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  1. Rate These Trailer Brands

    I've never had a rig for camping that was a bumper pull. I've had bumper pull 2-horse trialers just for running a horse to the vet or something but not for camping. I don't think I'd like it for me because my truck would be tied up with my camper and sometimes I like to leave camp... get out and drive around and look around and stuff.
  2. Labor Day Camping In Southern Illinois

    Looks like you had a nice time. I love camping and riding at Bay Creek. Seems like we only get there once or twice a year. Will be at High Knob this weekend.
  3. Labor Day At Forbes, Pics Included

    Where were you at that you were out on the road? Did they change the trails up there? I've never ridden on the road up there.
  4. Rate These Trailer Brands

    That's sad CR that you had that problem. Was it a newer model Sundowner? We've not had any problems with ours. No leaks.. water nor dust. No problems of any kind. We are very satisfied with it. As far as the cost, it was less than a Bloomer but much more than some other brands.
  5. Rate These Trailer Brands

    We have a Sundowner.All aluminum. Four horse with full LQ's. Mid tack room, rear tack and under head/mangers storage. It's a 2003 and we've not had any problems with it. This is a pic of it. (it's not hooked up to the truck..just parked behind it)... A pic of it set up at camp... As for the other brands, I've not owned them. Our last LQ trailer was a Delta steel trailer with home made LQ's. It was a good solid trailer. In looking at LQ trailers when we were shopping.. We were told that Featherlite had a lot of problems with the roofs leaking. Not sure if that is true or not. We heard to stay away from Bison trailers, they were made cheap and we would have lots of problems. We heard that Integrity made a good trailer. We done some research and found Sundowner to have a good reputation and we liked what their trailer had to offer in price comparrison to others and that's what we chose and we're happy witht he trailer.
  6. Here's ssome pictures I took during 9-Day camp this year (July 2009). I just hadn't had time to post them. I only took my camera with me 1 or 2 days when we rode so even though there's a lot of pictures, they were all taken the same time/place pretty much. I don't have any pictures of the actual 9-Day camp. We camped at 34 Ranch and just rode over to 9-Day a few times. We didn't camp there. These were taken out on the trail. Heading out... another.. On the trail... This is a friend.. Roy.. Another on the trail... ...and another... Another along the trail.. ...more coming...
  7. 9 -day (shawnee Ntl. Forest) July 2009

    Hey Horsin! The kids have grown since you were here! Remember this??? This is Connor, Megan W. , Rachel, Breann and Megan. Do you remember when this was taken? LOL Connor and Rachel are both 16 now and going together/dating. Megan (mine) is engaged to get married next year. Breann is also pretty serious with her oyfriend and I look for them to get engaged soon. Megan W. (Clinton's) has a boyfriend too and she is also 16 now.
  8. Trail Riding Near The Grand Tetons

    Nice pictures! Wow! a whole month of camping and riding.. nice! Thanks for sharing! ((i see this was posted a while ago.. not sure how I missed it ))
  9. Short 1 Hour Ride With My Daughter Pic And Video

    Glad you had a good ride!
  10. The Kids Rodeo

    Great pictures! I LOVE the way they're holding their mouths! LOL Those pictures are wonderful the way you captured those kid's expressions!
  11. Need Some Help Brainstorming Some Ideas...

    CEO Medical billing specialist Insurance sales or adjuster Receptionist Radio DJ TV news reporter A journalist or publisher for a newspaper or magazine
  12. Personally, I would have waited to talk to your daughter until after you spoke with your husband.. the man who's raised her like his own. I would have agreed with your husband to deny the biological father a visit. I would have waited til your daughter was older.. like 17 or 18 and then I would have given her the contact information of her biological father and told her you felt it was right to give her the information and if she wanted to contact him she could. ...but what's done is done and if you deny the visit now then yor daughter may be mad at you for it. So just remember have been the one there for her, you and your husband are her family. She may choose to love her biological father but it will never be like it is with you, I'm sure. As for the test .. I would tell them if they want a DNA test then they can pay for it. Just for your information. (which you probably already know) When the DNA test shows she is his daughter you can demand child support. You/she would even be entitled to back support. Hugs to your family [Huggy]
  13. Happy Birthday Little John!

    Aaawwww... what a sweetie. Happy Birthday John [smiley Wavey]
  14. Jaycee Lee Dugard - Kidnapping Victim

    Todays news on CNN about this.. This is such a sad story.
  15. Jaycee Lee Dugard - Kidnapping Victim

    Oh. I didn't see that article or pictures. It's so sad that nobody said anything. It's also sad that the 911 call that was made before was basically ignored.
  16. Jaycee Lee Dugard - Kidnapping Victim

    What I read on Fox News said there was a bike in the back yard and some other toys. It also said the neighbor lady heard children in the back yard and suspected that there may have even been people living in the tents back there. She never seen them according to the news report I read. ...only heard them. She'd asked her husband "why do they want to live in tents?" and his reply was "maybe they like living like that" and he told her to mind her own business so to speak.
  17. Jaycee Lee Dugard - Kidnapping Victim

    I whole heartedly agree.
  18. Link.... He's very spoiled but they seem happy together
  19. Why Yes, I Am Posting Yet Another Topic

    Lilly and rose are both flowers. So it would be a flower themed name. I like Rose with Lilly as far as the sound of it. Just so in the future there wouldn't be any way of the other kids (cruel as they can be sometimes) making a nick name from the 2 flower name. The initials would be good.. LRM ..not spelling anything. When I named my babies I always thought about all those things. When i named Michelle I did not want people to shorten it and call her Shelly. Some tried but we always corrected them. I also like Lilly Rosalyn I think Lilly Grace is adorable. I'm sure she'll be a lovely little girl and her name will be too!
  20. Thanks for that link! I will email it to my friend Sherrie. She is the one who emailed me the first link I posted.
  21. I meant "he lives a spoiled life" meaning a "good" life. Not that I meant he was spoiled as if in being a bad pushy horse. She spoils him rotton..LOL Lets him open the window and have his head in the house, lets him eat his food inside and so forth. I think they are a wonderful pair!
  22. A Funny!

    That's cute!
  23. It's such a cute video. He's a very smart horse! ..and to think where that lady may have ended up if it hadn't been for him. I love that song they play at the end!
  24. Why Yes, I Am Posting Yet Another Topic

    Abigail Adaline Marie Grace Suzanne Gabrielle Addyson Adrianna Rosalyn Kaelyn or Kalyn
  25. Pictures Of My New Son, Connor

    I don't think it was offensive at all. I do think it might be a picture a sicko person may have saved and passed around I don't know.. maybe I'm just paranoid about that stuff. I just wouldn't want a pic like that of my baby in the wrong hands. [Huggy] He is a precious baby. I remember how special it was to bring the new baby home.