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  1. Shampoo Conditioner Ratio

    Pretty sure my bar of soap has the shampoo and conditioner in it...
  2. NRA versus Gun Control

    Twisting what you said or extending your argument to a conclusion? I believe in some limited forms of gun control and have stated this before. Because of that now, according to you, I want to trample all over the 2nd amendment. I've never stated I want to trample the 2nd amendment. That was a huge leap on your part. Sort of what I did to you. Have to say I'm not really interested in your interest/disinterest in male anatomical compensation symbols. Did get a chuckle out of it though. No one blames cars yet there are more required safety features added to your car that make them safer than they were in 1980. Safety features added to make them less deadly in collisions, easier to control at speed and in poor road conditions. The auto industry was required by the federal government to change and improve. It was done rather quietly and other than bigger sticker prices mostly gone unnoticed. Putting limits on blood alcohol, stiffer penalties etc, and social stigma, in conjunction with safer autos reduced drunken deaths. One by itself would have had limited effects. Where your argument gets so convoluted is you state there are two sides. 1st side being no guns, 2nd side being no restrictions. Yet at the same time you say you support limits on magazine capacity, and restrictions on fully automatic. Aren't those gun control points? So which of the two sides do you fall on? Doesn't sound like you want unrestricted access and you also don't want a complete ban on guns. See where my confusion lies? Perhaps it's not a black or white issue. There's a lot of shades of grey available and this grey area is where a majority of Americans sit. There will always be hard liners on both sides but the majority is in the middle and that's where the compromises will come from. By saying it's one way or the other, ignores the majority in the middle. Gun controls alone won't solve this problem. But they will be much more effective than "thoughts and prayers" will ever be. I get the need for improved mental healthcare, but as a nation we can't even get together to provide basic health care access. We will never get to a point of good mental healthcare access or treatment because we have a large group of people with power who don't want to pay for it.
  3. NRA versus Gun Control

    I hear everyone talking about better mental healthcare. What does that really mean? How does that work precisely? Do police officers make a judgement on every person they interact with? Family doctors make entries into medical records that they suspect mental illness and that person is then confronted with a straight jacket and forced confinement until a mental health expert makes a diagnosis? Anyone taking certain class of meds automatically what? Database entry or confinement? PTSD diagnosis does what? Will veterans or anyone that may be depressed be made to choose between treatment or their right to own a gun? Weapons are quantifiable, mental illness is far from quantifiable. The NRA, working through their congressional lobbying have made sure data collections of gun deaths, injuries, shootings etc is expressly forbidden by law. The CDC is not allowed to collect or use this information. So can someone who says you can't touch guns, just fix mental health care and the problem is fixed, explain just how exactly that is supposed to work?
  4. NRA versus Gun Control

    Saying gun control proponents won't be satisfied unless the 2nd amendment is trampled is like saying gun proponents won't be happy until everyone once again has the right to own automatic weapons and flamethrowers. Why do YOU, Heidi, want people to be able to possess a Browning M2 HB .50 cal machine gun? Be nice to mount on your truck and drive into town? If you can generalize that I, someone that wants some reasonable gun control restrictions, wants to trample the 2nd amendment, then I get to generalize that you want people to have weapons capable of penetrating armor with a cyclic rate of fire of 800-1000 rounds per minute. Automatic weapons were controlled by legislation that is a form of gun control. A measure that didn't nothing to eliminate an American citizens ability to own a gun. The 2nd amendment says you have the right to own a gun, it doesn't say you get to own any gun you want.
  5. New Driver

    That roll of toilet paper for your aggressive driving, screaming at traffic, potty mouth?

    If you cut your steak into bite size pieces you will have beef tips... Just sayin'....
  7. Signs of spring?

    8 degrees this morning. Don't think we'll see much for snow melt today. Tomorrow the sun is supposed to make an appearance and we may hit 40. Tried to hike the dog last night but the snow is just too deep yet. Nothing green here but the pine trees.
  8. Signs of spring?

