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  1. Mornin friends

    Hi Charmer [smileywavey] Have fun this weekend!! Bring back pictures for us!

    We were supposed to head down to Shawnee Forrest this weekend to camp at 34 ranch but I'm not sure if we're going or not. We really got a lot of stuff we need to stay home and do.

    Well, I guess I'm gonna have to drive to town today, we're needing all kinds of stuff from the store. I hate going to town, but I guess I gotta.

    Have a great day everyone [smileywavey]

  2. mornin friends [smileywavey]

    Yep Charmer, that's how a lot of them do over there. I just stay away usually.

    I know what ya mean Flequus. Like I said, I ain't no trainer - not even close. I just know what I know that has worked for me over the years. It's not what I got from a book or a watching pro trainers, shoot, I don't even know if those things existed back then. Not that I'm that old, but old enough that I don't remember that kind of stuff being around. My family just had horses, it was farm life. If you wanted to ride ( or even if ya didn't want to), you rode what was there which was usually unbroke young ones, because once they were broke, they were took to the sale for the rich people to buy. What I learned to do on horses came from my own common sense of what worked for that horse and a little help from Dad and gramps and other elders around.

    City people that's learned to do all their riding in arenas and with trainers don't understand our ways sometimes. ...and Thank God for the new training methods, but to call yourself professional because you have broke 2 horses and then to tell someone they're stupid because they didn't do something the way they think they should have done it... well that's just bull. Instead of trying to be helpful they just start throwing expressions of "get a trainer" and "your stupid" out there at them. How professional is that?

    I guess if I went over there and answered every post with, "I think you should get a trainer" I'd be considered a knowlegable trainer and I'd fit right in [big Grin]

    Well, we got all of our hay baled yesterday. I am so glad of that cause it looks like it's getting ready to come a storm. We got 34 big round bales off the 20 acres in the back, all but about 3 1/2 acres is in grass. So considering we haven't had any rain all spring and the hay is making half, I didn't think 34 bales was too bad. Been better to ahve 70 I guess but oh well.

  3. KD, That little Ringer of yours is quite the looker! I bet he's a sweetie too.

    As for the forum over there, if you word everything just right and act like your kinda on the high faluting side of things you'll get along fine with them [big Grin] Actually, they're not all like that. There's some really good people over there like Bluesnma, Ozland and some of them. it's the few snobs that are there that ruins the fun of going there.

    My grandkids were here today, we took lots of pics, I posted some in Gen chat if ya want to take a look. I have to warn ya... they're awful cute [big Grin]

    We got the rest of our hay baled today. So that job is done!

  4. mornin everyone [smileywavey]

    Flequus..... glad you enjoy the pictures.

    Charmer.... [big Grin] LOL, I think I'll just stay out of there. I just get so sick and tired of these so called expert trainers giving advice like "get a trainer" or "you're stupid" to people that come on there and ask questions [Roll Eyes]

    We got 18 big round bales baled and here came the storm. It rained hard and was a little thunder and lightnin, but we didn't loose our electric.

    Sorry ya didn't get to ride Charmer, but sitting on the porch with your dog and watching it rain doesn't sound too bad [big Grin]

    Well, I gotta get this yard mowed today, I hope it don't rain again.

    Have a good day everyone [smileywavey]

  5. Flequus... sounds like you had a big ride memorial weekend! We headed down to Shawnee forrest for a few days. There were about 20 horses in our group. Lots of 3 and 4 yr olds and one 2 yr old.

    I've been ponying my 2 yr old filly and doing some more round pen work with her. My daughter has rode her bareback a few short rides and she seems to be taking everything well. Looks like she'll be an easy one to train.

    Geez... I was over there on the training forum, boy oh boy, I know why I don't go there, I guess I had to be reminded [big Grin] Those people over there are one snooty bunch [Roll Eyes]

    Well I need to get out here and get chores done, we're gonna bale hay this afternoon. Hope it don't try to rain.

    Have a good day [smileywavey]

  6. Hi Charmer & Flequus [smileywavey]

    Charmer, I hope you and your daughter have a nice time riding.

    Flequus, don't ya just love it when stuff like that happens [big Grin] I hope it don't rain this weekend.

    I've got to get my hay loaded and pack some clothes and all I'll have todo in the morning is load the horses. I'm planning to head out about 9 - 9:30 in the morning. I just hope this headache I've had for 2 days goes away! Anyway, should be on the trails by noon tomorrow and enjoying a nice weekend!

    Hope everyone has a good weekend [smileywavey]

  7. mornin friends [smileywavey]

    Welcome to the new people [smile]

    Well, been cleaning and packing the camper for this weekend. We're heading down to Bay Creek ( Shawnee Ntl Forrest) for the weekend. The weather is supposed to be perfect! I'm really looking forward to the riding!

  8. Hey Horsenaround [smileywavey] Yea,it was nice getting out for a ride. The weather's been perfect for riding and campin, but I've been sick for a week now [Frown] Sinus infection and the dang flu! Flu is gone but still fighting this sinus thing.

