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  1. Living Quarters Trailer For Trail Riding/camping

    My daughter turned 20 years old this spring and decided she needed her own trailer so we bought an older steel trailer and put her some home-made LQ's in it. It's 28 foot long.. 10' 6" LQ. We haven't put an awning on it yet. ...and we still have to finish the cabnits over the bed.. The fridge is a an apartment size (used) and we built and painted and distressed the cabnits.. (excuse the box on top of the cabnits) added a small bench with storage.. We put in a shower and made a curtain for a the shower room door.. she has a porta potty and cabnit storage in the shower room... This trailer has a fresh water holding tank with a pump and a gas water heater. It turned out pretty good for her first trailer.
  2. Living Quarters Trailer For Trail Riding/camping

    Here's our trailer. It's all aluminum Sundowner. Our old trailer was a an all steel trailer, 28 foot long. This trailer is 40 foot long and it doesn't seem any heavier to pull than the old steel trailer. I would think a steel trailer this long would be really heavy. So depending on how long of a trailer you need, having a a steel or aluminum would be a decision you'd have to make. ( not hooked to the truck here) I also have a mid tack room in this trailer, we never had that before and now I wouldn't want to be without it. We have a rear tack where we keep our saddles and all of our tack, then we use the mid tack for lawn chairs, picnic table and that kind of stuff. Then after camp is set up, we use the mid tack as a mud room.. we come in and out of the trailer through that door. There is a door going into our bathroom from the mid tack. We also have the under manger storage , with access doors to it on the outside of the trailer. I love this option.. lots of storage under there! I wouldn't want a trailer without a full bathroom and if I couldn't have that , I would at least want a shower. I haven't had a trailer without a shower but have had one that we had to use a porta potty.. I like the flush toilet better. An awning is a must for me. It's like having another room. I also love having the drop down windows for the horses. I love the electric jack! unlike Mo QH.. I love our couch. It's 6 foot long and it makes into a bed and we have a table that we can set in front of it.. although we never use the table. Our fridge is a full fridge with a seperate top freezer.. you can never have too much fridge room! ..and a stove/oven are nice to have but we actually cook outside more.
  3. The Count Is On!

    I'll see if I can. I'd like to come and visit. I'm actually an hour north of the forest.. so I'd be coming down. I know I have to work Saturday and Sunday we go to church morning and evening. My Dad and my husband's step dad are starting on building a porch for me on Sunday afternoon. Not sure how many days that will take. I also have a mama Dachshund ready to whelp pups so I have to stick close tohome til those get here. Then I have to work Wed and Thursday. So... not sure if 'll get any spare time but I'll try! Youn's have a good time! The weather is supposed to be clear Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed.. then they're giving rain again for Thurs and Fri. That's the forcast of as of today.
  4. The Count Is On!

    Hey Trails.. I'm not sure if I'll get to meet up with ya or not. I know I have to work Saturday and Sunday I have Churchand we're starting on building a new porch that afternoon. So I'm not sure how my schedule will be. How long are you stayting?
  5. Finally Went Trail Riding!

    It sounds like you had fun. You should take your camera next time so you can show us the scenery
  6. Some Bear Lake Id Pics :) *new Pics 09-28-09*

    Looks like everyone had fun!
  7. White Mountain Wilderness, Nm

    Looks like some beautiful countryside.
  8. Upper Shake - Angeles Nat'l Forest

    looks like ya had a good time!
  9. Broken Top To S Sister To Bachelor 30 Mile Loop Ride

    beautiful scenery!
  10. Horsecity Tee Design Contest

    I voted for L It's simple and doesn't look huge on the shirt. Something I'd buy. They all look great though.
  11. Hayes Canyon Or Bear Branch Campground

    Personally the campground isn't what makes me like one place better than another.. it's the riding in that area. For instance riding out of Bear Branch used to be one of my favorites .. still is nice riding, but some of the trails I loved so much aren't open to horses anymore. I'm not sure if I have a favorite place in the Shawnee Forest, I like it all. I'm glad we're able to ride it all. ...and by the way.. Little Lusk is a nice place to camp. The new part of the campground doesn't have a lot of shade at the site yet, but they've planted trees there. The owners are very nice people and the campground is clean and nice. They even have alounge with TV and popcorn you can use.
  12. ((This post is a conclusion to the other High Knob post)) We rode out for a nice ride Sunday morning. We had to get back to camp because we had some riders that had to go to work that afternoon. I didn't take my camera out for that first ride. We came back to camp, cooked some pork burgers and ate and then me, Cecil, Ray and Patty headed out for a late afternoon ride. We rode to Rice Hollow. This is a trail going to Rice Hollow.. along the trail... on the trail, coming into Rice Hollow... another.. another on the Rice Hollow trail... and another... ...More Coming......
  13. Spent Last Week At Circle E Guest Ranch, Tn

