny out on the ice to play hockey 1-3 times a week. Grandkid count is up to 6 now. Sure hope that's the end of it. A few pics. On the ice during an over 30 league game. Paladin, my Surly ECR, I rode on my last 6 day road/backcountry tour. Kayaking the river last spring just off my dock.
  11. TGIF!! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Well, I may get some in after putting down tile on the kitchen floor, scraping and painting both porches, two decks and my entry gate. Oh yeah, after mowing and cleaning up the path down to the river, moving the garden fence and replanting a couple bushes. Dang, I'm going to need more beer... '
  12. Is there popcorn or cheetos in that corner? I'm hungry
  13. You could always use the dump nazi lady as your mentor! She's retired and not in jail so she should have time to help you. http://www.duluthnewstribune.com/news/3704942-carlton-county-landfill-worker-avoids-jail-will-pay-1-million-restitution-theft Seriously though, very glad to hear you're doing well and things are going good for you. You deserve to be happy and enjoying a good life. Take care of mom, karma is a biatch...
  14. Dang it, forgot to change the lock on the back door...
  15. Been a weird week. Summer was here and then it was gone. Highs yesterday were in the 50's and low 60's. Rain moved out and it should rebound to the 70's today. Made for a muddy commute on the gravel section along the river I've been riding. Such fun. Getting the itch to get back out on the road and do another short touring ride. Family reunion is coming up in Southern Minnesota in a few weeks. Looking at possible routes. Should be a nice 220-250 miles with a mix of bike trails, paved and gravel roads. Have to decide if I want to credit card tour or bring the tent and gear to camp. BBQ cookout at work for lunch today! Woohoo! Let's eat!!!