    Marty's gonna have a whole week off next week so hoping we can pack up and take off to Shawnee National Forrest for a few days.

    Three stars... glad to hear ya got Loki back with ya!

    Charmer.... you been riding any?

  9. hey all [smile]

    Been awhile since I stopped in here.

    Hi Julie [smileywavey] We trail ride a lot too, not as much as I'd like to, but we go every oppertunity we get [big Grin]

    KD.... sure is a nice colored mare you have there!

    E.S..... I know how it is to feel sad and glad at the same time. I've sold horses before that I was glad they had a new home where they'd get the ridin they needed and sad that they were gone.

    We had a good ride last saturday, our trail club had their annual coggins ride. That's the day the vet comes in the morning and does everyone's coggins and whatever and then we go on a 4 1/2 - 5 hour ride and then come back and hang out in the barn and eat good eats and enjoy good company. It was a good get together.

    well, gotta get my chores done.

    Have a good day everyone!

  10. I know what ya mean Charmer.... I'm about tired of all the rain! Horses tend to stay dirty this time of year [big Grin] I don't understand it though, seems like my horse (buckskin)stays dirtiest of all and that big black & white filly of hubby's is always clean as can be. Just ain't right...everytime I had a paint horse the white was always brown or green or somethin besides white! [big Grin]

    Yep, I'm prayin Friday is clear, I'm ready to ride and I've bout decided even if it is rainin , I'm just gonna get my slicker dug out and go ridin anyway [Wink]

  11. Howdy trail friends [smileywavey]

    Been a long while since I visited the trail chat. Came on here while back but no-one was here [Razz]

    I've got the trail ridin blues- bad! I want to go campin and ridin so bad, I told hubby I was ready for a 4 or 5 day long camp trip! I hope it stops raining so I can at least get out for a good long ride soon. Supposed to be 54 degrees Friday and not raining.....hope so!

  12. Hey everyone [smileywavey]

    It's been awhile since I posted here. I didn't go back and read either so I hope everyone is well.

    I think i will go back and read in a little bit so I know what ya all's been up to.

    Just seen this thread- Kinda forgot about it being here [Embarrassed] Just wanted to say Hi!

  13. Mornin all [smileywavey]

    It's been a few days since I posted here, I didn't read up so I hope you are all well [smile]

    We got the winter weather they said was comin. School was cancled and about everything else too. I know the northerners laugh because we pretty much shut down everything down here in this kind of weather but, ya know we just don't get a lot of days like this here and people would just as soon stay in if they can.

    Did anyone read the HC article on the front page about the ponies " devil in a fur suit" or something like that. I thought it was kinda funny. Worth reading for sure.

    Well, Have a happy day everyone!

  14. Mornin' All [smileywavey]

    Yep Ivory, can't ride in the snow here either. Too much ice underneath. We got all that rain then temps dropped drastically and we ended up with a lot of ice! Then we got snow! It is only 1 degrees out there right now [Eek!] Not used to this. We usually don't have winters like this. It's been a few years since we have. Last year we had temps in the 30's and 40's but still rode all winter. The horses are getting a good break season!

    School has been closed all week because of the weather. The house has been more lively than usual! Marty got the 4-wheeler out and made a sled and has been pulling the kids around so they've been enjoying their vacation!

    Last night we made some snow icecream! First we've had in a few years.

    So I guess the weather ain't all bad [Wink]

    Have a Great Friday everyone!

  15. Mornin all [smileywavey]

    Late mornin that is [big Grin] 11 am already.

    Still cold here at 15 degrees this mornin.

    Hubby says I need to go get feed today. Not really wanting to get out but guess I have to.

    Glad ya had a good birthday trailmom! [smile]

    Have a great day everyone!

  16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAILMOM!!!! [smileywavey]

    Nope, not depressed...not me anyway. Just been busy. We got freezing temps after that rain and so we got ice on everything here but the sun is out shinin bright today so hopefully it will be melted away by tomorrow!

    Hope everyone has a great day!

    Edited to say...TRAILMOM...Look in General Chat for everyone's Birthday wishes to you! [Wink]

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  17. Mornin' all [smileywavey]

    The kids are home from school today so the house is not quiet this morning as usual. It's way too cold to send them outside. Just 10 degrees here, and we're not used to it yet. it was in the 50's last week!

    We haven't been ridin for a few weeks now. Horses are just standing around eating hay all day. They think their on vacation. This is the first time they've had a 3 or 4 week break in a long time!

    I'm ready for warmer days!

    To all youn's farther south where the sun always shines.... Think of us up here freezing our tail ends off while you're out enjoying a ride! [Wink]

    When it makes it up to 40 degrees, I'll ride. Until then, I'm staying by the heat as much as possible! [big Grin]

    Have a great Day [smileywavey]

  18. Howdy Firefly & Dancin [smileywavey]

    Dancin... What part of Missouri you from?

    I get to MO. every once in awhile... not too far from me. I like going to Sikeston to Lamberts resturaunt. I get over to St Louis every so often too.

    Glad ya came to chat with us!