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  1. Ferguson And The 2Nd Amendment Racists really need to stop listening to Fox news lest they continue to look ignorant and foolish.
  2. Ferguson And The 2Nd Amendment

    Ah, Horsecity, where the racists openly congregate and type out long, convoluted justifications for their racism, and then congratulate themselves on it. Big surprise you're against black Americans exercising their 1st amendment rights. The verbal gymnastics some of you go through to "justify" your hatred of the protesters would make Nadia Comaneci cry and go home.
  3. The Great Divide - " Us Vs Them "

    Just like the horse slaughter ban NEVER affects the giant horse industry that surrounds every major city in America. And clean water and air and soil and a thriving and healthy Earth environment. Nah, that never affects city dwellers. You guys really made yourselves sound very isolated and clueless with this thread.
  4. The Great Divide - " Us Vs Them "

    Nice thread. Some of us could say the same about you people in regards to the gun issue. People who live in rural areas are completely out of touch with the affects of gun violence and haven't a clue what they are talking about on an issue that affects the public health and safety for the vast majority of the nation.
  5. Hobby Lobby

    I think this decision may live up to the definition of "slippery slope", If you want to read the rest of the article just click the link. Not good.
  6. Hobby Lobby

    He was supporting the article that stated if a woman has health insurance like this through her employer and she wants and IUD, she can go pay for it with her own money...when but a few months ago he argued that employer provided health insurance WAS an employees own money that they earned fair n square. That's hypocritical. The whole thing is hypocritical anyway. HL isn't paying for an IUD (or an abortion) they're paying for an insurance policy. It's a huge difference and shouldn't have even have made it to the SCOTUS as far as I'm concerned anyway. I hope this ruling helps get rid of employer provided insurance. It's ridiculous that a corporation ought to be able to barter lower rates for it's group of insured then the open market price anyway.
  7. Hobby Lobby

    I don't think an employer should have to pay for insurance in the first place.
  8. New Hyundai Genesis Camera Avoidance

    Issues for sure.
  9. Hobby Lobby

    {EDITED FOR PERSONAL COMMENTS - char} If I were a stalker, I'd go dig through the archives and find all of your Obamacare rants about how employer-provided insurance is part of an employee's pay package and therefore EARNED by the employee and post them here and make you feel like a real tool. Because now you say they can go buy IUD's with their own money... So which is it? Is employer-provided insurance EARNED in your world or is it a HANDOUT? Or do you reserve the right to change your stance based on which way the wind blows like most Right Wingers?
  10. Hobby Lobby

    I was peeved about this ruling at first until it occurred to me, in my opinion, employers shouldn't have to cover health care for their employees in the first place; one huge disagreement I have with the ACA. Everyone should be equal and purchase their own insurance on the marketplace, which would reduce costs for everyone. This whole 2 teir set-up for health insurance thing is a recipe for disaster anyway; some get it through their boss at one rate/others buy it on their own at another, it just doesn't make any sense. Put everyone into the same pool and watch the rates drop. Makes sense to me. So bring on the future, no health insurance through employers anymore. Out with the archaic systems that aren't working for us anymore, and in with the new (single payer). Remember, just like employer drug testing, if you don't like it, you're FREE to go work someplace else.
  11. New Hyundai Genesis Camera Avoidance

    To the loan wolf non-speeders or slower-downers, whether you like it or not it is true that our society functions on cooperation. Everyone has to work together for things to run smoothly. Navigate a 4 way stop in heavy traffic and you know what I mean. In addition to following the law, we have to cooperate. If on a certain stretch of road, all traffic is moving at 5mph above the speed limit, and you stubbornly are the single hold out insisting on going the speed limit then you are the one creating the hazard and risking everyone else's life and property. Thinking that you are going to impose your singular, solitary judgment upon the rest of society by forcing others to do as you deem appropriate (slowing down if followed too closely on a two-lane road), in my opinion, makes you the one who has a morality problem. You think you are more important then everyone else because you "follow the law", well bully for you, you're single handedly impeding the progress of many. Progress is life and progress is money and most importantly, progress drives our civilization. Increasingly in the world, it is less important what you or I individually believe and more important that we give n take and figure out how to get along or better yet, work together. Lead, follow, or get out of the way, ya know? Ok? How does driving once or twice in downtown big cities give you experience with keeping up with traffic flow? Downtown Chicago traffic flow is an oxymoron, for example. There's so much traffic in these areas you'd be lucky to crack 35mph for 2 solid blocks. That rare occurrence makes you want to crank up the radio and let your hair blow in the wind. Posters are referring to highways, expressways, and tollways that interlink urban and suburban areas, that you need to keep up with traffic in order to be safe. Driver's Ed teachers teach this concept in these areas.
  12. New Hyundai Genesis Camera Avoidance

    Clearly some have never driven in an urban area.

    That explains how he learned the idea. I was totally baffled as to how anyone would even dream this up. And he didn't seem to be drunk so there's that.

    Your thoughts on this young man's method of "breaking" a mule to ride. It is a public Facebook video.
  15. So. Will California Chrome Be The One?

    All past TC winners faced fresh horses in the Belmont. Fear of a super horse is what limits the size of the field. No one thought they could beat Secretariat going into the Belmont, he was that good, and everyone knew it. The margin of his victory was what was surprising, not the victory itself. Spacing out the races would reduce the advantage a fresh horse can bring to the table but the past modern greats didn't need it. Assault, Count Fleet, Whirlaway, War Admiral, Omaha, etc, Slew, Affirmed, Secretariat beat all 3yo challengers. That's what made them great. The traditionalist in me says they shouldn't mess with it. The realist in me says they should. Racing is dying a slow death, it needs help.