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  1. do you have a web site showing your candles and soaps?

  2. Hey Vera

    Where have ya been? I haven't seen ya post on the trail riding forum lately. Is everything okay with you? Yoor daughter? Your Dad?

  3. Well, that sounds like a good reason to go north. I didn't realize you were from the north part o the state. I'm from here, born and raised, so I don't think I could go north. I pray the move goes smoothly and I'm sure your family is excited for you to come home!

  4. so you're moving to N. Illinois. That will be a different life from the way it is down here. Is it a job related move? The 9 Day is always in July.

  5. Hi Mo QH trailRider,

    I guess I like some of the campgrounds better than others but that doesn't neccessarily mean the riding is better from that campground. I love all of Shawnee's riding. High Kob area is nice, 34 Ranch, Bay Creek and ear Branch area. Little Lusk has a nice campground. Circle B has a nice camp ground too. I've never camped at circle B , but have ridden thr

  6. Hey Wiz, we're back from 9 day. Only stayed 5 days. It was hot as usual but we had fun and did quite a bit of riding.

  7. Hello Char

    I just wanted to say, I recieved my cookbooks and you did a fantastic job puting those together. Not sure if you had others helping or not, but they turned out great!

  8. enjoyed your trail pictures. Looks like you've ridden in a lot of places. I keep saying I'm gonna make it to Emminence, but seems like my friends always get to go and I don't. Have you ridden in the Shawnee forest here in southern Illinois?

  9. hey Wiz,

    are you going to 9 day?

    I guess we're going. Not camping at 9 day though. We'll camp at 34 ranch.

  10. Hey Vera

    I read that you said yor Dad wasn't doing too good right now. Prayers that everything will be okay there.