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    Girls, boys, horses, animals, riding. Books, movies, friends, art, candy (sour patch kids <3) and just about any other thing a teenage girl would like!
  1. Waiting For Others To Join @ Restaurant

    I just feel bad for the server who didn't get a tip even after running around for your table. I know it's frustrating to be pestered by a manager, but that wasn't the server. I also know if my manager says no, we won't comp a meal, then I have to inform the people and apologize. I would still like some show of appreciation for the work I did. My manager doesn't get my tips. So why punish me for what my manager did? We make 2.13 an hour, if we are lucky. It's people like you/your party that make me hate society. Do not go out to eat unless you plan on tipping. The only expection is if the SERVER is a real pain.
  2. Waiting For Others To Join @ Restaurant

    As a waitress, I personally enjoy it when parties take a while to complete at the table. Gives me a rest period for that section. That may be lazy, though. If my particular section is full, we have plenty other sections or we start a wait list. So your party would've been fine since you were already seated.
  3. Are either of his parents grey?
  4. Freedom Of "religion" @ Oklahoma Statehouse

    No more gross and pathetic then the Christians getting their symbol at the Capitol. Just depends on what grounds you stand on. Taking out the religion, it boils down to, why can one group of equal status do it and not another? Most are looking at it from religious points of view and that is fine, but not the correct way to see this. I myself am agnostic - I know there is a higher power but I can't follow a religion full heartily because there is always something I disagree with.
  5. Falling Off Means You're A Bad Rider?

    I agree with the not riding being worse then the pain. I broke my collar bone and that was horrendous, but not getting to ride? Even worse. Now I don't own a horse anymore so the wait is terrible but I'll have one soon (long story)
  6. Falling Off Means You're A Bad Rider?

    I fell off a horse a little over a month ago. Almost 6 weeks now? Maybe 7, I forgot haha. I broke my collar bone. I was not prepared for bucking. There was no signs. He was facing the fence, I turned him and kicked him closer to the shoulder, and we took off at a buck. I didn't lose the reins or the stirrups for a good few bucks but obviously I did fall and break my collar bone. I do think I'm a pretty good rider, though we are all always learning, and I think any rider of any level can fall off a horse.
  7. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    But you are claiming to know about cattle because the state you live in has cattle. That's like me saying I know about fishing just because I live in Oklahoma. I've been fishing a few times. But I surely don't know everything.
  8. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    Florida is still only 12th in beef cattle.. http://www.freshfromflorida.com/content/download/23963/486570/DACS-P-00044_Cattle_Industry.pdf Though it has some other interesting cattle stats. You haven't ever claimed to have worked with cattle (that I saw), just be in a state that does. I lived in Florida for 9 years. I never saw a cow in my area but I lived there so I must know everything.
  9. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    Let us know how that goes, Andi. Be careful, your obese horses may break a sweat. Could be detrimental to their health. Pfft. I wasn't implying that rodeos hurt animals. Maybe they are uncomfortable? But it isn't gonna kill them (in most cases :/) I hope to see a lot more rodeos this year.
  10. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    I know a horse can be trained whatever way. But most horses are bred to excel in a specific sport. I don't know about to many cutting bred horses doing high level dressage. Many horse sports are intense and injury will happen. It's what happens when you put living animals into a sport.
  11. Rodeo: Yay Or Nay?

    Well, I'm definitely not for ANY animal getting hurt. But I have been to (one) rodeo and there was no accidents, no injuries, and the cattle got right back up and trotted to the far gate. Everyone was in good health and seemed vigor. No profs were used to coax the cattle, some walked out of the gates instead of run and the run had to be redone. I must ask, if not for rodeos, how many horses would be without a job? Ropers, cutters, barrel racers, etc. Many horses are specialized to do a sport and while yes, they could be trail horses to, most people just don't care about trail riding like they would a sport, so they wouldn't have specialized horses to so the job. So without the rodeo, these horses wouldn't be here, either not bred or sitting in a yard absolutely miserable (in some cases).
  12. Broke Collar Bone Update

    I figure I'm young, I have time, and I'm willing to put the effort in. Yes, it's costing me more then it should (especially once you add in the trainer fees) but hey, live and learn. Now I say I'll get right back on him, but we will see when I get out there. I've been thrown and injured before, and got right back on the horse as soon as doctor allowed. So I don't think I'll hesitate this time. Nothing will stop this undying love for this lovely (and hectic/stressful) animal, haha.
  13. Broke Collar Bone Update

    It's on the boyfriends phone and that's dead. So I'll post it as soon as he finds his charger. D:
  14. Broke Collar Bone Update

    He is definitely a good horse. That's the only issue I've seen so far, and yes because it did become dangerous we will seek professional help. I'm willing to put the effort in, though, for sure. I just want a safe and willing partner. It felt like an eternity waiting for it to heal! I was so cranky haha. Thank you again. Let me grab the X-ray :)
  15. Broke Collar Bone Update

    Well, I start back working Thursday! As a waitress. I've been hosting on and off for the last few weeks to keep some income coming in. I haven't seen my horse since the accident and the barn owner and I are coming to a few disagreements. But he is being taken care of and I can't ask for much more then that. I'll post a picture of my X-rat from yesterday later. I have full function of my arm, no hiccups or kinks. It just needs to get a little more solid before doctor fully releases me. I went to Florida the last two weeks to help my grandma and visit my grandpa who is in icu. He is doing better and should be in rehab next week. My animals are all super happy I'm back and I'm just getting back into work, school, cleaning and everything else living on your own at 18 consists of. I want to thank everyone for the best wishes and an even bigger thank you to those that went above and beyond to send me little gifts. You guys are great and I hope one day I'm in a position to pay it forward again. <3