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  1. 2011 Breeding Season

    I have a few suggestions based off the bone structure and athletic ability. I've not had foals by them, but your mares bloodlines are close to our stock. *SUNFROST BRONSIN *Frenchmans Biankus *SBR Formula One *Sonitas San Zetta *AG Famous Hot Rod Found them on equine Dot com. I usually don't shop for barrel studs, but i have a couple stallions wiht the pedigree, but they don't barrel race. My 14 is Doc Bar bred and is a Western Pleasure champion with all around foals (including reining), easily trained minds, youth safe, and such. My 3yr old has been broke yet, but he's bred to run. Kind of similar to your mare's lines. Both are big boned and very friendly with all people. I hope this helps you...
  2. Mare Makes Riding Difficult! Help?

    I have a mare by daughter rides for 4H. She's typically a nice, quiet, great moving, and easily shown mare. In the past she has had bad trainers. But, we had to brake to spookiness and everything you could think of to make her safe again. Anyways... She likes to go against the bit, cow cut into the fence really fast when you're still moving, occasionally bucks, spins, tosses her head, gets spooky to get you off dispite doing different things to keep her mind on you, Goes nuts at the canter, extremely affraid of backing out of the trailer (will shove you out of the way to get out if you try to get her to back out), locks her legs, neck and head, hates to pivot during showmanship, and get angry easily. That wasn't her till we moved our gelding and another mare (gone now) into the pasture. Before, she would listen to you, and defend herself against other horses, just be a good girl. The gelding used to be a push over and now he'll kick, bite, attack, and show his dominance attitude to her in the pasture. He's attacked my daughter as well. My daughter is 18 and we need help. When the mare is in heat, she would push her butt under his chest and he'd mount her! I'm confused. It shows he was gelded as a yearling on his papers. Neither of them used to be this way before they were put together. He was put in with another dominant mare and now his attitude is horride. We have to whip him to stop him from rearing being tied. I dont' understand. Today she gets very agressive at the canter when you que her. She'll tense up and pin her ears back and take off like a rocket. She has to hold onto the saddle and ride it like barrel racing to keep ahold. You can either kiss or kick her with the inside foot to canter. She's lost confidence in riding past a trot. The mare isn't listening to her very well. One minute she'd learn a leason and use it, the next she'd completly forget it no matter how many times she teaches it. I've ridden her and everything possible. She tries to go fast riding, but at the lunging, she's slow collected and more content most of the time. Should we send her to a trainer to a trainer to break it out of her or what should I do? I'm not interested in selling her because other wise she is a very nice mare. A naturally child proof horse otherwise. I need some advise fast.
  3. Mare Makes Riding Difficult! Help?

    We try to work with him as much as possible. He's a whole different horse at shows. He doesn't get agressive toward her at shows. It's rather he's like afraid of her leaving for a class. We have to take him everywhere to make sure he doesn't do anything dumb. He used to be a stall and pasture horse with regular turn out at the boarding place we bought him from. Couldn't afford their upped price. As for my stallion, he's not an aggressive horse. The gelding bites him across the fence. My 3Yr old stud only moves away unless really threatend. He's that layed back. Wont fight. He needs away from the others. We have three pastures. The stallion's pen, an agressive gelding's, and the three. I don't all these horses. They're my sister and mom's horses. Not much of a choice. I'll figure something out fast. thanks for the ideas. the gelding gets longed and ridden for two hours, sometimes longer because he has too much energy. We don't abuse them though.
  4. Opinions?

    If you're unsure about drawling blood from horses, have the vet do it. It's only two minutes at the most to retrieve it (depends on your mare whether she stands still or needs sedated). You can buy a test from a magazine or online, or from your vet. We've had a blood test for our done. It's more accurate than palpation that's for sure.
  5. Mare Makes Riding Difficult! Help?

