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  1. i dont get the board buddy thing. could you explain?

  2. is your avatar pic of when shes 18? cuz if it is, she sure is good looking for an 18 year old. :)

  3. hi, i like your horse. very pretty. whats his/her name?

  4. hi and welcome to hc! what does the link lead to on your about me page?

  5. Crazy Pony! Help!

    thats great Cowgirls! has your sister tried working with Maddie yet? or are you doing that till your sis knows what to do and handle things. :)
  6. Crazy Pony! Help!

    i agree Greenhaven. if the things on here arent working, get help from someone who can be there with you. you never know, he/she might have been through the same thing with another horse and know exactly how to fix it.
  7. Ground Work

    just to share, i do Parelli and a little Clinton Anderson. it really helps me understand my horse even better
  8. is this a pic of you?

    whats the horses name? what breed is it? its very pretty. :D

  9. hi! :D check out my page... :) (if you want to)

  10. Crazy Pony! Help!

    thanks. i've actually had people zoom by on our street, then screech to a halt, back up and stare at him. its kinda funny. another time, people stopped and took pictures
  11. i read your about me... im sooo sorry for your loss!


  12. Crazy Pony! Help!

    she kinda looks like thunder... heres a bigger pic of him and he's slicked off in this pic, but in winter, he's hairer than maddie. his hair right now is at least 3 to 4 inches long! btw, have you tried separating maddie and allie?