    Still have knee deep snow in my pastures. No signs of spring yet. Closest sign is the first ships left the port this morning with a tug in front to break ice. Apparently the coast guard is concerned their overpriced icebreaker would get stuck and have to be rescued. Again...
  9. NRA versus Gun Control

    Most likely unfunded mandates by the federal government. Poor school districts with leaking roofs, crumbling walls, faulty heating systems that they can't afford to fix, are going to come up with money to remodel entryways and lower level windows, hire security, and buy/maintain metal detectors? Sealing off and strengthening lower level windows in many older schools will also require adding a central air conditioning system which most schools up north don't have.
  10. The Front Porch

    But then the Mrs' will expect me to paint.
  11. NRA versus Gun Control

    Today in Maryland demonstrates a few things. Despite the student shooter knowing there is an armed police officer on duty in the school, he planned, prepared and started firing anyway. If that officer had heard gunshots and came around the corner and there was an armed teacher standing over a dead student in the hallway, there would also be a dead teacher in that hallway. If the same teacher was standing over a dead student in the hallway and another armed teacher ran around the corner there could very well be a dead teacher laying over the dead student too. Or two teachers slinging bullets down the hallway until one or both were dead.
  12. The Front Porch

    Well darn.... alright then. Just leave the paint inside my front door. I have the brushes and stuff.
  13. NRA versus Gun Control

    The 2nd Amendment is an interesting one the way it's been misinterpreted in my view. One common theme is for people to quote Thomas Jefferson about the need to have the ability to overthrow a tyrannical government. Even seen a quote thrown about by George Washington. What's not looked at is Thomas Jefferson was a prolific writer and produced volumes of writings. It's also important to note he was thousands of miles away in Paris during the Constitutional Convention. He wasn't there to debate, draft or compromise the issues. Jefferson had no direct involvement in the Constitution. He did send letters, lots and lots of letters but those took months to be delivered. Washington presided over the Constitutional Convention but didn't participate in any debates, or direction of any drafts. He kept the process moving forward without stating opinions except to cast a tiebreaker vote when needed. The context I look comes from the reasoning behind the 3rd, 4th and 5th Amendments. All three deal with a heavy handed Army centered control the British had. They feared the power of a large standing Army. The British Army was responsible for law and order, there wasn't a police force. No forced quartering of soldiers, no random searches of property or arrests, the innocent could not be compelled to proved testimony by the military authorities. These issues were very important to the founding fathers. After these Amendments look at the actions of the founding fathers, to include Washington and Jefferson. Throughout the Revolutionary War there was an overwhelming pressure to fight the war with colonial militias, not Regular Army troops despite the fact these federal troops vastly outperformed militias. After the war the Army and Navy were disbanded, reformed, but in very small numbers and no ships. State Militias were expected to be formed, trained and at the ready if needed in lieu of a large standing Army. Shay's rebellion was a drawn out process because militias had to be approved by the states and sent to assist the small army. Immediately afterwards no changes were made to the size of the Army or Navy. War of 1812 was the same situation. Fought mostly with militias and an expanded regular Army and Navy. Again the founding fathers immediately cut the regular Army and Navy. All throughout the 1800's we depended on raising militias to support our small Army and Navy. The Civil War was fought mostly with State Militias alongside a smaller Army and Navy. The emphasis was always on militias because the founding fathers feared the potential power of a large standing Army. So the "well regulated militia" in the 2nd Amendment, by their actions, does mean an actual militia that meets to train, has a rank structure and is ready to assist a small Army and Navy. The Revolutionary War showed them a loose band of citizens was ineffective in combat while a trained militia was more effective and useful. Not near as effective as the Regular Army but good enough not to require a large standing Army that could be used by a tyrannical government against it's citizens. In my mind, if you want to participate in an active, regulated militia you should be issued the service weapon used by the Army. Securing that weapon is a prime responsibility and if it's stolen or used in a crime then you are just as responsible at the criminal. You keep your weapon as long as you're in good standing with the regulations of your State's Militia. No one else is guaranteed the right to own a weapon. Hunting, sport shooting, protection are all valid reasons to own and shouldn't be stopped. Doesn't mean you get to own whatever firearms you want. They can be controlled by several different means.
  14. The Front Porch

    I agree pepper spray can work but I can't control the wind and don't want it blown back in my face. In a group ride there have been some pretty disastrous results with pepper spray and other riders getting nailed with it too. But I may buy some pepper spray anyway since I mostly ride alone.
  15. NRA versus Gun Control

    Since every good instructor who presents a quiz, pop or preplanned, has the answers to the questions. What are your answers? Just for fun.