    The mare has never been like this before. we've thought about taking her to the chiropractor. She does seem sore. We're talking to our vet about checking her teeth as well. She'd never hurt anyone on purpose. when she's away from the others, she's better. She seems stressed with the other horses herding her off and just needs to be taken away from the group i think. i'm sure i made her sound horrible, but she's not all that bad. things changed after the gelding came into her domain. She was a pure Angel. I've talked to professionals and they clame she needs out of there as fast as possible. There was a more dominant mare with her and aparrently the gelding has learned well. He NEEDS to be taken out of there. He tried to bother the stallion tonight. Obviously he needs to be in a pasture by himself. Not the same mare i'm trying to breed. The gelding is completly jealous as well. He'll bite her when we get her back in the pasture. He's gotten out of line only twice. We never litterally whip him. It's a crack on the ground to remind him it's not alound. Stops in a couple secs. (Prior owner never taught ground manners). He has a buddy system problem too. As far as the mare goes she doesn't like the gelding one bit. She lost her confidence as her old self after a severly "Witchy" pony mare kept picking on her. She was given away sense we couldn't do anything with her. At least this mare lets you on. She likes to show in halter, showmanship, horsemanship, contesting, and western pleasure. It's the canter, I have all these problems with. Never used to. I think she needs to be separated from them. All three of them need their own pasture space. I've had enough of them fighting. My daughter had to do a leadership leason with her tonight and it went quiet well. followed her around like a pup at the fairgrounds. Stops on command and goes on que. only had a bridle, halter, and lead attached to her without a single finger on that mare. Did what she was told. I just think she needs away from the dominant horses. Looked like her old self after that. She pulled an old trick on the mare and got her full attention. This horse will not kick, bite, rear, or anything to hurt you. It's a message. But, I just need help with the canter. She gets nervous or something. Would it be that it reminds her of when the gelding bites her on the flank or belly that get her going. I've trained my own horses for years and I know there has to be a solution for stopping this. It's not in her nature to be this way. I'm getting her teeth checked and her back checked to make sure nothing is wrong. If anyone knew this mare the way my daughter does, you'd want to find every chance of finding a solution. My daughter is very experienced in training for pleasure and contesting. The mare has done both without any problem. Everything fell apart after the gelding came in. I'm just going to have to send my young stud to the trainer and separate either her or the gelding. I'm thinking the mare. (2 mares + 1 gelding= 1dominant mare & 1 Dominant gelding & an upset mare= Chaos). She may go back to normal. She isn't stupid. I could tell you all about how great she is, but everyone's definition is different.
  6. Do You Have A Stallion?

    My other is stallion Foxy Ladys White Sox. He's much bigger in muscle and bone structures. I can't wait to see him showing next year. Can't get the picture uploaded though. Awwww. He's a flaxen sorrel with a blaze and four white socks. "Sox" is 3 and should be at the trainers next year for western pleasure being slow cadenced and hardly ever runs. Georgous, friendly, stock built, talent potential, and quiet smart.
  7. Opinions?

    For urine tests, i've not tried that. I've palpated my mare. Usually she'll have a hard horn for nonpreg mares. (ask vet for that? Horn hardning=preg?) You can google palpating mares. For the test, I think taking blood from the neck would be best. It suggests taking from the muzzle, but our vet takes it from the neck. It should be fine from the neck. Comes from the same body. My best quess for now is to use the stethoscope and listen for movement (should be a little feint movement for a resting baby, it's louder for a mover) You might know the difference between indegestion and baby movements i'm sure. Good luck though! Use the google searches for help. it usually has bit of info. I'm no vet, but it's what we've had to do with our mares in the trying times. Hope to hear about the stethoscope test!
  8. Opinions?

    I would have to say a blood test is needed for pregnancy, but she looks very pregnant. Almost like my mare when she was pregnant. Seems like her hormones are getting her ready to foal if she's pregnant. For the mean time, have to tried to put a stepascope on her flank ( or directly behind the belly on the side) or anythin like that? You can buy pregnancy tests and it doesn't take much more than a few hours? to get results or a Predict-A-Foal test??? the pictures from Aug and today is convincing. My thought is she is pregnant. But it could be her Hormones acting up. Hope this might help.
  9. What Do You Think?

    I thought about breeding my mare to my stallion Me Too Radical. Based off the photos, do you think they compliment each other? Her name is I May Get Lucky (A.K.A. May). Her bloodlines are on I'm pretty sure i'm going to breed her to him because we believe they would give off a nice foal. Does anyone have another idea? We want to stay in the pleasure lines for now. She's not halter bred for her stock build. Taken at my daughter's 4H Area 8 Show
  10. What Do You Think?

    Thanks for the compliment. Hope to see new pictures in the future. As far as unpleasent pictures go, there are some scarrier ones than that. Not saying your pictures are bad. I'm sure everyone has seen worse.
  11. What Do You Think?

    beautiful mare!
  12. What Do You Think?

    gotta picture of her?
  13. Do You Have A Stallion?

    BAMxxapha- Thank you for complimenting on him. We think he's gorgeous too!
  14. Please Help Decide...

