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  1. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Yep! Really! ...and yep that might explain why you haven't got any..LOL
  2. It's Been A While... Horse Pictures

    very pretty horses.. both of them. I don't think it would hard to find someone to want Dax. He's beautiful.
  3. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Mudder.... tried to PM you. It gave me an error message that you could not recieve PM's If you can PM me, please do.
  4. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Hey Rowdee!!!!! Good to see you again! Yes time does fly! Seems like the years go by as fast as ever. What have you been up to?
  5. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    You are right!!! I like him lots!!! He's a pretty boy! If you get tired of him, send him down here...he'd look good in my pasture! I'll PM you. I'm on FB a frw times a week.
  6. New Puppy! (Pictures)

    Cute! I used to have a neighbor/friend that raised this breed. She both coat types. The hairless one's are so ugly that they were cute! As for names... Bitsy Mazie Macey Ella or Ellie Daisy Smidge Dixie Paisley Reese Reenie
  7. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Oh Mudder, how sad about the Brut That must have been a terrible hard decision to have to make. I'm so sorry to hear that. What's the new horse's name? Is he Quarter Horse? I can't wait to see pictures! Wow! you all are in school for a long time up there. Our schools let out at the end of May. Nope.. no more weiner dogs..other than my fat girl Riley. Is Tuck still around here? What about Kim (TxPalominoKim) Is that what her user name was? I just always called her Kim. ...and(Shannon) Shann1Turner?
  8. A Plethora Of Pictures And

    okay... I wondered. I figured if they only rode for ranch work there wouldn't be a need for a LQ trailer. It looks like a Sundowner? ...anyway in the pics it looks like it has the same decal as my Sundowner. I know how hard you've always had it...especially when having to ride around with the women or children! Ha ha. I know someone has to do it though. It might as well be you!
  9. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Hey Mudder! Yes it is been awhile! I knew you had to still be around , it wouldn't be HC without you! Did you know I placed my weiner dogs into new homes? I did. I just didn't feel like I had the time to give them like they need. I only had 8 dogs so it was easy to find them good homes. I kept one red smooth female, Riley is her name. She's spayed so no more puppies for us. I loved my little dachshunds and it was hard decision to make but they have good homes. Two of the new homes will be continuing with the breeding and showing. My lines are doing well in the show ring! They're winning! Yay! Makes me feel good that I bred lines to be proud of! It took me 16 years to build those lines... I'm happy that they'll be continued. It's nice to hear you say that you enjoyed all the doggie pictures I used to post.. They were a joy to me also. A lot of work, but a joy. What about you? What have you been up to? You still drive the bus? You still have the Brut?
  10. A Plethora Of Pictures And

    Hey Grouchy, I have a question.. the pic witht he horse trailers, looks like one has LQ's (looks like a pretty large LQ area) Do these people ever camp and ride just for the fun of it or is all their riding ranch work? What's the LQ trailer used for? Do they do rodeos? Just curious!
  11. A Plethora Of Pictures And

    I'm not sure if you're done posting pics Grouchy, since I still ain't read the tale of how you almost drowned... but so far I've really enjoyed the pics and the stories! Always like your pictures! Pretty nice cabin too! Edited because you posted while I was typing! Glad you was able to get your horse out of the water. ...and just so you know, I can truly say I know how it feels riding soaked to the bone! I've poured water outta my boots before! Ha Ha ... not fun when it's chilly outside. Love the pic of Hobby in the wild flower field. Pretty!
  12. Good Objects For Desensitizing

    I had a horse about jump out from under me once when one of the kids accidently lost control of their hula hoop and it came rolling towards us... LOL They're noisy! ...and that horse wasn't a horse who spooked easily. So I like using things like coke cans with a few rocks in it to shake and make noise... or a hula hoop if ya have one. Also a bag with a few cans in it is a good noise maker. Walmart sacks or garbage bags.. get them used to these and then when ya have to pull a rain coat or something out of the saddle bag it doesn't scare them. Once when we had our horses in town getting ready to ride in a parade we were standing waiting for the parade to start. The next town over was having an air show with planes and these planes came flying over the parade line , they were flying low and they were load and horses scattered everywhre! Some bucking and some running. Not our horses though, they just stood there like it was an everyday ordeal. ...and I was ona very young green horse. He just stood there too. I'm not sure if it was because ours were used to traffic, farm machinery and 4-wheelers or what, but they were the only one's that didn't spook that day. We also shoot guns around ours. So their used to that noise too. Anything you can familiarize them with helps.
  13. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Hello to you Myoldhorse! Good to see you on here too. I hadn't been on HC in awhile, makes you wonder who's still around. Glad to see you! ...and Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the pics!
  14. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Thank you Eskie! Shawnee is my personal riding horse.. had her since she was a baby. She's 6 now.
  15. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Yes PD, trying to juggle too many things at once makes things hectic for sure. I had opened the store in town in 2007 and was going back to school full time. That's besides having the dachshunds/kennel and helping at our church and just every day life. I've managed to simplify things this year though. I placed my Dachshunds into new homes and I layed school aside. I'm too old to be wasting my time in school! Ha Ha. I still have the store and usually work it a couple times a week (that's what I'm doing today.. working the store). Even though I haven't done a lot of riding lately, I still do go some. I'll try and remember to take the camera with me! How's things been with you? Do you get to ride much these days?
  16. Lucky Is Going Under Saddle!

    He's so cute! It's so exciting to get them riding!
  17. Old Dominion 100 - We Did It!

    That's awesome! Something to always remember and I'm sure it feels great to have acomplished such an exciting ride!
  18. I'm not sure how unhealthy it is but it sounds very yummy!!!
  19. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    aaww.. so sorry about your mare. G is sweet too. She needs some more wet blankets to be the horse she can be but she has a very sweet and willing attitude. I've never had any problems with my collies roaming. This Basset Hound wants to go visit the neighbors every once in awhile... it drives me crazy!
  20. Pictures Of Horses/dogs

    Hello PD!!! It's been awhile since we've spoke. Glad to see you're still here. I just hadn't been on HC much. Too busy with other things. I've actually been home all week this week so had a little extra time. I'm glad you posted here so i could say "Hi" Thanks for all the compliments on my hores and dogs too!
  21. New Little Additon To My Pasture

    The pony looks so much like a pony we had. His name was little Joe. He was a stinker I love Czar too!!!! He's beautiful!
  22. Headshots...

    Pretty! Love the spotted rump too!
  23. Welcome To The World!

    I feel the same way. I try to not say things I think would hurt someone's feelings. I really didn't mean anything by my post. Believe me I know how vicious this board can be. I hope no one ever takes my posts that way. It's hard to type exactly what you mean to say and in the tone you say it. One reason i like the smileys! They can help express feelings/attitude.
  24. 50 Abandoned Alpacas

    wow! poor things to just get left behind. ...and the poor lady who has had to take care of them all this time.
  25. Welcome To The World!

    Eskie... if you are thinking my post was "picking her apart" then you read it totally in the wrong tone. I only mentioned the halter because someone else did before and I do not think it is bad to have it on the foal. I just stated to be leary or careful in better words that he doesn't get a foot caught in it or something. I think the baby is sooooo cute! My post was not meant in any judgmental way, rude or picking anyone apart and I apologize to the OP if she read it that way.