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  1. Love that first picture!!! How cute! I didn't know you had mini donkeys.

    That 2nd picture is beautiful !!!!

    They are all good pics.. you still have lots of snow up there! Our snow is melted and gone and it's warming up. The sun is shining bright today and I'm going out to give the horses their wormer.

  2. Sorry to hear about your old dog Grouchy. We sure do tend to get attached to our 4 legged friends. I'm sure it was very sad for you to sy goodbyes to the old fella. It is nice that you could bring a new puppy home to help fill the void. Tucker sure is a cute little guy!

  3. I do not think it should be part of the insrance. Not at all.

    I get so tired of hearing the statement "I'm living in the wrong body"

    These people need help for sure... but it's their minds that are wrong and need changed ... not their bodies.

    ..and I don't care if any of you agree with me or not. I believe it's their thinking that is wrong.

  4. OK, so call me crazy, I don't care. Before he died two years ago, my brother in law said the government is tryng to ?liminate a lot of citizens by implanting them with a microchip whenever they got a shot for anything, especially senior citizens. NO, I didn't believe it and made fun of him at the time, but with the way things are going now, I'm not so sure. The health thing, Nais, whatever else, I'm slowly starting to wonder with all the things that are going on today. If you think I'm crazy, fine, but with all the micrchip technology today, don't you ever wonder what they may/may not be doing to us without our knowledge? Just thinkin''

    out loud.

    Got my flamesuit on, so I ain't ascared of you bullies! [ROTFL]

    Concerning the size of the needles for michrochips, You would know something was up if they stuck you with one of those when you were only supposed to be geting a "shot". The needle is pretty big compared to a regular needle.

    The michrochip can be felt through the skin once it's been inserted.

  5. What's wrong with writing stuff on your hand? some of you are asking:

    It's juvenile behavior. It's something you quit doing in grade school cuz :

    1). The chemicals in the ink seep into your skin . You know this because your mother told you this.

    2). If you have anything written on your hand during a test, you are thought of as a cheater.

    Palin is still in Jr. High mentally. She acts like a giggling pre-teen. No leader of any country would take her seriously. She is lacking in demeanor. Because of these behaviors, I have to rule her out as anyone I could seriously consider as a candidate. Her now, writing on her hand only further confirms my belief that she is mentally unfit to be a leader.

    And, She left her governorship to finish her book so she could start her book signing tour and start collecting her royalties ON TIME.

    She is more interested in being a "Celebrity" than she is a "Leader".

    Nurses do it all the time. They'll jot something down on their hand to remember it until they have time to write it where it goes. I've seen RN's do this many times.

  6. I think making welfare recipients take drug tests is a great idea. Since employees are required to take drug tests to EARN their money ..why shouldn't welfare recipients who don't earn their money have to pass a drug test before they get it.

    There's too many people that abuse welfare. ...and there is a large percentge of welfare recipients that are drug users.

  7. Piney Hill Ranch

    One Horse Ranch

    Shallow Pond Ranch (or Farm)

    Lazy JB Ranch

    Pine Ridge Farm

    Cedar Ridge Farm (or Ranch)

    Lonely Pines Ranch (Farm)

    Leaning Cedar Farm (Ranch)

    Cedar Hollow Farm (Ranch)

    Pine Hollow Farm (Ranch)

    Hidden Pines Ranch

    Cedar Top Ranch

    J - B Ranch or J bar B Ranch

    JB Pine Ridge Ranch

    Wooded Hollow Ranch

    Cedar Woods Farm

    Horse Run Ranch

    Halo Ridge Farm

    Shady Pine Ranch

    Cedar Branch Farm (Ranch)

  8. honestly? No I wouldn't. ...but not everyone likes the same costumes.

    It's original for sure! Have fun!

    well duh [Duh] I re-read.. Yes, I would "get it" what it meant. I thought you meant would I get it , like in would I buy it... wear it. LOL

  9. Went to Yahoo. while ago and the headlines was this..

    There are some people that feel using the deceased Chris Farley in the commercial is in poor taste.

    What do you think?

    I personally think Chris Farley would have thought this was funny. I don't think he would mind at all. I think it brings back "good" memories of how fun he was.

  10. Mtn Penney

    Bacon grease use to be use for seasoning cabbage, black eye peas, and making cornbread. I used to save bacon grease for this and other things I cannot remember now that would need seasoning. I used to fried eggs in it. Basically it was used as a seasoning. Whenever I fried bacon, I saved the grease in a cup and put it in the refrigerator.

    Have a GREAT weekend.

    ...and frying green beans & onions ..yum! ... or green tomatos..yum! ..frying potaoes... and potatoe cakes and basically anything else ya can fry.

  11. I bought Shawnee when she was only 2 days old. Of course I didn't get to take her home til she was 5 months old. I told the breeder I was going to call her Shawnee since the Shawnee forest would be her home away from home..LOL So she included "Shawnee" in the registered name too.

    I really wasn't looking for a paint.. just seen her and liked her so I bought her.

    The Palomino is actually my daughter's horse. Marty rides her a lot because his mare (Niki) died of pnemonia the winter before last winter. So he bought a yearling replace her and since Megan (daughter) seemed to either be working or in school every time we rode, Marty would ride the palomino (Sierra) ..although i call her Smarty or Smarty pants. ..Her reg. name is Sure Enuff Smart.

  12. Kitten Kat.. What we are going to build is a hitching RAIL. I know I stated " hitching post" in the topic .... just my hillbilly way of talking I guess. However I do know the difference between a Rail and a Post. :winking:

    Eeyore ..I'd love to see pictures.

    We are actually using a picket line (high line) tied between two trees right now.

  13. I don't like tying to such a short line either, but a tied horse should just stand still anyway. Bandit was the only one that could have clipped the saddle horn, the others are higher. I was never much farther than 10 feet away, just in case [Crazy]

    Those highlines are put up with towstraps, I'd like to meet the horse that could pull one down.

    It's a lunch stop, you just tie up for a few minutes and move on.

    It's an amazing area, you just can't believe such beauty is in Illinois.

    Trails4me is right. The lines are very sturdy Some of those picket lines have been there for years.

    They are just resting places along the trail. The horses are not left there alone or for long periods. Everyone is usually sitting around within a few feet of he horses. I've never seen one get caught up in the line or any accidents from them.

    Trails... Your pictures are all very good. I also like the one's of your son at Jackson Hole. it's funny how you can see Indian Kitchen and Jackson Hole so many times and have and see lots of pictures but it's just so beautiful there that it's like seeing it for the first time ...everytime!

  14. I enjoyed your pictures very much! I've always wanted to ride in New Mexico.

    I'd really love to ride the Pecos Wilderness.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.. sounds like a lot fun, moving the cattle!

  15. Thanks for the replies everyone.

    We have steel pipe, I just don't think I want a pipe one. I've had those before.

    I have a bunch of old telephone poles. I get them ree from the phone company. I guess I could use those.

    There's one down at an old fire tower in the Shawnee Forest that I like real well. I guess I need to go look at it real good again.

    Meekie I like the square post. I could have my phone poles sawed into square posts. I have a friend who owns a saw mill. ...or find some RR ties.