    I can see good reasons to pick him. I looked at his pedigree and his is somewhat similar to my stallion. My 3Yr Old is out of a point earning contester stud and a top 4H contesting mare. He is very sweet and friendly. First day the saddle came on, he let it come on without a fight, even with the cinch. Easy the train and loves to work. If you'd like to see his pedigree it's: Foxy Ladys White Sox He's cheap (Stud Fee) for what we could get out of him, but we've kept breeding to 2011 to limited mares. He's also the grandson of Go Man Go. His brothers are nicely put together especially the ones we're raised from his sire. Good luck with your choosing.
  15. Quarter Horse Studs?

    Our new stallion Me Too Radical, by Radical Rodder, has been trained in HUS as well. There are a few videos of him on YouTube if you're interested (under Me Too Radical Stallion). He's bred Impressive breds and they've been N/N. Hope for the best for your search.
  16. Picking A Stud...

    If my foundation bred stallion had his performance points, I'd offer him out for stud. Just might stud him out next spring for Ship Semen and AI while he's training and showing. Nice bloodlines if you're looking for speed. Filled with raceing and some ranch lines. His relatives have been nice for all around work. I've got a have brother that has done everythings except cow work. His neice never spooked at a cow the first time meeting one at an ARHA show. He's a fantastic, friendly, quiet, and easily trained stud. He never bucked, reared, kicked, or anything the first day with a saddle on. If you'd like to see his pedigree:
  17. * How To Tell If My Girl Is Prego*

    we once bought a mare that was assumed pregnant. she was large and started to lactate. We thought she was going to foal on us. The next day, no foal. Called a vet and had her tested. Not pregnant, but found that other foals had been nursing on her sense there was a mare and foal with her on the other farm. You should have her tested. If anything else, a blood test could be best if she's getting really big.
  18. Anyone Know Me Too Radical

    Does anyone know anything about Me Too Radical? I just bought him in March and was wondering if anyone has seen him showing or anything at all. All we really know about him (breeding wise) is that he produces AQHA champions, point earners, money earners, futurity champions... We were told he was shown lightly as a two and three year old. He showed at the futurities and such. we can ride him profesionaly without much effort. Please let me know. [Angel]
  19. Anyone Know Me Too Radical

    desputedwestern- I don't have a current membership, but my daughter found a little bit of the showing records and it needs updated (needs to be shown more), has been shows in the futurities. Other wise, i have no idea what else as far as open shows and stuff like that. We have a copy of his progency records and are really impressed with them based off the records. Most of his foals were bred in PN State and we're from IN. We've had contact with a few of the foal owners they seem to be happy to own them. [Jump] GlowingTrickPony- He's the son of Radical Rodder. We plan to get a few more points on him and stud him out in 2011 using A.I. and Ship Semen. His foals are of high quality and such and we believe he should show it through his show record too. He's been shown as a two and three YR old lightly, but not in 11 Yrs, he rides like he never retired so that's a bonus. We hope to get a couple breed points on him at least before the end of the year.
  20. Stallion Quality

    When we are ready to pick a stallion, the things that we look for in a good stud is his conformation for an all around approach, his disposition toward horses and handlers, offspring show records, his show record, height differences, and how they compliment each other. They have to give their best genetics to their foals. We have two stallions. In order for us to let them keep "themselves", they have to be gentlemen like, people safe, and other things like i mentioned earlier. The newest stud has everything (I believe) to breed quality foals (which he has), and is able to be ridden by anyone of any age. Completly quiet enough for novice to jump on. Children have ridden him quite well. Our other stud hasn't started breeding yet due to being only 3, but, he has some nice breeding, conformation, easy to work with, people safe, and other things. It also depends on what your looking for as far as discipline or what ever it is your goal is. Registration is very important. Any more, it pays to have registration papers. Kind of isn't really fair for certain areas but, it depends.
  21. Do You Have A Stallion?

    Thanks for the comments!
  22. Do You Have A Stallion?

    We just bought a western pleasure stallion Me Too Radical in March. He is a Radical Rodder son. Fantastic mover. Sires AQHA champions. He's been trained for Western Pleasure, HUS, Jumping, and was started on ground driving for cart. Very smart and easy to get along with. Awesome stallion. Breeding our personal mare in the spring! Excited! Picture of his '09 sorrel stud colt (has 36 colts; 60% have shown). Need to get better pictures. Not studdish hardly. People friendly.