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  1. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    Very nice, and good advice too!
  2. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    All of these horse camping trips have got me craving summer! Very nice rigs everyone. I'm drooling over here...
  3. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    I know! I wanna see some HAULERS! Lol.
  4. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    I am in eastern SD. Yes, the wind here is ridiculous. I hate it.... and he makes a good point. Depending on size, I SHOULD be able to store it inside. We've got several outbuildings here. Maybe that will help with the rust situation?
  5. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    The trailer I've been using is a little 6x16 open stock with two mares and a yearling. I would have felt better in a bigger truck, but I didn't notice them much back there. A little bouncy sometimes. The idea is to overhaul the entire operation to meet my needs, and obviously safety, and to have an extra slot for any unforeseen new horses... .
  6. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    I'm looking at a 4 horse. Not sure on BP or GN. I feel more secure with a GN, but not ruling out a BP if it's got what I need. Input on which is better would be helpful. Right now I have an '07 Chevy crew cab, but the box is too short for a fifth wheel so I'm stuck with BP. Looking at upgrading to a 2500 or 2500 HD this summer, which would open up a lot of options, trailer-wise. As far as LQ, I'll just see what comes up. Not a requirement, but would be nice. I was just reading through a recent trailer post, and saw a little bit abt brands, specifically Titan, Eclipse, and Calico... any thoughts on Trail-Et? I used to see a lot of them listed, and even though they were really old, they looked brand new...
  7. Pictures Of Your Rig!

    Hey all! This summer, I will be looking at setting up a new truck/trailer situation for my horses, and I don't know where to start, so I want to see pictures of your rig! Truck and trailer and why you love or don't love them! I really need trailer recommendations - I have no idea what is good and what is not. And it's a perfect opportunity to show what you've got! Thanks!
  8. Montana Residents!

    Well, guys, I haven't been on for a few days. Pretty busy lately. It looks like things are looking up... job-wise at least. I think I got the job here at home. They can't make any official offers until next week, but the managers were hinting pretty strongly that it was going to happen. This is a huge relief. My soon to be ex-husband, however, has been scheming around and driving me NUTS! I just pray this is over soon. Thank you for all of your input and help, though! I appreciated it all in my time of need. And it's not to say that I'll never move out there. Just not in such an unstable time in my life! Hope everyone had a good Easter! PS - Dondie, I am finishing my degree in Medical Lab Science! I graduate the 4th of May!
  9. Mrsa

    Did you find out anything at your latest Dr visit?
  10. Montana Residents!

    Thanks guys for the input/advice! It's been a few more days, and I'm still torn. Here's the situation as it stands: I find out Wed if I get the job here at the local hospital. If I do, I'll happily stay. I run the risk of seeing my husband and/or his family, as they are all from around here, and apparently hate me (they've been blocking me online, like I'm going to do something to them???? and won't talk to or acknowledge me - very dramatic, all of them). I'll deal b/c I feel like I've been the bigger person here, granted we haven't battled out the division of assets yet. If I don't get the job here, I'll have to move, and I feel like wherever it is that I start, I'll have to stay for at least two years. That's kind of why I was looking for somewhere that I feel like the environment might sustain me a bit since I'll be away from friends and family. The next closest positions are about 4 hours away in the middle of a huge group of cities, and I just don't know if that's the kind of place I want to be. They say that you should never make a big decision when you're sad, but I don't know how I can possibly wait. I graduate in May and I need to start working right after, or all of these animals and myself are going to starve. I don't know guys... This has been rambley - kind of like the inside of my head. But I certainly appreciate everyone's insight!
  11. Mrsa

    You could certainly upload it. I would be curious to see...
  12. Mrsa

    They told you it was MRSA without culturing it? I don't think that's possible, though I could be wrong. MRSA is a slow grower. Where I work, MRSA cultures are read at 48 - 72 hours and susceptibilities take usually two days after growth is evident. Maybe they were just thinking it may be that or he has a history of it. Either way, good luck. I hope they figure it out and get a handle on it.
  13. Montana Residents!

    Hey all, I haven't been on here for a looooong time, but it's come a time in my life when I need a lot of support and advice wherever I can get it, and I know the members of these forums span a demographic both far and wide. Just last week, my husband came home from work and told me he's filing for divorce. It came as a complete surprise, and I've been having a really hard time with it. At the same time, I've been interviewing for jobs as I will be graduating in May. In the interest of getting out of this place and starting fresh, I am looking at taking a position in Kalispell, MT. This is 17 hours away from my closest friend or relative, and I would be moving 3 or 4 horses, 5 chickens, 3 dogs, a cat, a hamster, and a betta fish. If anyone is familiar with the area or has any advice at all on making a life change like this, moving cross country with horses, etc, I would surely be indebted to you. I need to know what it's like out there. Is hay easy to come by? Is it very dry most of the time so grass doesn't grow? What are the people like? What type of boarding situations are available? What is the cost of living like? I know Montana is a monstrous state, but I just need an idea of if this is a good idea. I've been wanting to live in the mountains my entire life. Now I'm free to do as I please, and now may be that time. Thank you to all of you!
  14. Mrsa

    What do you mean by both strains? MSSA and MRSA at the same time? Did you go in to the doctor to confirm that what your husband had is indeed shingles? Shingles is a viral condition, and mainly you can just treat the symptoms, but if he had open sores, they could have become infected. The organism that causes MRSA is a bacterium, and if MRSA is what it truly is, they will need to culture it in the lab and run sensitivities to find out what they can treat it with. Antibiotic cream is not going to have any effect on it as it is very very resistant. Regular Staph aureus maybe, but MRSA, no. Be very careful with it. It can spread quickly and be difficult to treat. Good luck!
  15. Crp Hay?

    Now, I normally wouldn't consider feeding CRP hay, but I found some that I think MIGHT be okay, so I'd like to hear what you guys think. According to the lady I spoke with, they only put it into CRP last year, and prior to that it was hayed, so should not be full of old growth. Also, it's been sprayed for weeds, so she said it should be fairly weed free. I am going this weekend to look at it and decide if I'm going to feed it this winter. It's in 1300lb rounds that will go into a cinch chix net. I am also going to feed flakes of alfalfa, and probably grain, also. It's a good price, so if I can feed it, I'll be a happy camper. Thoughts?