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  1. Should Cooking Classes Be Required

    Oh, we're posting pictures now, are we?! I made the most beautiful pork chop dinner tonight. Browned them on the skillet with a little Olive Oil, put them up for a minute, browned a red onion and some granny smiths (add a little olive oil), added 3/4 of a cup of apple sider, put the chops back on for about 4 minutes on low... whip up some garlic mashed potatoes... mmmmmmmmmm!!
  2. Love And Marriage

    If both abide by it, then it shouldn't be draining on either. If you both find the other's wants and needs important, you're much more likely to compromise and find something that works for both partners
  3. Should Cooking Classes Be Required

    I have a few cook books too, and I find that they often lack a lot of the "mom never taught me this" information. I love deviled eggs, but the first time I made them.... :/ bleck! Would've worked much better if I had just googled it, lol! I really like the food network ones, and sometimes the Yahoo answers will have some really great, broken down information. It's not hard to find, and the most I ever do is google "Cook salmon", or something like that, and pick which recipe I think sounds the best/easiest :)
  4. Should Cooking Classes Be Required

    I don't want to sound insulting (because I'm really not trying to be), but have you googled recipes lately? Those are indeed the kinds of things that you would find in the instructions on line. I am by far and away not the best cook out there in terms of remembering recipes/figuring new things out, and even I can make pretty complicated dishes if I follow the directions. Seriously, they even have videos: No reason to waste the money teaching kids how to perform basic functions.
  5. Should Cooking Classes Be Required

    Oh my good lord, are you serious? Cooking is not hard. For goodness sakes google it and follow the directions. There is no need to waste more money on teaching something so idiotically simple. It all comes down to laziness. Fast food is easier. It's not that people don't realize it's not good for them, it's that they don't care.
  6. Cnn Poll Of The Day..

    I think it'd be great if they offered a general "world religions" type of class, and made it more like a history class than "bible study" . The history and ins and outs of each religion are very interesting, and I think it'd be great for children to learn about them.
  7. Redefining Rape? Someone posted this on facebook. If anyone knows a little more about it, please post more information. I'm sneaking around at work, so can't really devote a lot of time to finding out more about it.
  8. Don't Blame Me

    Has Obama said anything about this?
  9. Father Denied Claim To Theft Of Sperm

    Obviously, he wasn't that hard to find. And just because I say that he shouldn't have to start paying way after the fact (after deception, etc) doesn't mean I think the government should pick up the tab. That's a bit of a leap.
  10. Redefining Rape?

    So... basically picking which rape is really rape and deserving of an abortion? Still pretty sick, IMO.
  11. Knowing Your So's "number"

    Every single one of them. I practically had a membership down at the clinic.
  12. Father Denied Claim To Theft Of Sperm

    She shouldn't be allowed to come after him years after the fact. Yes, it's his child, and it's her right to child support. However, it's also his right to be notified and involved in that child's life from day one. What about the last few years? Why didn't she let him know then? Why wait til now? Did the child not need anything for the first 5 years of his life?
  13. What in the **** is wrong with the guy who shot them all? Ever heard of the word NO?
  14. Knowing Your So's "number"

    I never ask. Personally, I never cared. I'm only concerned with his latest test results. As far as numbers, eh, that's not really a good way to judge. If a guy's only been with three girls, but one of the girls was questionable, it's just as bad as a guy who's been with 30. Because remember, you're not just sleeping with him, you're sleeping with everyone he's slept with, and they've slept with, and those people have slept with, before you met.
  15. Plural Marriage..... Again.

    I would love two husbands! No more holding the flash light in the freezing rain, no more trying to get the other end of the sofa... Sign me up!
  16. Women In The Military

    Exactly. How many men get that much attention? They're rare. A boy dies and no one but the people in his home town mourn.
  17. Women In The Military

    Women will argue no matter where you put them. Add dying or causing the death of someone else because of a mistake, and you're going to have arguments. The men do it too, but they tend to handle things differently from women. And can you imagine the outrage of the American people once a woman got captured and held by opposing forces? There'd be an uproar. It will never work, and shouldn't be considered.
  18. May 21, 2011

  19. Uss Enterprise Co

    I watched worse on the TV last night This is really over the top. What happened to paying for something you do only once?
  20. Giving Advice

    That.... doesn't really have anything to do with what I posted?
  21. Illegal To Smoke In The Car With Children

    It doesn't.
  22. Profound Tidbits

    "just stop what you're doing" - Mike Plumb Because, honestly, how often do we start fiddling and actually get it right? "Count with CONVICTION!" - Leslie Law Because jumping is just about rhythm. But, if you're piddling along in a pansy way, you're just not going to make it over. So, ride with conviction, and it'll all fall into place.
  23. Illegal To Smoke In The Car With Children

    But Loki, that would just make too much sense. Don't be silly.
  24. Imagination

    And in incredible amounts:,17698/ I seriously had a few out-loud "***'s" while reading this.
  25. Imagination

    I think there was a thread along these lines a little while ago:,17603/