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  1. Which One Would You Choose?

    I really like "Taris Hot San Lena" AKA Lacey. It says on her description that she'd excell in reining, cutting, or working cow. Not to mention she's very pretty!!!
  2. Parade Pony-float Ideas?

    I'm not allowed to say the town (darn protective parents), but I'm located a few hourse south of Minneapolis. Almost by Iowa.
  3. Parade Pony-float Ideas?

    Next weekend is my town's Traditional Days parade. I'm going to be in it with my miniature pony pulling the cart. Got any ideas on what to decorate it with??? I'm thinking flowers or stars or something flashy or eye-catching like that. Also, is the Twinkle Toes hoof polish/sparkle good stuff? Because I'm buying it for the parade and I don't wanna spend $15 on some crap, you know? Thanks!!
  4. How To Make Horse Treats?

    My ponyclub is having a horse treat contest on who can make the best ones. (they're testing them on the horses, and on the people!!! that sounds kinda gross. LOL) I think I want to make small, cookie-like ones. Too bad we cant just buy them. :tongue9: Got any recipes or stuff to or not to put in them???
  5. Beauty Pageants

    Don't enter a glitz pageant. Enter one of those natural pageants where you don't need to wear makeup (you can if you want, but you don't need to to get good scores from the judges.) I've done them before and I hated them (not really a girly girl) But it's always good to try new things.
  6. Horse Personality Quiz?

    DECF - The Rock Star The Rock Stars are confident and charismatic. They are expressive and strong minded. They love to show you what they know but are hard to get to focus on the small details of the task. They are found in many competitive arenas, usually at the top of their field. [ROTFL] Haha that's my horse, Tupz. It is so accurate it's funny. He's difficult but smart at the same time. My pony, Star, got the SEAF - People Pleaser. So accurate again. This is kinda gettin' freaky! Soft, sensitive, and very sweet describes this horse that will try and try to please you. They like to be told exactly what you want and then have you help them perform it. This is not your go-it-alone type of horse. They need you for support and can get very rattled if expectations are too high. This horse is in your life for the relationship. I <3 them they are so different but they get along well so that's all that matters :-)
  7. A Couple More Lousy Days Of Riding

    That scenery is so beautiful! SO lucky you live out there! I've been out there skiing in BigSky where you can see the Tetons but never where you are! Beautiful horses too!
  8. What Drives You To Ride?

    I've loved horses ever since I knew what they were. One day when I was 5 we were sitting at the dinner table and my dad asked me if I wanted a pony. You can guess what I said. It turns out, the pony that I got was a free pony from one of my dad's friends. He was a crazy stallion. I sat on him and rode him around bareback (he bucked me off several times). When I was about 7, he bucked me and my sister off and my dad decided that we had to sell him. Luckily, he made a deal with his former owner to trade for a little, never-been-touched, 4yo Shetland mare I named Stardust. I got to keep her and we trained her to ride and for cart. She now is the best kids pony in the entire world, I think. When I was about 10 Star had a filly named Coco who now has 2 colts named Skippy (3yrs) and Pumpernickel (1yr). For my 13th b'day, my parents said I could get a horse. I searched online and around, and I found this 14 hh POA. (Yes, he's a pony, but he is just right for me. I'm short.) Now I'm 15 and I'm still as obsessed with horses as I was in the beginning. I love to ride and just watch them and be around them. You just gotta be alittle tough to ride, fall off and keep riding. It's fun! [Crazy]
  9. Western Horse To Learn English?

    [surrender] OK. Not training my horse English. That's final. Nope. Never. Sorry for being so difficult and stupid. I'm new to all this, I guess. Naive. At least I'm still pretty young and I have time to learn about all this and figure out horses and how they work and how to train one. Thanks for all your instruction. Maybe Ineed a trainer...
  10. Western Horse To Learn English?

    Well, I have the saddle and everything but I just don't know the cues. Is it for example just the norm like cluck and nudge to go or what? I just am curious. My friend rides English and she has agreed to teach me and my horse. I already sent my horse to a trainer and I don't think I can again ($$) Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Oh yeah and I am taking English lessons, so would that help my situation?
  11. Training Bit?

    my trainer mentioned something about a training bit. What is i and how does it work? it's supposed to be from It is not split, but it has like a curve in the middle.
  12. Western Horse To Learn English?

    Hey everyone! I am very interested in training my western horse (He's an Appy/POA) how to ride English. I know absolutely nothing about English, but it sounds fun and I would like to learn to jump. Any tips or tricks? Thanks a million!
  13. Bucking Problem! Help!

    K, I will line it up with a horse dentist then. Thanks for all your help!
  14. New Puppy! (with Pics!) Name Ideas?

    Roxy is her call name now. She is AKC registered and I may want to show her, sooo I need a show name now. I want something including her color like 'ruby' or 'red' or something along those lines. I kind of like Roxy Ruby Sox or Missy Red Rox or Red Hot Roxy or something like that. Got any suggestions?
  15. Bucking Problem! Help!

    He has his full canines in (I just checked) Well, one anyway. (because the other fell out) Maybe I should get his wolf teeth pulled, would that make a difference?