    Thanks for the pictures Cathy! Glad you had a nice time despite all the rain. The scenery looks alot like Shawnee... are the trails simular too? In the pics they look wider and not as hilly?? The camp ground looks nice.
  14. Some Random Pix

    Hey Shann! Mackenzie is a sweetie! Jeremy sure did grow up since I seen him! I did get the pictures you emailed me.. They're great pics!
  15. some things that are quick and easy.... cheeseburgers or pork burgers chili, oyster soup, vegge soup or another soup sloppy joes baked or grilled chicken breasts meat loaf Lasagna or speghetti pork chops pizza Tacos
  16. Pretty Irritated With Mercantile.

    you can order wormer for very cheap at Generic ivermectin is around $2. per tube. I just order it by the box full when I order. Also if you order $50 worth of stuff fromm them you get free ground shipping and I always have my order within 3 or 4 days after ordering.
  17. High Knob- Shawnee Forest, So. Il.

    Hey Shann We'd love to have you andJeremy to join us for some rides! Load that mare and bring her up here
  18. Sword Lake Ride Sept. 2009.....

    Beautiful views! I want to load my horses and go ride in the mountains somewhere!
  19. Horse/barn Wish List

    An automatic solar watering system. We have been talking about getting one for a few years and never have.. but it's definately on the list of things we want to buy.
  20. Going To Mountains By Longview This Weekend

    LOL..Mudder CR.. yep, a rachet like that will work just fine. I wish I had some close up pics I could post for you. A hardware store should have some plain brown rope. Some that is 3/4" or 1" in diameter should be fine.
  21. Going To Mountains By Longview This Weekend

    Mudder .. I only have one question for you...... .... .... .... .... ..... .... ..... Who, why, or what the heck is that silly looking monkey under your name??? [ROTFL] He looks like a little ole man ..LOL
  22. Need Trailering Advice

    I have rubber mats too but I keep shavings on top of the mats.. it makes it so much easier to clean. I've never had any problem with anything getting in the horse's eyes from it. I think there's a horse rule or something that says as soon as the horse is put into the trailer it is to go POOP !!! LOL If you're camping, you'll soon figure out what you'll want to keep in the trailer and same with if you show I would assume. Have fun with your new trailer!!
  23. Going To Mountains By Longview This Weekend

    Hey CR.. hope ya have lots of fun on the trail ride! You'll want a rope that won't stretch and sag too bad after it's up. You'll probably want to put a rachet strap on one end when you put it up , that way you can tighten it easily if you need to. I tie a couple loops or knots in mine so that when I tie my horse she stays in that place and she can't slide her rope down the picket line. Most hardware stores have regular rope which works pretty good. The rope used for ski rope and boat rope.. does not work well.. it's too stretchy. The nylon rope is stretchy too.
  24. High Knob- Shawnee Forest, So. Il.

    Jklucky... now that you explained that, I believe I actually should have known that.. I have been told that before, probably years ago in school and I probably wasn't paying too close attention. LOL HorsingRound.. Just come ride with us someday... I'm sure Clinton would love to show you his crack! LOL
  25. Me and my youngest daughter Rachel went for the weekend with friends. Hubby and the other daughters and their boyfriends had to work and didn't get to go. We camped at High Knob and I actually remembered my camera. We had a real good time as usual. The bees were worse this weekend than they have been in the forest this year. My daughter got stung the first day out and I got stung the 2nd day out. ..but it was still a great time. The yellow jackets bees are just something you expect this time of year. I have a bunch of pictures. I think I took like 300. Some were blury but there were a lot of good ones. I won't post them all but here's a bunch of them. This is Saturday's ride.... This is Rachel.. Another of Rachel.. This was the first place we ran into bees. They were pretty aggressive too. Just as my daughter crossed the creek she got into them.. her horse was bucking but she hung on and got her horse's head around so she could get her moving forward and out of them. She did get stung once on the arm. ... ...and then ..I guess I left my camera on while I was trotting through them.. cause I got this pic.. LOL.. on the trail... another o the trail... rock along the trail.. on the trail... another one of just riding on the trail.... This is where we stopped to eat lunch.... .............More Coming.........