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  1. Great Weekend To Ride!

    LOL.. I thought he was a mare for some reason. Geezzz... I must not have been paying attention..LOL Not sure what hay is selling for.. I haven't had to buy any, we bale ours.
  2. ?r?ra Went To The Photographer Yesterday

    I really like the 5th one down.. very cute!
  3. Weekend Ride In The Sand Hills

    Looks like you had a nice ride.
  4. High Knob- Shawnee Forest, So. Il.

    Okay Jklucky.. I know I'm a back woods hick and live a pretty sheltered life...LOL I have no clue what "conifers" are I also don't know what "deciduous trees" are either [surrender] LOL I guess I just don't know much about trees. There big and small trees, numerous kinds.. white pines, cedar, oaks, maples, dogwoods, wild cherry, ash, hickory, red bud, hackberry, walnut and others.
  5. Great Weekend To Ride!

    Hi Trails4me.. I can't believe I didn't see this post before. I'm glad the new horse is working out for your son. She sure is a flashy mare! Hope ya have fun at Circle B. I've never camped there. We ride through there when we're camped /riding in that area and I have friends who have camped there.
  6. For The Sake Of Your Horse Please Read This

    We live in a world where there are some real sicko's. It seems it's the innocent that suffer the most.. children and animals especially. Prayers for the horses and owners of the horses. ..and prayers that the sick people doing this will be caught immediatly and brought to justice.
  7. Do You Keep A Collar On Your Dog At All Times?

    I michrochip my dogs. I use 'Home Again' chips, insert them myself. My scanner is a very old one, probably have had it for at least 11 or 12 years now. I got it when they were still very pricey. It will only read the Home Again chips and there a generic chip it reads.. but I can't purchase that chip anymore. They say it's not available in the U.S. anymore. I hear Canada can buy them. Not sure? My scanner won't read AVID chip's numbers. It will tell me if there is a chip there.. the scanner says "AVID chip" if there is one there. As for collars on my dogs... I only use them when we're going somewhere off the property. Mine has the tag with my name and phone number and the dog's rabies vaccination tag. This weekend when we went camping I couldn't find Candy's (my collie) collar anywhere so had to use a different one. One with no tags. I feel safer having one with my phone number on it just in case.
  8. ** Happy Birthday Sopie Skye **

    Happy Birthday!
  9. ** Happy Birthday Sallyq4 **

    Happy Birthday!
  10. ** Happy Birthday Meekie **

    Happy Birthday Meekie! Wishing you a very Happy Day today and may you be blessed with many more happy days and good trails too!!!
  11. ** Happy Birthday Monet26 **

    Hope you have a great Birthday today!
  12. Horseshoe Meadow Ride

    Very pretty country!
  13. High Knob- Shawnee Forest, So. Il.

    trails4me.. it is very pretty riding. You should try to do an extra trip down next year.. come ride somewhere with us.
  14. High Knob -shawnee Forest, So. Illinois

    trails4me.. they should die out when it gets cold or the first good frost. pooperscopper... I didn't take any pictures of camp.
  15. Camping Foods

    We have fixed about everything at camp. We cook in crock pots, roaster ovens, over the fire, and dutch ovens. Our friend make his dutch oven surprise for breakfast a lot of mornings.... yummy! I'm not sure if I have a favorite camping food, it all tastes good when you're camping!
  16. ** Happy Birthday Trailhoss2 **

    Thank you everyone! I'm just being lazy today. I went camping /riding over the weekend and so I'm just downloading pictures of the riding.. (put some on the trail riding forum) and doing some laundry. Thanks for the Birthday Wishes!
  17. High Knob- Shawnee Forest, So. Il.

    More taken in Rice Hollow.... one of Candy .. .... .... ...... .... .... That's all... enjoy!
  18. High Knob- Shawnee Forest, So. Il.

    This is Hidden Creek Trail... another there... and another... Just some more pics in Rice Hollow... .... ...Cecil and my dog Candy... ...More Coming....
  19. High Knob -shawnee Forest, So. Illinois

    This is a place off the beaten path... a place Clinton found last year. We call it Clinton's Crack.. LOL yep, crack. We've had more fun joking about who all has been in, been stuck in and who's seen Clinton's crack! This is Rachel going in Clinton's Crack.. This is her down in it... This is some cactus along the trail... I love the places like this along the trail.. they lok like natural stairs.. another on the trail... I'll post Sunday's ride on another post. Enjoy!
  20. High Knob -shawnee Forest, So. Illinois

    This is Clayton with his pack pony...LOL ... no...really he's trying to get this pony ready for his grandkids so he was ponying it with his saddle bags. on the trail... another on the trail... This is a place called Knights of the Golden Circle. They tell me that the Legend is ... it's called this because they used to have KKK meeting here. There's a little old gravel road not too far from here where they could drive in and park and walk into this place. Another taken here.... and another of Rachel... ...and one of Candy... ....More coming.....
  21. High Knob -shawnee Forest, So. Illinois

    This where we stopped for lunch... There was this vine hanging from the bluff and looked like a swing. Cecil took advantage of it. I've posted pics of Cecil on HC before. He is my neighbor and friend, he is 73 years old and still rides every oppertunity that gets. Rachel.. We left there and rode down to a creek where we watered the horses.. Rachel and Clinton... Clinton and Ray.... ...and my dog Candy... ....More Coming.....
  22. Rate These Trailer Brands

    The extra foot inside the 8 ' wide trailer does make quite a bit a difference. You wouldn't think 1 foot would but it does. Our old trailer was 7 ' or so.. the inside of the LQ was only 6' 4" wide and only was 7' long on the short wall so LQ was cramped. My daughter's trailer is 6' 6" wide inside the L Q but her's is 10' on the shortwall so her's being only 6' 6" is still roomy. These both have shower rooms too. edited to add... Like Bumper, I also have the outside under manger storage and I'll never own another LQ trailer without that option. There's LOTS of storage room in there! I also have a mid tack which I also love and wouldn't want to do without it!!! I will never be without that option again either. I carry my tables, lawn chairs and all kinds of stuff in there. Plus when it's raining or muddy when we camp, we use it to come into the trailer (use it like a mud room) there's a door from the mid tack room that goes directly into the bathroom. There is also a door that goes into the horse area of the trailer. I have the rear tack also so that's where my saddles and tack are. I also have an electric jack this time.. nice!!!!!
  23. Labor Day Camping In Southern Illinois

    The riding is really good. Yes, you can get a big rig in there.. my trailer is 40 feet and it's no problem getting it in. ...but we camp in the open sites when you first come in. It's flat level land but there's hardly no shade. It's fine in the spring and fall but summer time is HOT! It would be really hard to get a big rig up the hill into the overflow area I'd think. There's really no shade back there either. The permanant campers have the shaded sites. There's electric and water hook up. There's a dump station too of course. There's also shower houses, I don't use and haven't ever used the shower house but I've heard from friends it's in need of updates and repairs. You can picket your horses, the poles are there, you just have to put up your line. I think you can rent gate panels for stalls too??? Not sure about that because I always picket my horses. There's a little store on the campground.
  24. Labor Day At Forbes, Pics Included

    There's 2 trails there.. one is 9 miles (i think) and the other is 12 miles. They both start out the same and then there at the picnic tables they split. I understand.. you have to follow the leader I just thought maybe they'd changed the trails since I was there last.
  25. Labor Day At Forbes, Pics Included

    oh, okay that's where I thought it may have been. Did you know that there is a trail just inside that tree line? It goes along side of that road, only it has a short cut that takes you back to that dirt field road.. it's quicker than riding the road