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  1. CONGRATULATIONS PH!!!!! [smileywavey]

    Gosh what a surprise!!! That is such exciting news! When is the baby gonna be here? ( you probably already posted that- I was just so in a hurry to reply! [big Grin] )

    So what are wanting...boy or girl?

    Do we all get to help pick out names?!! [big Grin]

    HUGE CONGRATS My Friend!!! [Wink]

    Hey, when ya gonna get that msn back up and runnin?

    (well, now I'm gonna go read all the other posts!)

  2. Mornin all [smile]

    Charmergirl....It's cold here again too. 23 degrees right now and frost on everything. That's okay though, it's better than zero degrees and snow and ice!

    Yea, I love my boxer already [big Grin] I think I may name him Bosco. Not sure yet, what do ya think?

    Flequus.... I guess I missed the post about Shann's foal. That is too bad about what happened [Frown]

    I'm glad to hear your gelding is good.

    Sorry about your friend. She's so young to have all that trouble. I'll say a prayer [Wink]

    "Hello to everyone!"

    Hope everyone enjoys this beautiful day! Just some words of encouragement here... Everyday is a gift, be thankful for it and make the most of it, and if your blessed you will have a tomorrow too [Wink]


  3. Mornin' all [smileywavey]

    Charmergirl.... I don't think I'm gonna get the German Shepherd this summer. I really like the Boxer breed. They are very energetic but I really like them! The aussie puppy goes to my Dad's house in couple days- she's his birthday present.

    Misydun...I know what ya mean about prices of building a house. We bought our double wide new in 1992. 6 years ago we were going to build a big new home. I decided I didn't want to work in a factory for the next 20 years to make a house payment on a house I wasn't going to get to enjoy cause I was at the factory all the time! So I quit my job and we're still living in the double wide! We've redone a lot of it. Put rough cut cedar all through it, built cedar doors (look like barn doors) also layed hard wood floors. We've still got a lot to do though. It looks liek a house inside and hopefully it will on the outside when we're finished. I know underneath it's still a trailer - BUT it's our Trailer! Not the bank's!

    Goldpiper... Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing with us!

    Ivory Annie... Congrats on joining 4-H [smile] You'll have fun, I'm sure!

    Fleques...Did I miss a post? What's wrong with Shann?

    I hope your gelding is feeling better soon.

    Trailmom...The cat is really pretty! I bet your Mom was surprised!

    Congrats on going back to school!

    Horsebeauti.... Congratulations on the weight loss!! That's great!

    Well, I wish everyone a GREAT Tuesday! Happy Trails [smileywavey]

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  4. Hi Everyone! I had a good weekend! It was just a regular weekend except for I got a new puppy! [big Grin]

    Here's his picture...


    I had got a Boxer pup a couple months ago, but it turned out he was not pure bred, he was mixed and just wasn't looking like he should. This time I got a rgistered one and seen both parents!

    Here's another pic, this is the australian Shepherd puppy I got for my Dad for his Birthday. She's 6 weeks old.


    I posted these in General chat too.

    I still need a name for my Boxer puppy if anyone has any ideas [Wink]

    Have a great Monday [smileywavey]

  5. Mornin all [smile]

    Well, I have a dentist appointment today. Yuck! I don't like going to the dentist!

    I went and got my Dad's Australian Shepherd puppy last night! She is so cute! She's a blue merle but has a lot of black on her. But she's cute and my Dad loved her! She's staying with me for a few days til Dad can make her a warm cozy place in his shop. But, he was surprised to get her and loves her! Maybe I'll get soem time to snap a picture of her and post it.

    The place where I bought her was a Show Horse Farm. They raised, trained and showed Paint horses. They had some pretty paints!

    It's warmed up some today, it's 28 degrees at 7:30 am.

    Happy Trails everyone [smileywavey]

  6. Mornin all [smileywavey]

    Well, it's warmed up here some today, temps have made it up to 17 degrees now. Better than 5 degrees!

