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  1. Mornin' all [smileywavey]

    Well, I'm getting ready to go to church. Looks like it might be a little warmer out there today.

    After church I'm going to look at a paint filly. She's coming a 2 yr old. Bay & white APHA tobiano. I don't really need anymore horses, this one caught my attention though and my aunt does need a horse so I'm gonna go look at this one.

    Trailmom...I'm glad your father-in-law is feeling better [smile]

    Well, Have a Blessed Sunday everyone! [smile]

  2. Mornin' all [smile]

    Just came in from stoking up the fire in the dog kennel. Boy, is it cold this morning!!! It got down to 22 degrees last night [Eek!] It's 25 out there right now but supposed to be warming up to the mid 40's today. I sure hope so 'cause we're riding today. I was happy the mare didn't have that foal last night, but I wish it would get here before everynight is that cold.

    Why do people breed there mares for winter foals?? For those of you who don't know, we bought her and found out 3 months later she was in foal. Called the previous owner and he said yep, she was in with his stud all winter last year. Now I wonder how anyone can sell a horse and forget to tell the buyer that one little detail [Confused]

    Flequus.... That's an awful pretty mare. That's nice of you to take her while your friend is away.

    Happy Trails!

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  3. Well, I just came in from strawing down the mare's (Cowgirl) stall. Boy is it cold out there , and windy too! I sure hope she doesn't have that foal tonight [Eek!] It's way to cold!

    Mudder , Brute is a mighty handsom gent [Wink]

    Hey Mudder what is that game you always start? ...ya know the trail riding one. I was going to to start a thread in trail riding for it, but I didn't know how to start it. So what do ya think...ya wanna go on a trail ride? A cold trail ride! [big Grin] Ya wanna start us off on a nice long trail ride Mudder??? [big Grin]

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  4. Shann1... [big Grin][big Grin] That is so funny about the tree! I done that very same thing one year [big Grin][big Grin] I had forgot I gave the old tree to the free will and the next year I couldn't find my tree.

    Gosh! I thought I was the only one that did that kind of stuff [big Grin]

  5. Hi everyone!

    Well yesterday was definately a day for eating in this house! There was just too much food! We've still got enought to feed 2 or 3 more families [big Grin]

    Too cold to ride today. It's 34 degrees and we're having snow fluries.

    We've got plans to ride tomorrow, it's supposed to be 45 degrees tomorrow.

    I went to Fred's ( a little store in a town about 20 miles from us) and got my grandaughter one of those horses on the spring frame. She's 2 yrs old and LOVES horses. They have 2 at her house and she gets to ride with her daddy some, but she'll be able to ride anytime she wants now, 'cause grandma got her one that can live in the house! [big Grin]

    Trailmom, sorry about your father-in-law.

    Hope ya all have a great day...try not to eat too many left overs [Eek!][smile]

  6. Good Thanksgiving morning everyone!

    Dottie, I can't see your pictures but it sounds like you have a nice little gang there [smile]

    Hast, Is your horse considered a grulla? Some sort of a dun gene I assume, to be changing colors like that.

    Well, I guess I'm gonna stick the turkey in the oven in a little bit, unless I can talk hubby into deep frying it for me.

    The kids will be here for dinner and then if it's not raining we may take a short ride.

    Plans are to ride Friday and Saturday. The weather was supposed to be in the 50's all weekend but now they're saying 30's for Friday and 40's for saturday. I'm thinking Friday would be a good day to go Christmas shopping and ride on Saturday [smile]

    I better go start washing that bird!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone [smileywavey]

    EDITED to say...Dottie, I can see the pictures now! Nice mule you have! I love those little dogs too. I used to have Basset Hounds. I have na oppertunity to adopt a st banard, he is 3 yrs old and supposedly very well trained. He can even catch frisbees. The people had to give him up because of a housing situation.

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  7. WoW!!! 17 hands!! [Eek!] I can barely get on my horse and he is 15.2 [big Grin]

    Does he stretch out for you to climb on? I had a 17 H gelding when I was about 14 years old that would stretch out. That's called something besides stretching out, but I can't remember what it is [big Grin]

  8. Hi Trailmom!

    Here's what I think... I think your horse is very pretty! But either he is really big or you are really small to be able to fit in that little saddle! [big Grin] I ride a big stocky horse with a big saddle for a stocky (overweight) lady! [big Grin][smileywavey]

  9. oh almost forgot... What I'm Thankful For..

    1.My faith in the Lord!

    2.My Family!

    3.My church family & my HC family!

    4.My and my families good health!

    5.My farm life & all my animals!

    6.The roof over my head & the food on the table!

    7.The good times and good trails shared with family and good friends!

  10. Serendal...My parents raised dogs when I was growing up. I was raised on a big farm, cattle, hogs, chickens, some sheep , horses and of course dogs! Mom raised Dachshunds, Dad raised bird dogs and coyote hounds (american Fox hounds)used around here to coyote hunt. Anyway, my love for animals and my love for Dachshunds just kinda grew into having a state licensed kennel [big Grin]

    It was my daughter's love for the Chihuahua breed that got me started with those. They are hard to least the tiny ones are!

    I'm also pretty fond of Collies and have raised a few litters of them in the past, but I only have 2 females now and one is 13 years old and the other, only a year old, I plan to have spayed. She's my trail riding buddy!

  11. Good morning all [smileywavey]

    I just thought I would jump in here and say "hello" to everyone. I wasn't going to start posting on this thread because I don't always get time to visit HC everyday. That's the reason I can't keep up with what's going on over in CCC!

    I didn't go through and read all the posts of course, it would have taken forever.

    HORSECRAZYTN... I did see the pictures of your horses, very pretty! I hope to see ya at the Shawnee ride next spring!

    Okay, for those of you who don't know me... I'm a house wife and mother. I have 5 daughters, 3 still at home. Me, my husband and 2 of the girls spend most of our free time trail riding or just puting miles on the young horses. My 2 older daughters do ride some, but it's just not their thing really, my middle daughter doesn't ride anymore, she does like horses and has a mini colt that she's trying her best to train. My son-in-law likes riding and owns 2 horses. We have 7 horses right now and a foal on the way. We just sold 2 horses (Smokey & Sunkist) this weekend. We're going to miss them, but they did get really good homes.

    I also own a Dog Breeding Kennel. I raise Mini Dachshunds and Chihuahuas. Hubby is a driller for a big oil company, he works steady (7 days a week) for 9 months out of the year. He then is usually layed off 3 months in the spring and that's when we really hit the trails.

    our horses are... Niki, black & white Tobiano filly- 2 yrs old, started and riding the trails like an old pro (Hubby's horse)!

    Buck, Buckskin BS paint gelding, 6 yrs old, I just started him last year as a 5 yr old. Riding very well, just has lots to learn (my horse)

    Cowgirl...Dun Mare(looks buckskin) BS paint, 8 yrs old, in foal to a big tobiano, good trail horse. (daughter's horse)

    Dolly...Palomino Mare, 6 yrs old, great little horse. (daughter's new horse)(we had to retire her horse last year)

    Kota... Buckskin QH filly, 4 yrs old. My 13 yr old was riding her, but we are selling her to my cousin.

    Nevada.... 6 1/2 month old buttermilk buckskin BS paint filly.

    Buckwheat... 6 1/2 month old miniature buckskin colt. Very aunery! (daughter's project- he will be a cart horse someday!)

    I think that's the gang!

    Happy Trails everyone!

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