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  1. Ardent...wish you lived closer. I've been trying to find him a good home. My daughter brought him home a few months ago to save him from going to the pound. I like him a lot. He's sweet as can be but I'm having a time keeping him from going off the farm. He wants to go visit the neighbors across the field. I have to tie him or pen him up when I'm not out there with him or at night. I had him running loose full time the last 3 days/nights and he stayed but then this morning he decided to go for a visit again. I just hate having to tie or pen a dog up. We have enough land here for them to run free...fields, woods, pond, creeks... I lived here since 1992 and never had a dog that roamed until this one. He doesn't go all the time and he always comes home... I don't have a fenced yard and that's what he needs. I'm pretty attached to him so I may have to fence in the back yard for him :rolleye0014: (not something I really want to have to do)

  2. horsecrazy... thank you. We bought Smarty when she was about 9-10 months old. She was my daughter's 16th birthday present....


    She's now almost 6 years old and good trail horse...this pic was taken year before last (she was 4... my daughter was 19 in this pic)


    (edited to correct Smarty's age. I had put that she was 5.. she's 6... time flies!)

  3. I would just tell them that. That you don't know if the horse has some sharp teeth hurting it or if it's being a stinker because it hasn't been ridden. Anyone that knows anything about horses will understand. ...and if the horse needs an experienced rider and that's who's coming to look at it, they should understand.

  4. Mehpenn....I do have pictures of my white collie. Her name was Candy. This is a pic of her several years ago when the kids were young...


    This is her about 2 years ago... She was a great trail buddy!


    and another...


    one more...


    (she is wearing another dog's collar in this pic... we had misplaced hers)

    I have lots but won't post them all. She was a good dog. I just like collies. I've owned five of them. I got my first one given to me by my grandmother when I was just a little girl. I've had a collie ever since. They're wonderful companions.

  5. I haven't been on HC much in the past year. More so the past couple days. I haven't posted pics for a real long time so I thought I'd post some that I took this morning. These aren't trail pics.. just some of the fat horses and dogs. I haven't rode much lately, but I'm itchin' to go. Got the camper cleaned and ready as soon as I can get outta here for a bit. So maybe next time I'll have trail pics! Just thought since the trail forum is where I usually posted I'd cross post this link from where I posted these in Gen. chat. so here's the link...


  6. This is Rowdy... He is 6 months old now. I got him when I lost my white collie Candy, who some of you may remember.


    This is Lil Bit. My daughter brought him home, he's about 7 months old...


    I just realized I don't have pics of Littlefoot.. the pony. I'll look and see if I took any.. thought I did.

    ...that's all for now. :smileywavey:

  7. Hey everyone! It's been awhile since I've really posted much on HC....especially pictures. I've been on more in the past couple days than I have all year. Anyway, I took some pictures of the horses this morning and thought I'd share. I think since I've been on HC, I've sold Buckles (dun gelding) and I've got Dolly (palomino mare) loaned out to a friend. I gave Olena away to a close friend so no pics of any of them. Katie is at a friend's house getting some riding on her so no pics of her either but here's the rest!

    This is G (bay mare)


    Another of G.


    G and Cowgirl.


    Cowgirl and Shawnee


  8. Absolutely.

    Then, when that doesn't work, what?

    Then you just have to live with the fact that they didn't listen. You tried and it didn't work. Hopefully someone who lives in their area will see the condition of the horse and the horse will get care. There's a lot of stuff out in the world that needs "fixed" and we just can not fix it all. We can try to help, offer advice and all, but people do have a free choice on how to live their lives. What I think is wrong or right may not be the same opinion of someone else. That's why there are laws. ....and we may not even agree with those.

    ((edited because I'm not sure that I replied with the "quote" option the right way. Sorry...I haven't been on HC a lot lately))

  9. There's just some people on this board that go way overboard when pointing out issues that need corrected.

    ...As for something like starving horses and pure neglect, that's one thing but when people are plain rude about a horse who's hooves are 2 months over-due for trimming. Seriously :rolleye0014:

    ...and just to admit... some of the caps are lost on my T-posts. :surrender: I would never tie my horses to a T-post but besides the point...I have caps missing from some of them. My paint mare needed her feet trimmed a month ago and it's going to be another week or two before it's done. When my horses are on the big back pasture they have shelter but when they're on the smaller front pasture the only shelter they have there is a few trees. of those trees is a white oak at that! I don't blanket my horses in the winter. I don't feed senior feed to my 30 year old pony. I guess there's room for improvement for my horse care if someone wanted to get nit-picky about it but my horses are all healthy and happy and I kind of go with "if it ain't broke- don't fix it".

    Everyone can tell you how you should do something.... And it's a good thing to listen to advice. Then it's a freedom of choice to whether you take that advice or not. There's always going to be ignorant people who make ignorant choices. That's life. If a horse is starving or neglected to the point that it is effecting the health of the horse then that's when it becomes other people's business or a legal matter.

    I try and live by the standard.. do unto others as I'd want to be done myself. Treat people nice. If there's an issue with their horse(s) then be polite with them if you feel you must address it. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar :winking:

  10. I can say that a couple months ago there was a guy in our area that shot himself and he also had made some statements on FB like this that you mentioned. He was also dealing with a girlfriend/wife (not sure if they were married but they did have kids together)and his kids. She had cheated, was running back and forth to his home and a friends home. The relationship just wasn't good between them. Very sad.

  11. Personally I wouldn't waste my time planting poplars unless you just want them for a "filler" until your other trees grow big. The Poplars do grow very fast but then they don't live very long. They break easy when windy and they're a messy-ugly tree... in my opinion. There are Silver Maples and Ash that make good shade trees that are safe.

  12. I do the couponing. I wouldn't call myself an "extreme couponer" Not to the extent the people on that TV show are. I do spend 3-4 hours getting ready for my trip to town... usually 2 to 3 times per month. I also do have the binder with my coupons organized under specific catagories. I have never taken the binder with me on a shopping trip. I normally have my list and coupons that I'm going to use ready before I leave. It's not unusual for me to buy 12 , 15 or 20 of one particular item. For instance I may buy 12 boxes of mac & cheese or 15 deoderants or hand soaps. The idea is to stock it while the price is low. For instance if there is a sale on hand soap for $1.29 and I have a 50 cent off coupon off of one, the coupon doubles and so I get the hand soap (soft soap or Dial usually) for .29 each. If I have 15 coupons, I buy 15 of them at this price. I'm stocked for awhile.

  13. Where is it located? What kind of area is it? ...for instance, is it wooded, does it have a creek a lake, or is it on a hill? Those are all things that could be considered when naming a place... for instance 'Hillside Boarding Barn" or "Lakeside Horse Barn", "Big Oaks Farm", "Fern Valley Boarding and Training Facility".

    More info on the area would be helpful.