    I don't know if I said anything about this or not, but about week before Christmas my Dad's dog, a blue heeler named Buster, ended up missing. My Dad has looked everywhere for that dog! He misses him. I had bought Buster for him a couple years ago, when he was really wanting an australian Shepherd and we couldn't find one. So I bought Buster for him. Well, Buster was a good companion for my Dad even though he was (seriously) not very smart. He was sweet and my Dad is missing him terrible, but he was just a dumb dog. At one point we thought he might be deaf, but he wasn't. Well, I went on the search for Aussie breeders and found one! I'm getting Dad a blue merle female Australian Shepherd Puppy! (to you blue heeler people..I am not bashing heelers. It was just this particular one!)

    Horsebeauti....I had a pit bull once - about 18 years ago. She was a fawn named Casey. She was a great watch dog! She hated cats! She did bite a guy once for slapping me! He was just playing but she didn't know that [Eek!]

    I had her back when the "big protest" about owning pits was going on and believe it or not...someone shot her in the head! She was in my back yard, early one morning. [Frown]

    Charmergirl....Congrats on the new job!! ((YEAH!))

    TSC... Those highways can be a scary place for a horse! Not the best place to ride a horse.

    HBRider... That is so sweet for you to give your Mom your cat [angel] I'm sure it was hard, but knowing she has a good home and you helped your mom, so sweet!

    Goldpiper...-3 below!!! [Eek!]

    Mistydun......I hope Misty is better soon. I had a horse that would get abcesses. I know it can take awhile for them to heal sometimes. Keep us updated.

    Trailmom....Don't ya just love this weather [Roll Eyes] 60+ one day and 5 degrees the next! [Confused]

    Well, I hope everyone has a great day!

  7. Thanks Trailmom! We're pretty excited about the new puppy. I'm wanting a dog that makes people think twice about just gettin out of their car. I had an english mastiff and he wasn't mean but he was big and scarey looking to a stranger! I had to have him put to sleep and so I have been searching for a dog to be my "watch dog" I bought a boxer puppy and boy do i love him! His name is Bosco. BUT, there's a problem ...he loves everybody! He loves company! He just isn't "watch dog" material. [big Grin] At least I don't have confidence that he will be! He's still a pup so I don't know. He does come riding with me and my collie dog though so i think he's gonna be a trail dog instead of a watch dog [big Grin]

    Anyway, I hope the shepherd will grow and make a good watch dog for us. Now I just need to be thinking of a name [big Grin]

  8. Mornin all [smile]

    Well, It's 5 degrees this morning. Not sure how cold it got down to in the night, but it's the coldest temp we've had here so far this winter. It was 68 degrees last weekend [Confused]

    Our electricity was off for a couple of hour this morning. I'm glad we don't live somewhere where there's "real" weather cause our electric seems to go out every time the wind puffs or the temps drop a little [Roll Eyes]

    I'm getting a German Shepherd puppy this summer! I am babysitting for a 7 month old shepherd puppy this week while some people we know move. I just love him! So I contacted the breeders of him and they put me on their waiting list for this summer's litter! Come to find out, the breeders are some people I used to work with at the factory. I'm the first on this new list so I get "pick" of the litter! I want a male- black & silver or Black & cream.

    Hope everyone is well and staying warm!


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  9. Thanks Horsebeauti! Yep, we have a lot of wide open space here. This is farm country so lots of open fields. Those pics were taken less than 1/2 mile from our home.

    We also have a lot of woods to ride in. We like to ride the fields in the winter because come spring they'll be planted so all the riding is done on the trails and in the woods then.

  10. Mornin all [smileywavey] (we need a yawning smiley)

    I'm tired this morning, stayed up way too late last night!

    Kids went back to school today. The house is gonna feel empty today! But I have to admit, I'm kinda enjoyin the peace and quiet right now. No kids fighting!

    I hope they have a good first day back and I'm gonna miss them after having them home for 2 weeks of course [Wink]

    Our mare still isn't showing any signs of foaling [Confused] For those who don't know...We bought her July 3rd, 2003. She started getting really fat. I took her in and she vet checked in foal. That was in August. The vet said foal due 6 to 8 weeks. A guess of course. Another vet checked her the first of November and said he thought a Jan or Feb foal. She was with the stallion all winter and taken away from him in early April. So the latest the foal will come is March, we know that much. I guess we're just gettin antsy! For one thing, this is my daughter's mare and we wanted the foal weaned off by April so she can ride her this spring. Not gonna happen now. Looks like it will be May or June for weaning.

