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    Anything horse related! Oh and drawing, painting, reading, taking pictures, and anime!
  1. Does Anyone Here Play Howrse?

    Depends on how much you want. I normally go into the sales and look at similar horses then try to match or price just under what they ask for.
  2. Hay...

    Is anybody having any trouble finding hay this year? I know I am...
  3. People On Here On Howrse?

    I am~! I'm on the International and US version, both are PatrioticMoonlight.
  4. Wood Burning

    Wooden picture frames with burned in designs would be neat. I've made little name plates for my nieces and nephews with a few cute designs on them.
  5. Digital And Hand Drawn Art

    I finished this one today and threw it in an old frame. I had charcoal everywhere, as usual. Scratchboard giraffe I did quite a while back.
  6. Mare Stare

  7. Mare Stare

    The filly is HUGE, but so gorgeous...
  8. Mare Stare

  9. Mare Stare

    Looks like the foals leg maybe positioned wrong?
  10. Mare Stare

    Of course I just get finished typing that and her water breaks... Figures!
  11. Mare Stare

    They have been jumping the gun with the alerts on Mia today... They set off a low alert earlier today, so I'm a bit skeptical at the moment. I'm not going to get excited until I see her water break or a sac. But that's just me...
  12. Mare Stare

    I don't think Mia is going to foal tonight.... But she sure is having a good dream!
  13. Mare Stare

    Loud Overo Dunskin Filly I had guessed a colt... They said the filly was huge!
  14. Mare Stare

    Finally got her up..
  15. Mare Stare

    She's deaf and apparently doesn't handle pain very well.. Even then she should be up by now. Baby's hungry!