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  1. Teen Girl Drama

    Take pictures of her.. let her see herself. I also had an eating disorder and thought I was fat when actually I was very thin. Seeing myself in photos helped me realize how I looked. edited to fix spelling.
  2. Need Advice Regarding Custody Issues

    ..and the judge will most likely want proof from you that you can financially provide for the child.
  3. Trailer Loading

    My trailer ties are nylon. I don't use the elastic type trailer ties.
  4. Trailer Loading

    I use trailer ties. Clip them onto the halter and the horse can't back out.
  5. What's Your Favorite Movie?

    Hope Floats American Outlaws I like both of them a lot.
  6. Redbuds, Dogwoods, Mushrooms - Spring In Missouri

    Good pictures! The dogwoods and red buds are in bloom here too... and the blue bells. I think the mushrooms are either late this year or it's just not a good year for them. We've just not found many yet. We rode a little over 7 hours yesterday and 6 hours Saturday, in Shawnee Forest. Looked for mushrooms and never found a single one either day. Thanks for sharing your ride!
  7. Is There Really A Need For....

    Nice trailer Bumper. I also have an electric jack! Love it! So much better than cranking. I had some "must haves" too. I wanted a full size fridge and freezer. A couch and not the dinette. I wanted drop down windows, under head mangers/ storage with access from the outside and I wanted the mid tack/mud room...had to be 4 horse (which I also have the std devider all the way to the floor) and had to be all aluminum with a full bathroom with seperate shower and toilet. I also wanted walk through doors all the way through the trailer. Got all those options and I'm very happy with our trailer.
  8. My New Ranch

    Congratulations! Looks like a real nice place to raise a family and have your horses.
  9. I paid mine yesterday.
  10. Bought Myself Some Skechers "shape Ups" ..

  11. Is There Really A Need For....

    oh...and by the way.. the insurance for my dually is only $600 ayear for full coverage and the insurance for the Sundowner trailer is only $199 a year. License are $106 a year on Dually and around $70 for a year for the trailer.
  12. Is There Really A Need For....

    Mine wasn't a $100,000. but close to it when new. It's an all aluminum Sundowner. Four horse, full Living quarters, mud room, under head mangers, drop down windos and so forth. It's a real nice trailer. I don't see anything wrong with having one. However, my trailer was 3 years old when I bought it but it had only been used 1 show season... It is a 2003 but wasn't purchased new from the dealer until 2005 by someone else. I bought it in 2006. Even though I paid more for this trailer than some would think is reasonable.. I don't regret it. It is a lot nicer than my older steele LQ trailer, it's easier to pull and since we camp and ride a lot it's getting used. If someone can afford to buy one brand new, then I say go for it.... enjoy life! My trailer... (my truck is just parked by it, not hooked up) ,,and this is my sugar daddy that bought it for me.... just joking This is my hubby who works hard so we can have nice things...
  13. Old Wives Tales

    gelding, weaning and all that realy does work when you do it based on " the sign". I even weaned my kids from their bottle according to "the sign" and it does work. My grandma was a firm belieer in doing everything in the right sign... planting garden, hatching chicks ..etc.
  14. Old Wives Tales

    I thought people kept a goat(s) with livestock (cattle or horses) because if there were any sickness/disease the goat would get sick first and that would warn the owner so he didn't loose his herd.
  15. A Horse Is A Horse, Is A Horse

    Nice pictures Grouchy!
  16. Elk Creek Work Party #3

    I'm curious.... Why did there need to be a bridge to cross the creek? Could the horses not cross? ((...and this is not inteneded to sound rude)) I guess I just like the "natural" trail.. the one nature makes. We ride the shawnee forest here in So Illinos and we're seeing the State come in and make some of the trails wide, put gravel on them, build little bridges and put up signs. In my opinion it's ruining our trails. (not saying what you did ruined any trail) Just saying I hate what their doing to our trails. I like the natural way the land is. Horses can cross, climb and get through pretty steep and pretty rough places. ..and that's part of the fun of trail riding.
  17. Pasture Pics

    We're all good here. Been busy. I haven't been camping or riding yet this year. VERY unlike me! The kids have been riding some. Michelle (daughter) and Robert camped and rode last weekend (Carol Hendrick's) ride and they went to Jack's (Jack Davis) ride this weekend. I've got my camper ready to go and was planning on camping next weekend ut I have nursery duty at church Sunday morning so if I do go I won't get to ride Sunday. I guess there's always the next weekend..LOL If I keep puting it off spring is going to be over with!
  18. Pasture Pics

    Good pictures of the horses Diane! Looks liek you're getting green grass up that way too! I've had to mow my yard a couple of times already.
  19. Lookie What The Easter Bunny Brought.

    Congrats! You'll like your truck. I have one like it only it's an '01 model and it's red. I bought it when it was 2 years old and I now have 164,000 miles on it... and plan on geting a lot more on it! It pulls my 4 horse, 41' LQ trailer great! Better to have one of the older model F350's because the newer models have the new motor and they are giving people problems but these older models with the 7.3 in them are good trucks! That truck looks like a truck my friend sold a couple years ago.. same color/paint job! Congrats!
  20. Tucki Needs Your Prayers

    Prayers for you Tuck [Angel]
  21. Need A New Name For A New Horse

    Shadow Willow Keeper Lady Bella Stormy Classy Delta Tango Annie Lollie Pepper Ace Saucy
  22. Is It March Yet?

    They both sound like sweet little guys, especially Dusty. I've always heard they do best with at least two together. I was wantin g only one to be a companion to my old mini mare (Littlefoot). She's in her 30's and even though she's in the same pasture as the other horses , she doesn't stay close to them too often. My sister kept her mini gelding here all last summer and Littlefoot took to him and became buddies, then my sster took him back to her place. I thought another mini would be good for Littlefoot. I really thought about a mini jenny. To tell you the truth, I don't need another animal of any kind!
  23. New Horse

    The picture is dated November
  24. New Horse

    Congrats on the new horse!
  25. Is It March Yet?

    We have a ride March 13...... first big ride of the year. Not sure if I'll be riding that day yet. I heard we're supposed to get about 50 degrees by Sat. Last weekend we were in the 60's and it was nice!!! Do you like the jack's better than the jennys? I was going to get a pair of 3 yr old spotted jacks (minis) from a friend but that fell through because he nephew decided he wanted them.