    Flequus...I bet that was a lot of fun!

    Have a great day everyone!

  11. Hi Flequus, Charmergirl, Mistydun and everyone else [smileywavey]

    No, Charmergirl, you can't have my big ol Buck. He's my baby! Just now gettin where he listens to me pretty good [Wink]

    Well, I just thought I'd check the boards and see what was goin on today. Doesn't look like a lot of people have been on today.

    It's raining outside here, has been all day [Frown]

    It's supposed to get cold out again too [Frown]

    Kids start back to school tomorrow. Seems like it's been a long break, they're ready to go back I think.

    Happy Trails [smileywavey]

  12. Mornin all [smileywavey]

    Yep, we rode a little while yesterday. Actually hubby and my 10 yr old didn't ride that long. Rachel's leg was a bit sore after she got bucked off and hubby was tired cause he'd worked all night so they came home and me,Megan ( my 13 yr old) and my neighbor, Ruth all went for a ride. We didn't ride any of the trails just rode open fields but it was nice...peaceful and relaxing!

    Here's a couple pics I took...

    This is my daughter, Megan, on her 6 yr old QH mare, Dolly. That's Buck's (my horse) ears in the picture [big Grin]


    This is my neighbor, Ruth, on her 6 yr old paint gelding, Commanche.


  13. Well, we had a nice little ride today, about 3 hours. It finally did make it to 61 degrees but didn't stay that warm too long. No sun was shining and the wind was blowing, but it was still a nice day to ride.

    The 4 year old filly (Kota) decided to start bucking, caught my daughter(10 year old) by surprise, she hung on until her feet came out of the stirrups, I'd say about the 5th buck, and then she went off. My daughter is fine and Kota got worked pretty hard after that. She knows better, just hadn't been rode for awhile and the weather changing and all.

    All and all, we had a nice ride today. Now I gotta clean up my bedroom and bathroom where I left a mess this morning and then get some supper cooked!


  14. Well Horsebeauti... Guess what??!! The rain stopped and Hubby is catching horses for us right now. The neighbor girl is on her way down with her horse and we're gonna go for a little ride afterall [big Grin]

    The house cleaning is gonna have to wait...cause I'm goin riding!

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  15. well, darn it's raining [Frown]

    I wanted to ride so bad today! I didn't get to ride this last weekend when it was nice because I was helping my sister paint and move into her new house and I didn't get to ride all the 2 weeks before that because I had the flu, kids had the flu and then Christmas was here. ....and now it's risning!

    The weather said 65 degrees and cloudy but they didn't say anything about rain. Well, I guess I'll clean house instead [Frown]

  16. Mornin all

    Sorry to hear about father-in-law Trailmom. I pray he's better soon.

    Well, I've got to get busy! I've got 3 days to get all of these gifts wrapped, my christmas shopping finished, buy groceries and clean house. I also have to give 3 hair cuts and cook a huge meal. It just doesn't pay to be sick for a week!

    I hope everyone is well. I didn't read and catch up on everyone, so I just pray you are all well.

    See ya all later, maybe. I got tons of stuff to do!

  17. Mornin buddies [smileywavey]

    Mudder, I'm sorry you're feelin under the weather. I know I ain't been out since last Saturday. I've been sick all week. I'm feeling much better though. I sure hope you and your hubby are feeling better soon.

    Hast, There can be fun without horses but it is costly! Anyway it was for me the 5 times I tried it! [big Grin] yep, 5 youngins to raise! [big Grin]

    I quit about 10 years ago and just ride horses for fun now! [big Grin] It's cheaper, easier on the old bod and more fun! (oops , don't tell hubby [Eek!] )

    I hope everyone is happy and well and enjoying this festive season...Happy Trails!

  18. Mornin everyone [smileywavey]

    I'm feeling much better this morning. I'll be better when this sore throat is gone but I'm up and moving around pretty good now [Wink]

    Looks like ya all have been busy on this board while I was under the weather. I'll try to find time to do some reading and catching up.

    I've got so much to get caught up on here in the house. Hubby has been real good to help me though. I've got gifts to wrap and some cleaning to do. Hubby kept outside chores all done- even kept the kennel clean for me!

    I hope everyone is well [Wink]

    Happy Trails!